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    We have lore to discuss!

    Special thanks to those who have contributed since 1.6.

    Quote from GuardianSong»
    Mind if I suggest storis behind the new biomes?

    Layered Automated Defense System (LADS) (clay mesa) - As hostilities began among the remaining, struggling post-Event nations, it seemed obvious that their existing defense mechanisms would have to be upgraded. In light of this, the quarreling states came up with a plan. Their plan was simple, although incredibly expensive in terms of resources: significant cities would be totally covered with colossal arrays of defense systems and various fortifications. The resources were gathered and the plan was carried out more or less successfully, but the engineers responsible for the project failed to note one important weakness: the electronics and fortifications chosen could, if sufficiently weakened, allow critical levels of radiation through at certain points. Once people began inexplicably dying and this weakness became all too clear, the surviving authorities agreed to demolish the subterranean cities in order to expand the H.I.V.E. project, in hopes of a more effective shelter.

    Military Antenna Shack Settlement (Savanna) - In the late stages of the war, desperate military authorities began an ambitious project with the goal of creating a possible haven for soldiers and military forces. Engineers reverse-engineered the lightning conducting antennas of OI's tesla towers more or less successfully. The aim of using antennas was to facilitate long-range communication between divisions by transmitting messages using the stilt. Sadly, these poorly conceived structures were almost as transparent to radiation as their scrap-shack predecessors, slowly killing off the remaining military forces and plunging H.I.V.E.-dwelling postwar survivors into a state of total anarchy.

    Dense Scrap Shack Town (Roofed Forest) - Towns and cities too large to be fully accommodated by a simple scrap shack village, but too small to warrant construction of a Layered Automated Defense System, generally set up a large number of scrap shacks to house their inhabitants. Because these municipalities were more wealthy than their smaller counterparts, they invested in slightly modified fungal radiation shields to help protect their denizens. In at least one way, this plan worked: the inhabitants generally were exposed to less radiation than those in the scrap-shack villages and, as a result, generally either survived to become Bandits or mutated into the Lost rather than dying. These communities also obtained robots for labor and defense, but their circuitry underwent many of the same malfunctions as those in the wastes, meaning they are now just as hostile as their former owners.

    I still haven't come up with anything for ice plains spikes and the like, though...

    Quote from weiwenn»

    This is the lore I made up for the 1.7 biomes. Note as I am not the one in charge of this thread and thus not related to the people making the resource pack, these are non canon.

    Wastelands (Mesa, Mesa Bryce, Mesa Plateau, Mesa Plateau M)

    These areas used to be giant cities with buildings everywhere. But after the event, the buildings were destroyed and various furniture were scattered. The result is large mountains of junk and debris.

    Radio Antenna Fields (Savanna, Savanna M)

    Unlike the large antenna facilities used to generate power, these large fields were used to transmit radio waves to far away areas.Of course, after the event, the sattelites were knocked down, making these antennas useless. Now, The Masked has moved in to these areas as the large flat areas has made it suitable for small scrap shack villages.

    Scrap Shack City (Roofed Forest)

    These areas were used by The Lost to make huge cities of Scrap Shacks using an upgraded version of the Scrap in the box. But scrap shacks don't really protect people from radiation now, do they? Not only that, huge metallic mushrooms also grow due to the large amount of metal found in the soil.

    Spruce Forests (Mega Taiga, Mega Spruce Taiga)

    When the event happened, it started huge forest fires that seem to go on forever. One might assume that this left the area uninhabitable. Instead, the fire made the ground more fertile,not only allowing trees to grow in abundance, but also allowing to grow extremely tall!

    Solar Energy Collection Fields (Sunflower Plains)

    When fission and fusion materials became scarce, O.I set out to find alternative energies this part is actually canon. One of the few alternative energies were solar energy. O.I set up S.E.C (Solar Energy Collector) at certain areas to collect this type of energy. Alas, this type of energy has been proven to be ineffective as the energy collected wasn't enough to power an entire nation. The project was abandoned soon after in favor of the large antenna facilities.

    Quote from Gooders008»

    I came up for a lore on the guardians and underwater temples a while back. Goes along the lines of robot submarines, used in wars, controlled on the moon, after the event they go haywire and start blowing up refugee ships from all the wars that followed and after the bombs drop they go silent for years to come. As for the temples there the base of operations for these robot subs designed before the event.

    Quote from awesomedog7»

    I had a thought a while ago about some lore for the mega amoeba. It could be the result of a nano-bot project run by O.I. to enter a patient's body and literally take out any cancerous cells, mutations (that one depends on when O.I. started the project), or viruses. However, they decided to start producing them on a larger scale, before gradually shrinking the design. They still have all of the properties they would have when the project was completed, ie. combining to form larger robots, separating when destroyed, and trying to get into a human. And that kinda hurts.

    Main thread from page 220

    Quote from awesomelego554»
    I Made Guardians, I Call Them Aquatic Defense Robots A.D.R For Short

    Backstory: A.D.R Are Prototype Defense Robots That Would Destroy Any Threat To Their Stationed Aquatic Base. They Have Electric Spikes That Activate When You Hit Them With A Close Range Weapon. A Glitch In Their Programming Causes Them To Think That Temperature Monitors Are A Threat To The Master A.D.R and Aquatic Base. The Master A.D.R Is Darker In Color And Has A Defensive Liquid That Causes Weakness In The Body And Mind, Making The Bases They Guard And Them Difficult To Deal With.

    Quote from Gooders008»
    Also I have some lore ideas:
    Underwater temple and Gardians (Submarine base and Robotic submarine): When History started testing on the moon he was approached by one of his lead engineers with the idea of a robotic submarine and underwater submarine base. The original idea was to explore the bottom of the sea to find new species of fish or plant. However History had other plans. He used to schematic of the submarine and mounted a laser in the front. The submarine proved effective at range and could rip a ship in two within seconds. The submarine was designed to be able to protect or destroy supply ships if a war were to break out. For saftey mesures the control station was built on the moon so it wasn't suprising when the event struck that the sub's malfunctioned and attacked refugee and aid ships. After the bombs dropped the submarines went scilent for a good few years until a dumb nut survivor made there way onto the moon and turned on the submarines again, now we're all screwed.

    Alex: She did not wait out the apocalypse in a HIVE nor id she become one of the masked or lost. She survived on a mountain away from the natural disaster and bombs with her dog named Fido. She is good in combat due to her time in the military before the war. Now she wanders the wastes with HIVE memeber named Steve. her name is Alex

    Quote from paul12378»

    May I make a suggestion for a mod lore, Applied Energistics: To control their robots, rockets, and WMD's , OI would have to develop advanced computers, because what will control your machine, a soul-like energy ball, but back to the topic, with the amazing advances to control bots like huggatrons, they had discovered an interesting side application; Storing matter in the form of energy, research was done, and the Matastorage MK.1 computer was built. Further research allowed more advanced storage, and, eventually hard-drives that with the Spacastorage parts, would allow OI to put their massive vaults of money into cyberspace. After the event, the original computers fell into disrepair, all that's left is the silicon (certus quartz) parts, with some other research from blackwater, it is now possible to replicate OI computers.

    Quote from killerbee13»

    In my opinion, the End lore as it currently stands is kind of a dead-end. Which is fair, since in the... 3 1/2 years after it was first added, it changed exactly not at all.

    In review: The End is a… place, only accessible via portal, that seems to be far outside of the solar system, if it 'exists' at all. It maintains some kind of atmosphere and is the home of the remains of Dr. H (installed into some sort of draconic machine) and all of the "experiments" produced by Croc Co. in the years following the Event.

