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    posted a message on Multiple level types
    We should get the ability to select amplified and large biomes into a single world type or alouw us to select multiple types.

    I love large biomes and i love amplified, i want to have both in my world but currently its impossible. Im sure alot of people feel the same way, and having the ability to choose more options is never a bad thing.
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    posted a message on 13w36a Snapshot Ready for Testing!
    One of the best updates so far.
    Amplified terrain is awesome, now we just need a way to combine it with large biomes instead of only having it for default version.
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    posted a message on Spawn changing
    Anyone know why sometimes the spawn area changes in multiplayer?
    At the beginning we spawned around x250 and z250, then after a few days and reboots later it suddenly became x0 and z0. (same world etc)

    What can cause these spawn changes and is there a way to revent it from happening?
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    posted a message on A 12w38b Showcase!
    Maybe we are supposed to show off stuff we made in the latest snapshot or show the new features?
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    posted a message on Looting.
    Does looting 1-3 enchant on sword increase the amount of skulls you can receive from a single mob or does it just increase the chance of a single skull drop.
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    posted a message on ocean biome
    Quote from MineCrak

    Hmm. Did you use the very newest version of AMIDST [2.0.33]? It was just updated for 12w24a. And you have to be careful in how you use it. AMIDST needs to be able to find the install of the version of Minecraft that the map (or the parts of the map you are interested in) were made with in order to use the correct mapping algorithms if you are using the seed-only method. So I guess in your case, if the ocean was explored while using 24a then point it to that install.

    Also, make sure you are explicitly telling AMIDST that it is a Large-Biomes map, or else it will show you the normal size version.

    * If all of that is correct and it's still wrong then I hope you don't mind sharing this in the AMIDST thread too so that Skidoodle can troubleshoot it and make the tool work better.
    (btw: The author of AMIDST has also made a Kick-Ass Android game app "Effusion" that's linked to in the amidst OP. I have played it and it's more than worth the 0.99. :) )

    I'll take a look at your seed (thanks for sharing it! :) ) and see if I come up the same as you did.

    Seed: 7750707565573194702

    Oh, then its probably wrong.
    I use magic launcher to switch between versions, so admist probably picks version 1.2.5 (minecraft.jar)instead of the snapshot (which is named "1.2.5 w24snap".

    Yeah, just changed the .jar files around and made the snapshot name "minecraft", and now admist shows it the right way.
    And that ocean is indeed F***ing huge.

    Even between the mooshroom island there is more then 10k squares of nothing but water.
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    posted a message on ocean biome
    ADMIST is wrong, when it comes to the layout of world biomes. (triple checked the seed i entered)

    edit: I had my snapshot not named "minecraft" so admist didnt pick the right version. I changed it and admist then showed the right biomes.

    The world was made on version 12w23 and we updated it to 12w24 when it was released. Its a multiplayer hardcore, largebiome server.

    Seed: http://img706.images...20619044241.png

    On our way back through the nether we made portals every 1000blocks. (on the way to it we boated pretty much same way except that the z coordinates were between 0-500 as opposed to 10k).

    Coords of portals on the way back with ingame biome.

    ocean ingame







    My friend is rendering the ingame map into a google earth type to see from above what we loaded.

    Maybe some of you large ocean freaks will love this seed.
    Ocean seems to start somewhere between X:-10k and X:-15k, the Z coords are between Z:100 and Z:10k
    You should spawn at a extreme hill/mountain biome near 0,0 coords.
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    posted a message on ocean biome
    Not my server so i cant find the seed i think.
    It was generated on 12w23b, ill see if i can get the server owner to get the seed for your tommorow.

    x-55k i hit land, yay.

    Here is the f3 info (incase they changed how the seed looks in the f3 info)

    x-15 000 (possibly already started at x-8000)
    z 2000? (not really that sure about z)
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    posted a message on ocean biome
    Story of the giant ocean and continents by: MineCrak
    Quote from MineCrak

    Here is my Visual Report for your 12w24a Seed: 7750707565573194702

    The Larking Island Continent, and surrounding Ocean of Dread
    * This entire report is a Spoiler for this Seed. Do not read or view it if you want to retain 99% mystery.

