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    posted a message on Silent Sand by Deathwind31 [4000+ Downloads][Adventure][Puzzles][Parkour][Exploration][Co-op Extras]
    Hey, nice intro. Haven't done anything else yet as spawned horse and it ran straight for the lava columns. Can I suggest you making them horse proof. I'll spawn in another horse.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Realms Map Download
    Hello All, is there any way of downloading your map from your Minecraft Realms Worlds? If not there really should be, I swear I saw somewhere saying if you cancelled you download your back up, I don't want to cancel though.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    posted a message on ★★★LapenCraft PVP/GIREF★★★ - >>>[Looking for Mods] [24/7 Lag Free!] <<<
    Quote from ashvidell


    Your server was one of the first i have played in vanilla, i mostly play FTB, but i thought i would give this one a chance. I was wrong. At first everything seemed fairly standard and nice, nice equipment to start off with [gone very soon after bear in mind] and i liked it was PvP. By PvP, i was hoping for some friendly battles but not when i first start.
    First off, I was killed from behind [unfair play] for no apparent reason, this would all be well and good, if i had more than a stone sword and some dirt and i was being a reckless player towards the other person [which wasn't happening, tbh i didn't think many other people were on the server let alone near me]
    Secondly, While me and another player were mining [after i had been killed and left with NOTHING] we were, as i would like to call, 'hunted' down by a certain player who proceeded to 'slay' the both of us, it was perfectly clear we were only mining for resources to then go on for this PvP and be better equip for battle, again i would call unfair play. This type of play i feel shouldn't be allowed as it doesn't let players actually get settled into the server and actually enjoy playing. I for one did not enjoy playing on this server. I feel that the sportsman ship was not there and wasn't encourage by you,Michael123bunn, the moderator.
    Thirdly, from the description i was hoping for a calm, friendly PvP playing experience, not you are going to die and lose everything in the first 5 minutes of playing. I feel that in the description you should have included that this server was set of 'hard' and to be prepared for a lot of PvP. this was not at all made clear, you made out that it was a fairly peaceful, yet still PvP, server. it is highly misleading.

    Feel free to contact me directly through this website.


    Well said you complete stranger. Only joking of course I know you you're my girlfriend. However you are completely right. With a calm and collected post not my rage post. :)
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    posted a message on ★★★LapenCraft PVP/GIREF★★★ - >>>[Looking for Mods] [24/7 Lag Free!] <<<
    Don't Join this server the will just kill you after 2 minutes so you'll never be able to do anything. then they will kick you for no reason apart from being disgruntled.
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    posted a message on (1.7.2) (whitelist) ~Brand New~ Welcome to "More Than Minecraft", we are a survival server that is 100% vanilla Minecraft. ~24/7
    Why do you want to join this server: Brand new map. No drama.
    How did you hear about this server: Looking through mcforum
    (Optional) Age: 25
    (Optional) Location: UK
    In Game Name: Laslon
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    posted a message on Cogs of the machine v0.1.4pre1: Back in action !
    Quote from Deatrathias

    The question of brass is a tricky one. To be honest, the conflict with Redpower at the time is not really the use of tin but rather the fact that 3 copper and 1 tin give 4 brass but in Cogs, 3 copper and 1 zinc give 2 brass. Considering that tin and zinc has about the same rarity, that means you get twice the output with Redpower.
    The reason I went with 2 brass is because I wanted brass to be somewhat expense and above iron. Redpower on the other hand uses a lot of brass for machines and tubes and therefore offers more brass. Different mods, different requirements.
    Now, Redpower won't change so it's up to me to decide what I should do. I have multiple solutions available:
    • Make the foundry recipe create 4 brass instead of 2. That would require me to rebalance all my recipes and use more brass, which is gonna be tricky considering I still have to fit in the 3x3 crafting grid and rethink the way brass is used
    • The GregTech solution. Modify Redpower at init to change the recipe. This is something I really don't want to do. It's intrusive and disrespectful to the modder. It's basically forcing your own concepts of balance to another mod and assuming your balance is superior and worth breaking other mods for that.
    • Make brass incompatible with Redpower. This would defeat the purpose of the ore dictionary and add a lot of confusion to the game. It's also inconvenient.
    • Do nothing and let people choose. This is what I did, and I think it's the best solution I have so far.