    The new things in 1.9:

    1. Infinite End
    2. End Cities (Nobody lives in them, but the defences are active)
    3. Chorus Plants (Life in the End/Madness Realm?)
    4. Shulkers
    5. Respawnable Ender Dragon (This is a fairly big deal)

    My suggestions: Make the End into some kind of physical place, which was originally to be used by Croc Co. personnel and other authorised individuals to survive the Event (which Dr. H brought about and therefore theoretically predicted) before Dr. H went entirely insane, and horribly disfigured all the would-be survivors. Perhaps the obsidian (used for portals to the Moon as well) has a built-in Atmosphere Protection and Production Field (or a more-acronymable name) to prevent certain types of portal-related disaster. Perhaps the End is some kind of asteroid field in a dust cloud (so you can't see the stars) and the Obsidian (I forgot the official name) proved to be too expensive, so Croc Co. engineered bio-electronic O2 synthesizers based on the same technology that was later used for the Experiments and which could be hardened at high temperatures into a fairly strong material, used to reinforce the more plentiful, though weak, compressed asteroid rock in the construction of "cities". Then, because everyone was terribly paranoid in the years around the war, Croc Co. filled these "cities" with armored defence turrets, which, for no reason that Dr. H ever articulated, shot little homing rockets which would latch onto a victim (Which was only somewhat damaging) and then lift them into the air before running out of fuel, dropping them, instead of, for instance, exploding on contact like a normal weapon.

    In other news, what would everyone say if I said that I could (or had already) set up a wiki for the project?

    File uploads may not be working yet, email isn't set up, and the URL will be made to look nicer in the future (/w/LAST_DAYS/Main_Page is the target), but the wiki itself is there. I don't have a logo (I'd want it in full size and as a favicon (32x)) or a skin, so if anyone can suggest anything that would be appreciated. Link removed due to lack of demand.

    Quote from Gwilk»

    A suggestion for the lore

    Electric Oven(Furnaces)

    These nifty machines are quite useful. Their basic function is of course heating stuff using batteries. However, their input slots are also able to rapidly oxidize certain materials inserted, such as wooden items and some of the scrap metal. Another, lesser known function is to make 'salvaged batteries' from certain materials.

    Quote from BrokenEye»

    Maybe like mutant animal skins or salvaged plate metal or something? A scavanged riot shield, perhaps? The side of an old (small) shipping crate? A car door (pounded flat)? A cabinet door? A refrigerator door? One of those squarish manhole covers on hinges (you know the ones I'm talking about, right)? An ironing board? The back of a chair? The dish part of a satellite dish or radar array? Tea tray? Large book? Several books duct-taped together, end-to-end? Banged-up flatscreen TV (or would that be too modern)? One of the smaller wings from an aircraft and/or a wing from one of the smaller aircraft? Outer door from an aircraft? A less important character? The power of positive thinking?

    and the ones above!
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    Srgnoodles IC lore added to the lore thread

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    Lore thread updated with srgnoodles' mod lore and Zombadgers CoG/CHUNKS lore

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    Quote from Comply_cat_Ed

    Merci. I already wrote some new potion lore, I'll add it later.

    Done. Carrot Tonic and Phantom Philter added to the lore thread
    Quote from DrumsticksDevil

    The language pack is ready for 1.4. Sorry for the minor delay.

    Go ahead and upload it then :)

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    Outcast lore updated.
    Also I need some synonyms or similiar words for the word "potion" (distillate, fraction, paste, ointment, etc) since we are lacking lore for the new carrot related potions
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    Breeding lore added to the lore thread. Also I had to split the Lore thread because the OP can't handle so many words, again...

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    Hall Rider, Bandit, Bandit Hideout, Test site and Mystcraft lore added to the lore thread
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    Different bits of lore added to the lore thread

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    Various mob lore added to the lore thread. Good job guilting me into working on the Lost Outcast lore by discussing so much about them :P

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    Quote from Froman

    I started forestry and I came up with a concept for the bees and bee breeding along with a sketch.

    This is the W.A.S.P. or the Winged Adjusting Self-replicating Plodder.

    Now orbital industries is inspired by insects for their robots quite often, this one is no exception. With orbital industries expanding at such an incredible rate that it did, there simply weren't enough people to assemble all of the products buildings and vehicles needed to support the OI empire so instead of doing something ridiculous such as assembly machines that were built for only one purpose they did the only obvious solution; robots that can do nearly any task and can be programmed to work in any environment. This led to these foot long robot bees being built.
    The R & D at OI realized if they were self replicating than the robots had no sort of hold on their replicating cycle then you would have an extremely nasty Von Neumann machine on your hands. So although they programmed the W.A.S.P.s to evolve they made it so they could only replicate via a queen passing on her programming her offspring and they could only replicate on their own if they were near a certain radio transmitter (note the transmitters were rather advanced and fried during the event), With the drones being only good for storing programming and princess wasps only being able to accept and modify programming (you can tell the difference between the types by the material of the wing supports). The programming can greatly vary as you could guess for the variety of jobs these wasps had with the hazard stripes on them differentiating in color per program set.
    Unfortunately all of the wasps outside of a production box (apiary) fried due to the same reason of the transmitters. The good thing is that there are still more than enough types of wasps to produce any spare parts you would ever need. All the production models were designed to function similarly to real bees in the fact that that they can defend themselves if programmed to and they still make honeycombs to store things in and they are capable of making it from whatever possible materials are available. they used to have crates of wax to have a speedy production.
    By the event wasps were used in every environment including on the moon helping mine helium 3 deposits with only minor problems of certain models attacking workers, thankfully OI made a suit that can protect someone from these attacks.
    Alternatively if someone wants to come up with some lore of the bees being biological in origin be my guest as the sprites im doing are turning out pretty organic anyways.

    Finished the bees.png

    goes under gfx\forestry\items\
    this is the old version for the pre- forestry

    this version is for the post version

    due to some unknown glitch the bee colors seem to be broken, I have no idea why. because of how forestry handles bee colors now, I was using a slightly outdated version.

    fixed the textures and there are 2 different versions

    Nice. I added your story to the lore thread. The mod lore was moved from the OP to another post due to character limitations.

    -Comply_cat_ed signing out
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    Brewing & Potions


    Brewing in the Last Days more resembles medival alchemy than modern science, based on trial and error and the occasional use of involuntary test subjects.

    Brewing Equipment

    Helium-3 Distilling Stand (Brewing Stand)
    The He-3 Distilling Stand is crafted from a collection of scrap metal and the eponymous He-3 rod, found in the posession of the He-3 Excavators on the moon. Altough they originally were meant to power large fusion reactors, the rods undergo a slow fusion process of their own, constantly emitting a low amount of radiation and creating small amounts of electricity.
    Savvy and adventurous survivors use these properties to their advantage, funneling the electricity into hotplates and the radiation into emitters targeted at whatever they want to experiment with.

    High Pressure Tank (Cauldron)
    Once a container for various liquids and gases to be treated or stored at high pressures or variable temperatures, these sturdy tanks are now sawn of to hold precious, clean water.

    Cola Bottle
    Although their brand labels and once priced contents are gone, these bottles are valuable artifacts in the wastes. They are relativley lightweight and almost impossible to break.
    If they weren’t more useful as liquid containers, they would be classified as weapons.

    Clean Water Bottle
    A rare ingredient in the wastes and base of all potions.