    This is a fascinating seed indeed, whether you play on the Normal-size Biome version or the LargeBiomes size version.

    - You spawn on an almost archipelago looking (not a real archipelago though) Island-Continent in the middle of a massive Ocean to all sides.
    - There is a smaller though more solid looking sister island-continent just to the South-West of you, though still a little ways over the water and beyond visual range. It is over half Frozen Tundra but also has a good variety of other biomes on the other half. There is a large Mooshroom Biome actually connected to the Tundra at the most remote South-West corner of the this island-continent (Might be an interesting survival test to change spawn to there).
    - Other than these two sister Island-Continents, the closest (and more massive) land masses that can be reached are to the North-North-West (Closest), and to the South-South-West (Farther).
    - There are other Continents to be found in other directions (aside from deep ocean Mooshroom islands), but they are incredibly far away...

    Here are some Mega-Scale maps of this seed.
    * Don't look at them if you think it'll ruin anything for you.

    - I have placed a red dot on the approximate 0,0 location (x=0)(z=0) of all these maps for reference.
    - Most of these maps have a Grid enabled. At these resolutions you will just see what looks like a grid of black dots.
    -- For the NormalBiomes-Size Maps version of the seed: Each Grid mark is 1Km apart.
    -- For LargeBiomes-Size Maps version of the seed: Each Grid mark is 4Km apart.
    - These maps were made using the normal biome size version (only way to make the maps this large), so the village and stronghold etc markers will not be accurate for LargeBiomes maps. Use AMIDST if you want that info.

    Larking Island-Continent and Immediate Surroundings

    The Great Western Ocean [With Grid] (Larking Expedition - Many tales told of this harrowing voyage!)

    The Great Western Ocean [NO Grid - Suitable as Wallpaper]

    The Greater North-East Ocean (Sanity's End) {For the love of all that is holy, do NOT sail it...}

    I hope you've enjoyed this Report. Feel free to add all this to the OP if you wish, just mention me. ;)

    Ok we have a hardcore, LARGE BIOME server and went exploring.
    We started in nether and went to x-1.000, we spawned in the overworld in a ocean biome at x-8.000, we decided to go back to nether and go a bit further we ended up at overworld x-12.000 ocean biome. We decided to boat it from there on now we boated up to x-42.000 and we are still going. (well i am)

    Now this is large biomes but a 30k block in lenght and still going ocean biome seems waaaaaaaaay to large.
    Anyone else had this, is it really supposed to be that big am i unlucky or is it a bug.
    Having large oceans so you cant see or swimg quickly across is fine, but having to boat for over 2hours and still no real landmass (not even mooshrooms) is boring and to time consuming.
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    posted a message on Brighter lightning
    I kinda get annoyed by the fact that i have to ruin great buildings by having to need a stupidly large amount of torches/glowstone to prevent mobs from spawning.

    So i would like to suggest the following, allow us to combine multiple glowstone blocks/torches which take up the same space but cast a brighter light.
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    posted a message on Keep Emerald Ore in Game Petition
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    posted a message on What age is your machine?
    Computer is coming close to 3years old now and still gets anywhere from 100-1000 FPS depending on area (all options are fancy/far).

    Cpu: old i7 quadcore
    gfx card: Nvidia GTX 285
    ram: 6gig
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    posted a message on Killing iron golems?
    1) archery them down (from high enough)
    2) make a wall around the golem (keeps him from protecting villagers
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    posted a message on Am I the only one in love with level 1 stone tools?
    I prefer low level enchants on a diamond tool. :)
    High level enchants aint worth it so i generally just use level1 unless im trying to get fortune/silk touch in which case i need to grind 15hours till im able to get it, thanks to the awesome randomeness.

    I prefer diamond picks for sure, only need 1 which will last me atleast a full invent (possibly 2-3). And it mines faster and the time i save with that enables me to get more diamonds. Besides what else woud i use diamonds for if not for tools, i gues i could use it on armour but tthats an even bigger waste considering iron is more then enough to protect me.
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    posted a message on Do you prefer Singleplayer or Multiplayer?

    Not much piont in building epic things when noone can see it or know they are actually build legit.
    Just hate the damn ping/lag and the other extra glitches in multi.
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