    After reading your thinking on the matter, I have to agree with you, the key point being the two brass output, I must have missed that, apologies. With the use of a machine ,in my mind, it feels balanced an an alternate way of getting brass.
    Seriously loving this, Dire will definitely see the worth of this mod.
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    posted a message on Cogs of the machine v0.1.4pre1: Back in action !
    Hey this mod looks like it's going to be huge!!!! Some great work already, you may be getting a message from Direwolf soon. This mod is the top comment on one of his video's. Is it possible to use RP2 Brass for your machines and vice versa, I noticed your way of creating brass is by using Zinc, Eloraam said she didn't make Brass from Zinc just to give the user a break, what with copper and tin already being in most peoples instance with IC2 or Forestry, will you be overwridding her recipe for brass or letting it still be made from copper if RP2 is installed.
    I'm in the opinion of overide it, in a config anyway, don't get me wrong I LOVE redpower, and I'm pretty sure Eloraam will agree, with all the new ores in the game as we have now, with IC2 Forestry RP2 TE TC XYCraft.................... all adding their own, the proper way to make brass should be in the game.
    Once again loving the look downloading and going to test this out. :)
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    posted a message on DraftCraft opening- 50+. Need Ideas/staff/suggestions
    IGN: Laslon

    Age: 25

    Position applying for: General Ideas Guy/ Player

    Experience/Proof: Been playing MC for about 2 years now, I play with mods more than I do vanilla.

    Why I want the position: Want to help a server from start up and be in a nice community.

    Time zone/Location: GMT 0 UK

    Hours a day: 2-3 Sometimes a lot more

    Additional idea: Have you thought about making the server a Feed the Beast Modded server. There are lots of plug ins for it now such as MyTown (Towny) and economy mods.
    You could make a modded server like Super Earth, with an economic town based server with faction raiding, with the mods it would make it amazing.
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    posted a message on Some adults to do some adventure maps with.
    I'm looking for some people to do some adventure maps with for fun, people must be mature.
    I found a website that host all the classic adventure maps and puzzle ones, I'm looking for a group of people to have a laugh with some of the hardest maps minecraft has come up with. :)
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    posted a message on Dragon Dance, Cartoon RPG (Updated 3/10)
    Looks really nice will you be doing FTB modpacks support? Since that is getting so popular.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Forge Black Screen Bug
    Save yourself a lot of trouble and download the feed the beast modpack
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    posted a message on [1.7][PUZZ][ADV]The Test v1.2[1500+DOWNLOADS]
    He was being sarcastic :) I no nothing about minecraft before 1.2 so all those questions in the test where google time for me :)
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    posted a message on [F.T.B] Feast Thy Badger! 18+ Only(New Feed The Beast Server)
    Feast Thy Badger


    Sorry Applications have closed
    Hey all,
    A friend and I have set up a new Feed the beast server for 18's and over only. It is whitelisted and you will need to apply here before you will be able to join.

    You will need the modpack, which you can get from:
    Big Shout Out to all the guys at Feed The Beast Central for making this modpack!

    We have a mumble server for chatting, pictures will be added shortly just wanted to get the server up for people to start applying.


    Hope to see you in the Feast Thy Badger World
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    posted a message on [1.7][PUZZ][ADV]The Test v1.2[1500+DOWNLOADS]
    Quote from Shoto

    Hello Its Shoto From Never Lasting Survival we have done a video of your update and is just being uploaded at the mo to youtube thanks NLS

    You beat me to it Loon. :)
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    posted a message on Equivalent Exchange 3 - 0.1.142
    How many posts can this get in such a short time. :)
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