    Hall Monitor Brain/ Reprocessed Hall Monitor Brain
    Before Prof Crocopolous’ departure and the Event, Orbital ran a cybernetics programm with the aim of incorporating the brains of deadly wounded policemen into the robotic bodies of Hall Monitors.
    Although the wounded volunteers lost most of their higher cognitive abilities, the test results were promising.
    After the collapse of civilisation however, the brains deteriorated and succumbed to madness, making the cybernetic Hall Monitors as much as a hazard as their purley robotic counterparts.
    Some ruthless potion manufacturers harvest the brain jars from defunct Hall Monitors, reprocess the nutrient solutions (and sometimes the brains themselves!) and use them in their concoctions, always with unhealthy results.

    Base potions:

    Moonshroom Distillate (Awkward Potion)
    Crafted from the rare Moonshroom (that only grows on fine dust in the low gravity, low residual atmosphere environment (side effect of the failed portal experiment ) of the Belly), this potion is the base of nearly all potions. The secret to its applications is a number of “super stem cells” found inside the moonshroom’s mycelium.
    When properly prepared and ingested/injected they quickly bond to your body, applying any effect bestowed on them in the process.
    The preparation process can be called “crude” at best and, since the moonshroom cells don’t undergo cell division within humans and therefore die quickly, none of the potions effects are permanent.
    Unless of course you die by its effect. That’s defenitley a permanent effect. Usually.

    Bulb Fraction (Thick potion)
    Water, irradiated by the light bulbs of the Belly’s lighting systems, apparently isn’t beneficial for your health. No matter what you add afterwards, it always turns into poison. However, irradiating a pre-made potion increases its potency at the cost of duration. You can’t explain that!

    Malign Fraction (Mundane Potion/Mundane Potion (extended))
    The easiest potion to craft. Cram an amount of anything into the bottle, heat without care, frequently bump into the distillator and use some nonspecific secondary equipment onto the distillate. Done.
    There is a more complex, extensive way, involving wrapping a water bottle with a wire and subjecting it to a series of alternating magnetic fields created by current flow through the wire.
    The result however remains the same: Malign Fractions just can’t be used for anything constructive.
    The magnetic treatment however enhances the duration of pre-made potions at the cost of potency. Fractioning magnets! How do they work?!

    Primary Potions:

    Restoration Paste (Potion of Regeneration)
    This paste gains its regenerative properties from repeated, long and thorough centrifugations through a SecurAll rotation filter. The resulting rosy, gelatinous filter cake of moonshroom stem cells can be ingested, injected or directly applied on open wounds to speed up the healing process.
    Since the cells weren’t imbued with other agents, they travel to where they are most needed and form into skin cells (or bone tissue in case of fractures). Their high concentration in the paste gives the body enough time to reinforce the wounded body parts before the stem cells die off.

    Spee-Cola® (Potion of Swiftness)
    Based on the super secret Spee-Cola formula® (found on the ingriedients list of every bottle) this concoction consist of mainly 7 things: Sugar, phosphoric acid, sugar, coffeine, sugar, carbon dioxide and sugar.
    Add these ingredients to a moonshroom distillate, stir vigorously and you get a light blue drink that will allow you to run miles without stopping.
    Excessive consumption of Spee-Cola ® might lead to insomania, palpitations, nervous twitching, breathlessness, erratic behaviour, an overreaching sexual drive and gun rampages.
    Pris-Cola Ltd. doesn’t assume liability for any damages caused, while under the influence of Spee-Cola®.

    Burn Ointment (Potion of Fire resistance)
    This is without doubt the most complex bio-chemical to be produced after the war. The moonshroom distillate is blended with protoplasm rich in Helium-3 particles, forming an orange, tough-flowing paste.
    The virtually living protoplasm can be created by mixing the half-digested flesh and sticky remains from Mega-Amoeba with ground up He-3 rods, or be found inside P.W.C.s.
    The ointment is partially ingested and otherwise applied on the skin and clothing as a protective overcoat.
    The living shield formed by the ointment reacts with aggressive chemicals while shielding and cooling the body from the reaction heat, hardening and eventually, cleanly falling of the body in the process. Meanwhile the ingested part circulates through the bloodstream and destroys any openly cancerous cells it can find.
    However, there is another, much stronger protection against radiation in effect close to the Burn Oinment. Through means unknown (unresearchable in the wastes) but possibly related to the presence of He-3, the paste emits some kind of “force field” that fuses incoming radioactive particles into heavier, harmless atoms.
    While the Burn Ointment offers many benefits, there is one downside. The protoplasmic cells will eat a bit of you liver every time you apply the ointment. The liver is an important part of your body, in case you didn’t know. It’s very regenerative though, you just need to lay off the paste for a while.

    Mélange de Melon (Potion of Healing)
    While probably the most useful and most common potion, the Mélange (snobbish for “mixture”) requires a devout drinker to reach its full effect. The main ingredients for the potion are the custom Moonshroom Distillate and a squirt of melon liquor enriched with gold particles.
    The gold particles and the salts formed by them give the liquor and subsequently the Mélange, a distinct red color and indeed posses a slight medical effect (apart from intoxication): They cure arthritis.
    While arthritis definetly isn’t among the top ten death reasons in the wastes, the Mélange de Melon’s real power stems from ignorance and the imagination of the user.
    Drinking something brewed from the most valuable metal of the old world just has to have a positive effect, right?
    This placebo belief, combined with the intoxicating properties of the liquor, make the Mélange a very effective antidepressant, painkiller and healing elixir.

    He-roid (Potion of Strength)
    The name of this dark red substance is misleading, since it doesn’t consist of actual steroids and has no effect on hormonal basis.
    Its creation is rather simple and requires as little as a crushed He-3 rod and a few drops of blood, in addition to the always required Moonshroom and Distilling Stand. It’s unknown how exactly the prologend exposure to the radiation and heat of the stand affects the helium powder and ultimatley the moonshroom stem cells, but the effect is visible.
    Upon ingestion the cells nearly immedeately reinforce the muscle and bone tissue of the upper body. Additionally to this stabilizing effect they produce huge amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which allows for continuous use of the affected muscles without the danger of muscle soreness.
    Unfortunately the He-roids can’t be used to permanently impress any local survivors, since increase in muscle and strength are temporary, like all other Moonshroom compounds.
    On the other hand they are free of any known side effects, unlike anabolic steroids, if you know what I mean.

    Carrot Tonic (Potion of Night Vision)
    Contrary to the “Mélange de Melon” the Carrot Tonic has an actual effect on the drinker, still the gold is actually redundant. While the concept of carrots being generally beneficial for one’s vision is a misconception (invented during a war to hide the invention of the radar), carrots do have a positive impact on those suffering from vitamin A deficiency. With the wastelands being just that, wasted and void of almost all plantlife, all survivors are lacking this vitamin and the super stemcells imbued with the carrot juice provide it in shovel load. This leads to a temporary drastic increase in vision which appears like night vision to the drinker.

    “Phantom Philter” (Potion of Invisibility)
    This brew is the result of “Project Ghost” by O.I. which had the aim of creating equipment and training routines for camouflaged, psionic super-soldiers. While O.I. was unable to find any soldiers endued with paranormal powers, the equipment developed by the program caused a massive leap in military technology. Among those inventions was the “Liquid Light Diffuser”, a spray that would divert incomming light waves between 380 to 750 nm around a coated body, causing complete invisibility.
    It’s hardly suprising that the number of keys lost by the research and production personnel skyrocketed.
    The light diversion effect is the result of a complex reaction between vitamin A and various substances that can also be found, among other places, in reprocessed Hall Monitor brains.
    The only way to detect an object or person covered by the “Phantom Philter” (as it was called in military slang) is by stumbling over it, hearing it (e.g. due to heavy armor) or by using detection devices utilizing sensors that don’t rely on the visible spectrum.

    Corrosive Poison (Potion of Poison)
    This vile, green brew is crafted from the unreprocessed nutrient solution of a Hall Monitor brain. The Moonshroom stem cells absorb large quantities of this solution and metabolize it, turning into short lived unicellular organisms in the process.
    These organisms need to be handled with extreme caution since their acidic, corrosive excretions are not only dangerous when ingested, but also etch through skin, flesh, solid metal and circuitry if given enough time.

    “Almond Marzipan” (Potion of Weakness)
    This compound differs greatly from most others since it doesn’t rely solely on the Moonshroom Distillate; Bulb or Malign Fractions can be used as base potions, too. The real effect stems from a Reprocessed Hall Monitor Brain.
    The brewing and dehydration process enriches the paste with various cyanides and similar salts that inhibit the respiratory chain, mostly by bonding to the haemoglobyn (red blood cells) preventing the transportation of oxygen.
    The finished gray-ish, sticky dough distinclty smells of almond which led to its name. Unless highly concentrated the effects aren’t deadly though, but the breathlessness makes any strong or coordinated movement impossible.
    Suitable as peace offering for groups of roving bandits or as birthday present for your mother-in-law.

    Jalapeño Sauce (Potion of Harming)
    The name of this potion is absolutley misleading. DO NOT EAT IT! Seriously, it’s not a food product even if some ill-natured people want to make you believe it.
    Actually there are two viable ways to create a Jalapeño Sauce and both of them involve a Reprocessed Hall Monitor Brain as key ingredient. Do you now believe that it’s not healthy?
    Both Corrosive Poison and, suprisingly, Mélange de Melon can be used as base potion, the latter because it contains metal particles and unused stem cells.
    The finished dark red Sauce has a stinging odor that makes the eyes water to a point where vision becomes impossible. Needless to say that ingestion or application to any sensory organ (especially eyes and nose) results in extreme pain and permanent damage.
    But not only living beings, even robots can be damaged if the substance comes in contact with any important circuitry or delicate sensor arrays.

    Fermented Swill (Potion of slowness)
    This “potion” was probably discovered when a “master brewer” slept in and forgot something on the heating stove.
    The creation of Swill is easy, all you nead is a somewhat liveable environment, a Reprocessed Hall Monitor Brain in decaying process and something for the fermenting bacteria to feed on, preferably a Spee-Cola® (sugar) or some Burn Ointment (protoplasm).
    Heat on small flame over night and voilà: Fermented Swill in all its blue-gray sticky glory.
    The huge amount of lactic acid produced in the fermentation process has bonded to the few surviving stem cells, who will cause a spontanous muscle soreness when ingested, preventing you from running, jumping and doing push-ups.
    Should be offered to an expendable friend when running from a crowd of Huggatrons.

    Splash potions:

    By adding the small detonator (found within the supply of explosives inside the suicidal Huggatron) to the bottleneck, and some minor changes to the concoction itself, every potion can be turned into a throwable splash potion.
    The overall duration of splash potions is shorter since it takes some time to absorb the potion through the skin; otherwise it they have their usual effects.

    There are some exceptions though:

    1) Hall Monitors aren’t affected by Corrosive poison. Designed as reliable security guard in every terrain, even in hazardous HIVE service areas, their hull features a ceramic coating and the corrosive poison just rolls off it.

    2) Bandits aren’t affected by Corrosive poison and Restoration Paste. Their shrouds and googles prevents those potions to take hold before the fight is over and they are either dead, or they have the chances to get rid off the contamination.
    Similar, your Jalapeño Sauce isn’t concentrated enough to completely pierce through their protection. The few droplets that make it through will cause an adrenaline rush instead, which actually helps them!
    The Mélange de Melon however has a beneficial inverted effect. Hit Bandits will claw at themselves, instinctivly trying to collect the glittering gold particles leaving themselves open for attack.

    3) The Lost have become too inhuman to be detered by the pain of Corrosive Poison, and are too sick for there open wounds to be healed by Restoration Paste (the stem cells combat diseases and infections within the body).
    Their nervous system is too numb to feel pain from Jalapeño Sauce, just like the Bandits they benefit from an induced adrenaline rush instead.
    However their degenerated nervous system makes them very susceptible to the alcohol of the Mélange de Melon. While ethanol normally makes only for a mild neurotoxin, it shuts down important parts of the Lost’s autonomic nervous system, causing damage and pain, as well disorientation and ocasionally death.

    4) Mutated Scientist. Same as the Lost. Their space suit have holes for the potions to enter. There is a faint atmosphere on the moon now and they can bare it. Yup.

    [Please don’t ask how Spee-Cola® thrown at a SecurAll can speed it up. It has to do with quantum mechanics and you wouldn’t understand that. Just don’t throw any beneficial potions at mobs and you’ll be safe from any illogicality]


    The image in the paragraph below shows the terrain.png of Last Days and the ID of each individual terrain element. The list contains the names and sometimes short descripitions concerning the corresponding terrain element.

    0) Grass. Dried out and covered with pebbles and small scrap pieces. The latter are often collected by the AWR (sheep)
    1) Metal Plating. Metal plates used to cover cocoon walls. Prime source for scrap metal.
    2) Dirt. A three phase system composed of various combinations of naturally derived solids. Subject is most commonly referred to as "soil", "dirt", or "earth".
    3) Grass. See 0)
    4) Corrugated metal sheet. Crafted from scrap shack stilts.
    5) Metal slab. Smaller version, half the size of the Metal Plating. See 1)
    6) Metal Plating. See 1)
    7) Stone bricks. Self-explanatory
    8-10) Tactical Nuclear Terminator. Originally intended for use in mining operations
    11) Barbed wire. Simple metal wire wrapped with pointy, bloodstained pieces of wire. Slow and careful movement is necessary when crossing through an area blocked of with barbed wire.
    12) Fleuris Rouge. One of the few colorful thinkgs in the wastes. Source of pigments for red diodes
    13) Irondweed. Weed with many extremly sharp leaves. The leaves posses conductive properties thanks to rust inclusions.
    14) Blue placeholder. Nothing is known about this enigmatic blue box
    15) Shack in the Box. Electronic device collecting energy to transform into a civic scrap-shack. See Biomes and Lost
    16) Scrap metal. Bent metal plates welded together. Useful as improvised but durable construction material.
    17) Metal pipes. Deep underground supply pipes for water, sewage and gas.
    18) Sand. A pale mixture of sand and moondust that fell down on earth after the event.
    19) Debris. A dump of debris and gravel. Hollow Aluminium tubes can be occasionally be found inside.
    20-21) Scrap-schack stilt. The stilt sperates the makeshift scrap-shack from the dangerous ground.
    22) Metal vents. Massive metal ventilation system.
    23) Ornamented plating. Rare decorative construction material
    24) Uranium Reactor. Rare power geneator found deep within the H.I.V.E.s
    25) Downed Satellite: Space Debris that forms the NPC’s source of hydrazine tanks.
    26-27) Advertisment space. Your add here. You may pay with hydrazine tanks or stamps file:///C:/Users/Oggo/AppData/Local/Temp/msoclip1/01/clip_image002.gif
    28) Brown-ish mushroom. A mushroom of debatable color
    29) Non-red mushroom. Definiteley not a red mushroom
    30) Antenna in the box. See Biomes-jungle
    31) –empty-
    32) Safe. Source of rare materials and colored toilet paper
    33) Gearbox. Prime source of gears and other mechanic components.
    34) Battery Container. Prime source of electricity in the wastes
    35) Filing cabinet. Full of ancient knowledge dusty tax files.
    36) Mossy scrap metal. Do I need to spell it out for you?
    37) Hazardous Waste Container. A water cooled waste containment system with integrated monitors.
    38) Grass. See 0)
    39) Dry grass. Do not smoke. Seriously. Sometimes broken water purifiers are hidden between the stilts and those totally block your lungs when inhaled.
    40) Grass again. Still see 0)
    41-42) –empty-
    43) Workbench. Workstation containing useful tools
    44) Electric Oven. Since the breakdown of the power grid they need to be powered by batteries.
    45) Part of the Workbench. See 43)
    46) Dispenser. Dispenses and shoots stuff. Do not stand in front of the Dispenser while active.
    47) -empty-
    48) Water Valve. Turns showers on/off
    49) Mesh Fence Reinforced Glass.
    50) Uranium reactor core. Upgraded reactor on uranium basis.
    51) Redstone® Wiring. Orbital Industries brand wires found within cocoons.
    52-53) Scrap-Shack Metal. Flimsy metal forming the actual scap shack on top of the stilts
    54) Tiles. White metal based tiles
    55) Dead shrub. As dead as the surrounding desert (excluding Bandits)
    56) Crippled dry grass. See 39)
    57-58) –empty-
    59-62) Blabla already explained
    63) Spruce sappling. A rare living sappling using a sawn of SITB as planting pot.
    64) Loose Metal Sheets. Collected by the AWR’s from around the wastes.
    65) Duplicator. Experimental O.I. tech allowing for the fast replication of robots or living beings. Can be configured to duplicate almost everything as long as a sample is provided.
    66) Ice. Solid low temperatured water.
    67) Snow. Ice with low density.
    68) Still Snow. See 67)
    69-71) Radioactive Barrel. Dropped into the desserts during O.I.’s cleanup operation. See Biomes-dessert
    72) Fine Dust. Base material of stone bricks.
    73) Sugar Cane. Resilent plant and source of paper and sugar pills.
    74) Speaker. Requires redstone input to create any actual sounds.
    75) Cartridge player. Plays music cartridges. Unbeliveable but true.
    76) Dead fish. Sickly bloated dead fish float in the swamps.
    77-78) Funga plast. See Biomes-mushroom
    79) SITB variant
    80) Electric Torch
    81) Corrugated Metal Sheet Door
    82) Metal Door. Can only be opened through electric means
    83) Ladder
    84) Hatch
    85) Metal bars
    86) Engineered Ground. Ground ready for the deployment of water purifiers or teleport beacons
    87) Wet Engineered Ground. See 86) but drenched with water
    88-95) Water Purifier: Extracts water from the ground and purifies it. About 3 dosages of clean water fill a canteen
    96) Lever
    97-98) Already described
    99) Redstone® Torch. Source of weak electric energy
    100) Cracked tiles
    101) Cracked tiles
    102) Television set. Can be used to construct Teleportation Beacons or a number of other technical devices or robots.
    103) Moonrock. The higly reactive soil of the moon. Do not eat, it’s pure poison.
    104) Moondust: Fine Quicksand found in the Belly
    105) Moonlight. Lighting system found in clusters within the Belly.
    106-110) Piston
    111) Teleportation Beacon. Rare experimental teleporter beacon that calls in a crate of supplies or a TV set from one of Orbitals storage facilities. Due to their experimental nature, random defects and disruptive background radiation reassembly process of the teleported good takes some time.
    112) Transport Cart Track.
    113) Defective Moonlight
    114) Radio
    115) Disabled Redstone® Torch
    116) Spruce Trunk
    117) Altnate Scrap-Shack Stilt
    118-120) TV. See 102)
    121-124) Medikit. Contains sugar pills, Clean water, medicaments on lactose basis and iodine pills
    125-126) Giant Fruiting Body. See Biomes-mushroom
    127) Teleportation Beacon. See 111)
    128) Transport Cart Track
    129) Red Dial Phone. For important calls to other survivors. Haha just kidding, you’re the last sane person on the planet.
    130) O.I. VEY. Orbital Industries Variable Energy Yield and secret video surveillance through the H.I.V.E’s main computer
    131) Repeater
    132-133) Spruce leaves
    134-135) OI Cot
    136-137) Supply Crate. Contains among other things melon liquor and various Teleportation beacons for additional supply crates.
    138-139) Sawn-off High-pressure-ank. See Brewing
    140) Medikit. See 121)
    141-142) Giant Fruiting Body Stalk. See Biomes-mushroom
    143) Iron Barb Vines. Vines with pointy edges. Pass through with caution.
    144) Plutonium Power Core. Fine tune-able reactor with low energy output
    145) Green Monitor Wall
    146) Radar
    147) Repeater
    148) Part of the Repeater
    149-152) OI Cot. See 134)
    153) Antenna. See Biomes-jungle
    154-155) Sawn-off High-pressure Tank. See 138)
    156-157) Distilling Stand. See Brewing
    158-159) Portal to the Realm of Madness
    160) Plutonium Fuel Slug Storage Box.
    161) Crate
    162) Chemical Storage Cabinet. Yellow cabinet with red warning sign
    163) Booster tracks. Propels or brakes transport carts
    164-165) Redstone® Wires. See 51)
    166) T.R.O.N. (Transmuting Radiation Ondograph Negator). Applies radiating improvements and additional applications to the nanosphere cortex via higgs-boson manipulation.
    167)Your mom
    168-170) Ozone Collector. Collects the O3 creted during thunderstorms and synthesizes it with the Nitrogen present in the air to N2O (Nitro) which serves as base for drugs and medecines.
    171) Hydrazine Emergency Backup Generator. Creates electricity by burning hydrazine. Should the highly toxic gas escape the apparatus, green warning lamps start to flash.
    172-173) Tripwire
    174) Portal to the Realm of Madness
    175) Madness
    176) Broken Tarmac
    177) Clono Apparatus. Computerized Lemon Operated Negatron Optimizer
    178) Geiger Counter (its E-I not the other way round). Non-standard issue radiation meassurment device within the H.I.V.E:’s for “panic control” reasons.
    179) Booster tracks. See 163)
    180-181) Redstone® Wires. See 164)
    182-183) T.R.O.N. See 166)
    184) Command Computer
    185) Item frame
    186) Flower pot
    187-191) –empty-
    192) Concrete
    193) Pipes
    194) Clock
    195) Detektor tracks
    196-197) Antenna Lighning Rods
    198) Spruce Planks
    199) Checkered metal
    200-202) Nutrient extractor
    203) Jarred Carrots
    204) Crystalized Iodine
    205) Water
    206-207) –empty-
    208) Concrete
    209) Server
    210) Tape Recorder/Player
    211-212) Redstone® “Two States” lamp
    213) Tile Drain
    214) Riveted wooden planks
    215-223) -empty-
    224) Moonlab Wall
    225) Ventilation duct
    226-228) Moonshroom. Rare Mushroom only found in the Belly’s moonlabs. See Brewing
    229) Concrete Ventilation Duct
    230) Chipped Concrete Wall


    The image in the paragraph below shows the items.png of Last Days and the ID of each individual item. The list contains the names and sometimes short descripitions concerning the corresponding item.

    0) Stoneback cap
    1) Jane Mail’s armored helmet
    2) Reinforced welder’s mask
    3) Power armor helmet U 2-35
    4) Hazmat mask
    5) Fire Torch 57A
    6) Aluminium tube
    7) Battery
    8) Copper wire
    9) Water purifier
    10) Tinned apple
    11) Tinned golden apple. See Brewing-Mélange de Melon
    12) 3M construction kit. See Mobs-Mobile Munitions Machine
    13) Sugar pills
    14) Snowball
    15) –empty-
    16) Soneback jacket
    17) Jane Mail’s armored chestpiece
    18) Reinforced rugby body armor
    19) Powered armor U 2-35
    20) Hazmat suit chest piece
    21) Fire Arm. See Weapons
    22) Brick
    23) Gears
    24) Micro fan. Cooling device found in the MMM. Can be overclocked to serve as propellant for the Fire Arm’s ammo.
    25) Clean water dose
    26) Poster
    27) Sugar cane. See Terrain-73)
    28) Bandit Satchel. Luggage containing interesting loot.
    29) Medikit. See Terrain-121)
    30) Mega-Amoeba remenants
    31) –empty-
    32) Stoneback trousers
    33) Jane Mail’s armored leggins
    34) Reinforced leg protectors
    35) Power armor trousers U 2-35
    36) Hazmat leggins
    37) Fire Arm projectile
    38) Bandoleer
    39) Rare metals
    40) Huggatron head. Contains the reactor core and additional explosives
    41) Water canteen.
    42) Sign
    43) Corrugated metal sheet Door
    44) Metal door. See terrain-82)
    45) OI folding bed
    46) Huggatron charge. Instable hypercharged Huggatron core
    47) –empty-
    48) Stoneback boots
    49) Jane Mail’s armored boots
    50) Reinforced shin protectors
    51) Power Armor boots U 2-35
    52) Hazmat boots
    53) Scrap rod. Not to be confused with the scrap plank. Because the scrap rod is actually useful and base for many tools and other equipment.
    54) Compass
    55) Uranium rod
    56) Redstone® wire. See Terrain-51)
    57) Fine dust
    58)Unbleached paper
    59) Book. Wrapped in stoneback leather
    60) Map Book Pro. A state-of-the-art mapping device using sensors and satellite imagery. Du to the few remaining satellites maps need to be updated manually.
    61) Teleport beacon (TV). See Terrain-111)
    62) Teleport beacon (Supply) See Terrain-111)
    63) –empty-
    64) Scrap plank bat. See Weapons
    65) Lead pipe
    66) K.o.Sledgehammer
    67) Cattle prod
    68) Analytic probe
    69) Fishing rod
    70) Gyr-o-clock. Powered through body movement
    71) Empty tin can
    72) Oily mushroom stew
    73) Light bulbs
    74) Empty liquid container: The bar on the front shows the amount of radiation emitted by the contained substance.
    75) Water container
    76) Hazmat container
    77) Stoneback milk container
    78) Black light laser bulb. Used by Observation drones for water analization.
    79) Speaker
    80) Cricket bat. See shovels
    81) Shovel
    82) Folding spade
    83) MOOSE
    84) Rusty shovel
    85) Fishing rod. See 69)
    86) Repeater
    87) Bony rat meat
    88) “Food”
    89) Sick fish
    90) Grilled fish
    91) An ear?!
    92) Gastritin. Calms the stomach, also in times of radiation poisining. Might lead to hallucinations when overdosed.
    93) Pliers
    94) Red diode
    95) Scanner
    96) Scrap bar. See Pickaxes
    97) Metal bar
    98) Hand drill
    99) MAN-Drill
    100) Rusty hand drill
    101) Fire Arm. See Weapons
    102) Carrot on a stick
    103) Stoneback hide
    104) Saddle
    105) Stoneback meat
    106) Stoneback steack. More tender than you might think
    107) Croc Co. power core
    108) He-3 rod. See Brewing
    109) Melon liquor
    110) Detector
    111) Circuit
    112) Scrap axe. A waste of time
    113) Axe. Simple mass produced metal axe. Chops down trees and scrap-shacks.
    114) Buzz saw. Reliable deforestation device
    115) Uranium Plasma Cutter. Contrary to what the name might suggest, the UPC doesn’t have a plasma blade but is powered by it. This device saw action dring the clearing of rain forests for the construction of the antenna facilities.
    116) Fire axe. Allows access to burning buildings faster than any other tool. However its duability has dwindled over the years.
    117) Fire Arm. See Weapons
    118) Iodine Pills
    119) Iodine
    120) Jarred Carrots
    121) Lizzard. See Critters-Mobile Munitions Machine
    122) Lizzard on a stick. Tastes awful and is full of splinters. The lizzard however tastes like chicken..
    123) SecurAll rotation filter. Cleans the sludge collected by the SecurAll
    124) Gold dust.
    125) Moonshroom. See Brewing
    126) Ozone collector. See Biomes-jungle
    127) Capacitor
    128) Scrap wrench. Preparing the ground with your fingers would probably be more effective
    129) Spanner. A simple tool for the quick installation of the soil probes required by water purifiers and teleportation beacons.
    130) Wrench. Size adjustable, trusty tool allowing for efficent repair work and installation of probes with minimal time effort.
    131) Cybernetic Ratificator and Allocator for Probes.
    132) Rusty wrench. Old but good tool in poor shape.
    133) Fire Arm. See Weapons
    134) Contaminated Iodine
    135) Transport cart
    136) OI folding raft
    137) Glittering melon liquor
    138) Reprocessed Hall Monitor brain. See Brewing
    139) Hall Monitor brain. See Brewing
    140) Cola Bottle. See Brewing
    141) Potion
    142) Plutonium container
    143) Geiger tube
    144)-149) -empty-
    150) Golden Carrot
    151) Chest transport cart
    152) MEL (Medical Exoskeleton Limb) made from parts of a TV and a 3M-construction-kit it injects the body with a sugar-salt-solution while protecting the limb from further damage
    153) Alien stasis cell. These mysterious devices contain living beings and robots through means unknown.
    154) Molotow Cola Bottle
    155) Charged Croc. Co power core
    156) High pressure tank. See brewing
    157) Crushed He-3 rod
    158) Pipes
    159) 1/2' Mag Tape
    160) –166) –empty-
    167) Powered transport cart
    168) –empty-
    169) Alien stasis cell designation code
    170) –empty-
    171) Information tape
    172) Distilling Stand. See brewing
    173) Protoplasm
    174) Cyan bulbs
    175) Sprockets
    176-184) –empty-
    185) Neropotentia sample. An almost unknown element with interesting properties regarding radiation absorption and audio resonance.
    186) Hydrazine tank. Currency used in trading with The Masked
    187) Book&BallpOInt pen. See Misc-BallpOInt pen
    188) Written book
    189) Flower Pot
    190) Fan
    191) Hydronic battery. Found in Bandit satchels, these batteries provide the right ammount of energy for SITBs to grow instantly.
    192)-204) –empty-
    205) Map Book Pro. See 60)
    206) Item frame
    207) Orbital Industries advanced engineering handbook. The cryptic phrases and diagramms within those books (Volumes I-XLII) are held sacred by several Masked cults throughout the wastes. They believe that the "The One [of ancient times]" (read History) once provided humanity with technology and shelter through an industrial station in his realm in the heavens above (read OI/the moon). But humanity grew greedy and desired the gods power. They attacked and defiled the source of technology shattering the industrial complex. The One grew angry upon this sacrilege and heralded the end times by raining fire from the skies, smiting the unworthy.
    That's the part that most cults agree on. There are several sects and churches with different views of what happened next and how the current situation should be bested. From these hoping to ascend to the heavens, over those hoping to find a pardise within a HIVE to those who belive that everyone is guilty and should be purged and killed with fire.
    So care should be taken when trying to use one of those books for their original purpose: safely operating a Transmuting Radiation Ondograph Negator (T.R.O.N.)
    208)- 223) –empty-
    224)-228) Heads
    229) – 239) –empty-
    240-255) Music cartriges. These contain 2 state-of-the-art micro records with integrated audio heads for maximal play time. Should the cartridge not work clean it with cotton swabs. Do not blow in it or the contacts might oxidize.

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    posted a message on Last Days Lore
    Mod Lore
    (Not in the OP because the article became too long)

    The lore in this section is based on modifications, created by other people.
    Since some of the mods are bound to contradict our lore, simply by adding features that don't fit into the world of Last Days, and their development lie outside of our reach, everything below should be considered non-canon. Unless you're using said mod.
    It's kind of "Choose-your-own-reality".

    Blackwater is a medium sized coastal community that grew out of a small scientific H.I.V.E that had a critical failure on the computerized water filtration systems. There was a rather large river running through a valley a few miles away, clean but too far for the H.I.V.E dwellers to go to with any efficacy so the created a dam down stream. This way they formed a lake that went up close to the entrance of the H.I.V.E.
    The decision was done without a lot of hindsight as the relativley clean water attracted a large amount of wastelanders in search of water. This sprouted into a thriving community that supported trading with barges and caravans and research via the now somewhat run down and undersupplied H.I.V.E which was renamed "Blackwater Academy".
    Most, if not all, new technology (mods) coming to the wasteland come from Blackwater Academy, with their signature machines made from repurposed old tech instead of inventions from scratch.

    Balkon's WeaponMod

    The fire-arm MKII

    A few of the more mechanically inclined wastelanders decided that their current ranged weapon of choice was insufficient at killing they decided to reinforce the original fire-arm's bow and stock to allow it to fire at greater speeds and modified the firing mechanisim to hold new stronger iron bolts primed to fire so they dont have to fumble with loading arrows when a malfunctioning huggatron suddenly sneaks up behind them.

    A6 Mighty Driver

    Now the old designs of projectile weapons are nice and good but if you want to protect something from a Bandit siege your going to need something with a punch to it. And that's where this little number comes in.
    The A6 Mighty Driver!
    Now this isn't like any pre-event weapon you've ever seen. This little beauty uses the static igniter in old fire torches to detonate huggatron explosives inside the firing chamber, propelling a bullet (ammo not included with purchase) straight out of the chamber and through whatever your aiming at.
    And for a little extra I can throw in a kitchen knife and some tape to attach it to the thing, so you can stab anything that gets close.

    Medium Bertha

    SO now that you're done looking at the other weapons (including the Firearm mark II *cough crossbow cough*) feast your eyes on this beauty. This, ladies and germs, is THE foolproof way to make sure whatever you're looking at gets dead.... given it's close enough....
    This is a beautiful hand crafted, shoulder mounted blunderbuss. Now being a blunderbuss and all, it can shoot just about whatever you can stuff in it... BUT we recommend using our custom ammunition just so that when you're done making bandits and Huggatrons dead, you won't be dead yourself. Now, the key feature is the shoulder mounted aspect... If we thought that a regular stock wasn't good enough... well I'll let you do the math. This... this is a gun.

    Radiation dart

    Now, this little malicious item when fired will cause severe radiation poisoning in anything it hits or the massive amount of radiation causing malfunctions in electronics, such as the Huggatrons or Hall Monitors. Although it uses the traditional fire-arm ammo fan in the back it cant be fired from one due to the odd shape of the "payload canister" in the center, so your best bet of firing this into the neck of whatever would like to end your life, would be a hollowed out reed.

    Stoneback prod

    I see you've got an eye for quality my friend. This here is a halberd eerr... dual headed electric prodder that can keep your herd in like while transporting them across the wastes to "greener" pastures.


    For years wastelanders have written down their travels and memories in journals but due to severe radiation, hunger, dehydration and the accompanying hallucinations many wrote down false fabricated or exaggerated memories.
    The researchers at Blackwater Academy call it "Myst Syndrome".
    It can get severe enough that wastelanders incorporate how they obtained certain items and even fabricate imagined worlds. Strangely all of the imagined worlds have a few similar properties;
    1. When entering a fantasy world you enter a conscious dream state similar to sleepwalking.
    2. Those that wake from a dream state only wake when carrying a "Linking Book" with them, when going into a state with them.
    3. The dreamers will aquire items and incorporate them in their dreams.
    4. Myst Syndrome can only be induced by what dreamers call "Age Books" or by a Linking Book that was created in a dream state.

    Quote from The personal log of Dr. A Hodges, researcher at blackwater academy »

    It appears that myst syndrome is more anomalous than simply radiation poisoning. Some of the subjects under its influence exit their dream state with a sort of blue crystal on their person. I managed to get some samples from some of the subjects currently under study.

    One of the guards left the lab doors open today and one of the locals snuck in and stone a large amount of the crystal samples. security managed to track him back to his house and retrieve the samples but he was comatose when the guards managed to find him.

    It appears that the crystals react oddly to linking and descriptive books. I'll try putting the crystals in different
    configurations to see what happens.

    Success! its seems if you have a loop like configuration a portal of some kind opens but its fairly unstable i need to create a device to make sure it doesn't kill everything that touches it. i bet i can use what little notes the academy has on Dr Crocopolous's portals to create a device.

    I finally finished my device, you simply attach it to the crystals and place the book in t[DATA CORRUPT] into the portal [DATA CORRUPT] so beautiful [DATA CORRUPT]

    [END OF LOG]

    Dr. A Hodges had gone missing shortly after this final log and hasn't been seen since.

    Red power

    *The red power rubber trees are radio towers with tons of cables inside, unfortunately most of the useful metal has rusted away leaving rubber tubes going throughout.

    Volcanoes: Nuclear Crater

    Some locations on the planet got hit extremely hard by atom bombs, turning the very crust into a veritable molten lake of radioactive magma, over time, most of the rock cooled, but in most of these sites, there remains a core of still molten material. These structures tend to resemble and act like volcanoes due to the high temperatures maintained by still active fission processes, so extreme caution must be used when dealing with them.

    Radioactive Stone(basalt)
    no extra lore needed for this, please read the section for Radioactive Crater(volcano)

    *Flax is a new invention from Blackwater: The dust collector. What it does is it charges itself with a static charge to attract dust fibers which are prevalent in the wasteland. The fibers build up until the collector reaches capacity, opens and shuts off the static generators. The interesting thing is that If a water filter is in good condition (flax seeds) it can be reconfigured easily to the dust collector. The downside to this technology is it takes a while to set up as the optimum height for a collector is around 2 meters off the ground.

    *The tin ore is crushed cans in a cube ready for recycling (how would you expect hives to make delicious canned food without more tin cans.)

    *The silver is old film reels that at this point in time with all of the radiation and nasty atmospheric conditions has rendered the entire reel unplayable. Perhaps you can extract the silver for your own purposes.

    *The tungsten is a large 50,000 watt bulb. As of right now it has no other use than looking nice.

    *Nikolite is your average run of the mill battery container that started to corrode. Some of the battery acid might still be good though.

    *Copper is simply a pipe conduit with a few valves.

    *The ruby, sapphire and emerald work similarly to the uranium cores but they use some advanced chemicals that allow them to not only to power things but release radiation along the visible and gamma radiation wavelengths.


    This is a modified teleport beacon. It's made by overriding most of the safety protocols on the normal model and adding a receiver top. The difference between this and the unmodified model is that it has a shorter range and it can copy the molecular structure of nearby beaconed machines and combine them in some sort of [profanity="­"]ized combination of machines that would work similarly to them occupying the same space.
    This can wreak havoc on biological matter being transported but it may end up with a neat plant machine hybrid

    Rubber Trees: Shack-in-a-Box- MK II

    Due to the poor quality of the material that was put into making the shacks-in-a-box, breakage was common and frequent repairs were needed.
    So a new model of the Scrap Shack was devised, this one had built in storage tanks for water, which were used to create an adhesive liquid-rubber that was great for re-attatching fallen panels or patching holes in the metal sheeting. Also, these new shacks were more compact than their predicessors.
    Needless to say, these newer models were no better at resisting radiation, so their residents eventually joined the ranks of the Lost.
    it is still common to find the SITB-II scattered throughout the wastes, but due to lack of maintenance, the adhesive storage tanks began to leak, and by inserting a pipe or tube into one of the leaky tanks, one can extract the rubbery adhesive for use in other things.

    the bronze and tin blocks are just boxes
    the uranium block is just a big fuel rod storage
    the industrial tnt is exactly as it says.

    Old Piping (copper ore)
    the H.I.V.E.s, being supposedly able to house many people for extended periods of time, needed plumbing systems. These were made simply from copper pipes imbedded in the walls of some sections of the HIVE. Over time, most of the piping has corroded away making the plumbing systems useless, but still sections of exposed pipes can be found and re-used by the resourcefull explorer

    Fuel Rods (uranium ore)
    The HIVES, in their prime, experimented with many sources of energy to power all the machinery and keep everyone safe and happy inside. Their main source though, was from nuclear generators powered by uranium fuel rods. Although the reactors themselves failed and were destroyed without maintenance, one can still find extra fuel rods stored within the walls of the HIVES, even though they might need to be refined a bit after the years of being exposed to the elements.

    Reinforced Alloy (reinforced glass/stone)
    Sadly, due to the huge expanse of the HIVES, the metal from which they were made was fairly cheap and weak, but some survivors have found that, if one alloys these weak metals with a mixture of other metals that were found readily in the HIVES, one can make a strong, resistant metal that can be used to make secure shelters or as blast doors/walls in the event of a huggatron invasion. Also, they found out that , by mixing these alloys into common glass, they could actually have strong, solid windows to look out on the depressingly ruined world outside their nice safe bunkers.

    Geothermal Generator: Radiation Extractor

    This device uses hazardous waste and acts like a mini-reactor to generate electricity. Also, as an added bonus, this device completely destroys all the material fed into it for maximum energy production (Keep away from small children and pets). While of course you can put buckets or cells of the stuff into the generator, by far the most efficient way is to pipe radioactive waste directly in, useing waterproof piping.

    Charge Rod (Energy Crystal)
    Scientists at Blackwater have found recently that hooking up a ludicrous ammount of RedstoneTM wiring to an old uranium power rod gives the rod an incredible ability to store energy in massive quantities and discharge said energy similarly to a battery, although most cheap battery boxes are not advanced enough to handle the output from these devices

    Blackwater Power Suit (nano-suit)
    Through much experimentation and testing, the Blackwater Academy has come out with a lightweight suit made of tightly woven carbon nano-fibers. while not much use by itsself, the suit boasts an energy sheild generator built into the individual peices. this gives the suit the relative defencive powers of Orbital's uranium rod powered armor, but withought the wieght of carrying around 200kg of metal, but be warned, the suit will offer very little protection if the shields ever run out of energy

    Maceratron-E-901 (macerator)
    Now this incredible machine takes whatever you shove into it, and grinds it up into a fine dust. How is this usefull you ask? well you see, when you drill all those old machine parts out of the walls, much of the original wall material still is attatched. the Maceratron can distinguish between usefull metal and old scrap, and thus becomes much more efficient, giving you double the ammount of material than if you were to just use the scrap itsself.

    -CLASSIFIED- (Terraformer)
    Rumor has it that the top researchers and mechanics have been working on a new device over in the Academy. They say that this machine might, just might, get us back on the road to a green and living world. Although it will probably require rather riddiculous amounts of energy to run, this miraculous machine has been rumored to be able change the environment around it, potentially turning barren wasteland into lush, habitable land.

    Laptronic Energy Storage Tube: ( Laptron Crystal)
    After their breakthrough with the Charge Rod, the scientists at Blackwater immediately began experimenting with different materialos to increase the storage capacity of their new device. after numerous failures, some with spectacularly explosive results, they found that combining the Rods with L.A.P. fuel rods and simple electric circuits, they could increase the storage to one million energy units. they named this device the Laprtonic Energy Storage Tube. The L.E.S.T, being a highly advanced device, can only be used in high level machines and storage units because of the massive voltage created when they are discharged.


    This is the W.A.S.P. or the Winged Adjusting Self-replicating Plodder.

    Now orbital industries is inspired by insects for their robots quite often, this one is no exception. With orbital industries expanding at such an incredible rate that it did, there simply weren't enough people to assemble all of the products buildings and vehicles needed to support the OI empire so instead of doing something ridiculous such as assembly machines that were built for only one purpose they did the only obvious solution; robots that can do nearly any task and can be programmed to work in any environment. This led to these foot long robot bees being built.
    The R & D at OI realized if they were self replicating than the robots had no sort of hold on their replicating cycle then you would have an extremely nasty Von Neumann machine on your hands. So although they programmed the W.A.S.P.s to evolve they made it so they could only replicate via a queen passing on her programming her offspring and they could only replicate on their own if they were near a certain radio transmitter (note the transmitters were rather advanced and fried during the event), With the drones being only good for storing programming and princess wasps only being able to accept and modify programming (you can tell the difference between the types by the material of the wing supports). The programming can greatly vary as you could guess for the variety of jobs these wasps had with the hazard stripes on them differentiating in color per program set.
    Unfortunately all of the wasps outside of a production box (apiary) fried due to the same reason of the transmitters. The good thing is that there are still more than enough types of wasps to produce any spare parts you would ever need. All the production models were designed to function similarly to real bees in the fact that that they can defend themselves if programmed to and they still make honeycombs to store things in and they are capable of making it from whatever possible materials are available. they used to have crates of wax to have a speedy production.
    By the event wasps were used in every environment including on the moon helping mine helium 3 deposits with only minor problems of certain models attacking workers, thankfully OI made a suit that can protect someone from these attacks.


    Dragoon Technologies, a company predating Orbital Industries, focused on the development of one area: Transportation.
    With roads and airways becoming more congested, they decided to restore the worlds aging railways and develop new machines to utilize them. After the rise of O.I. however, they were almost immediately bought out, consolidated, and assimilated into O.I.
    Orbital Industries only got about 2/3rds of the way done with converting D.T.'s trains for their own use until the more modular system, commonly slured as "minecart modules" [steves carts] replaced them. Orbital Industries then put all trains into storage, only a few still being used up until the Event.
    Due to most of them being stored away, foolish scanvangers may think they are easy to obtain. They are wrong.
    The components were dismantled and placed throughout the various areas of the worlds cocoons bunkers and deserts.
    Once re-assembeld however, they are a robust, reliable way of transportation, if not a bit bulky. While most reassembled models will have "O.I." on the sides, a few sd40 models will still have the old "Dragoon Technologies" on them.
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