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    posted a message on ELYTRA REALITY Realistic HD Wings Modules High Quality Texture Pack AddOn

    Thank you very much Woody! :)

    By now I also published an Elytra in the looks of Captain America's shield, as well as an Elytra module in "Superhero" HD cape shape :)

    As soon as I find a bit of time, I'll setup 2 separate threads for them as well and will link them inside this post here.

    Have a nice day!


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    posted a message on ELYTRA REALITY Realistic HD Wings Modules High Quality Texture Pack AddOn


    | This is the overview post with links to ALL (also future) ELYTRA resource pack modules! |

    Each Elytra wing type will get its very own Planet Minecraft post.
    All Elytra textures will be HD, high resolution, realistic.
    Some wing types will have a double wing layer like Wing Type 0001, some only one layer.

    There will be Elytra HD resource pack modules for various mystical/mythical entities or creatures,
    as well as winged insects and some other wing types I don't want to spoiler yet.

    ▓ DIAMOND/UPVOTE when you download one of the modules on Planet Minecraft! ▓
    ►►► Detailed Terms of Use in credits textfile of my module. ◄◄◄
    I cannot direcly link the download to other colour variants, only the main colour.
    If you want any of the other colours, go to the pack's Planet Minecraft page,
    click download, then on hoster site/Curse click on the colour variant image you want.


    I will keep this post here updated when I release new colour variants for Wing Type 0001

    as well as add NEW wing types! This is the overview on for all wings.

    Take care, enjoy life.

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    posted a message on End Gateway beam problem

    Hello, I came across this post by chance, the recurring beam each 2400 ticks occurs since 1.11 snapshots, I happen to host and update the bugpost for it on Mojang's bugtracker Mojira:

    You can find a workaround for Minecraft Vanilla Creative (via Commands) in the bugpost description, just click the link above and read.

    As for now it's not confirmed by Mojang whether or not this is "works as intended" due to the added portals in The End on the outer islands (some sort of recurring "I am here" beam as a player help in Survival), or if it is actually a bug.

    For mapmakers, this should surely be fixed, and if it's "works as intended" for Survival Players, I hope they'll add an additional tag or the likes for Creative/mapmakers, so that periodical beam does not occur without having to add an age-reset-timer or without setting a negative age.

    I hope this helped :)

    Regards, Meri

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    posted a message on maxEntityCramming breaking command blocks and redstone mechanics?

    I tried to change Mr. Bergensten's mind on and elaborated even more (as discussions became heated) on the Mojira-Reddit: , but sadly I couldn't convince him (see attached pic).

    In the comments, after he resolved the post as "works as intended", he wrote that the weighted plates I used as arguments is a valid point, and he'll have to re-evaluate the design of them now, so it'd somehow work out with that default-on-gamerule.

    If you guys feel like want to discuss this, e.g. give some input in how the weighted pressure plates could be reworked so they'd have a proper use for the technical community, please add your suggestions on the Mojira-Reddit-post i linked.

    Thank you }=)

    Regards, Meri

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    posted a message on 1.11 - NBT Changes and Additions

    Like FVbico already said, no, they won't work, but I linked Mr. Garretto's converter, so it shouldn't be an issue to convert your map. He also offers it as MCEdit filter by the way };]

    As also already stated, they are working towards overall cleaner code, and with the future system, from what I can grasp already by the MCPE presentation and the resourcepack changes, they make it so that everything can be adjusted extremely (at least at some point), so that's a very good thing in my opinion.

    Certainly, it is sort of annoying to get used to new systems, but if I get a bajillion of better tools AND more options to do something cool in the game, then I'm willing to pull through and "endure" it.

    Just see it as some sort of interims phase, a transition to something new; transitions were never easy };]

    At Minecon they will present new features; I hope there will be something cool already that benefits us!

    By the way I mentioned MCPE, because there you can "implant" a mobs' behaviour onto another one easily via JSON files.

    As they want all versions be the same across all platforms, that means on MCPC Java we will get that as well.

    So everything they do now is working towards a solid logical basis as well as working towards mod API.

    From what I've heard, the MCPC Java code is really bad, they have to clean up all the mess while the game is being played live, and "on the fly" fixes + additions are surely hell. So we have to have patience and understanding for their situation.

    Regards, Meri

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    posted a message on 1.11 - NBT Changes and Additions

    Check out Mr. Garretto's Online Converter, your commands will be converted in an instant };]

    Showcase Video:

    Regards, Meri

    PS: As always, thank you Mr. W <3

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    posted a message on [Block models] Json model animator

    Awesome, will definitely use it, thank you very much! <333

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    posted a message on Resource Pack Manager: Manage alternative textures, models, sounds, and files!

    Looks very promising, thank you! }=)

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    Quote from Kisonu»

    my original script was this; maybe someone can tell me what i did wrong so i don't repeat it in the future.. i'm sure i missed something stupid..

    var time = world.getTime() % 24000;

    if (time >= 10700)
    if (time <=400) {
    } else if (time >= 500)
    if(time <=10600) {

    I've got no idea about those Custom NPCs scripts, but I spotted a few things that are different about which I don't know if that causes the issue?

    Usually you inserted a blank between "if" and "(time" - but one time you didn't.

    Also, you got blanks in the not working script at "var time=" and "world.getTime() % 24000;", but in the working script the blanks aren't there.

    Also, in the not working script, X, Y and Z are capital/big letters, in the working script you typed them with small letters.

    Maybe check your script if all blanks are there where they should be, or erase blanks where they shouldn't be?

    What I usually find as mistakes in my own codes (for other things, not Custom NPCs) is a missing semikolon ";" or comma "," or so };]

    It's often minor things!

    And like I said, I got no idea whatsoever about those Custom NPC scripts, I can only see the differences and hope it helps };]

    Regards, Meri

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    posted a message on ☿ CHRISTMAS WREATH GENERATOR | Minecraft 1.8 | LapisDemon & Panda4994


    On Planet Minecraft: CHRISTMAS WREATH GENERATOR on Planet Minecraft

    A lot of work, thought and Love went into this, the command contains 32737 characters; client crashes starting with 32750 characters, so it was quite a task to squeeze everything down into one single stacked command for the Standard Generator.


    Christmas Wreath Generator Instructions + Command on my Pastebin


    One click multiple stacked commands machine with which you can place YOUR individually personalized wreath!

    By using the easy to access customization commandblocks you can even create cakes,delicacy plates for buffets and more };]

    Beginners' tutorial together with Panda4994 is in the making!

    In 1.9 I'll create a real cake/food machine, but until then you can use this wreath generator manually for it already, see examples in the video }=)

    *Follow me on Twitter*, I post updates, changes, and sneak peeks for future videos and creations there.

    Take care, have fun gaming and: Seeya! }=)
    ☿ Meri ❤

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs

    I don't know what "Bandit Mask" is, but in Minecraft things that can be stacked become unstackable e.g. when you rename it.

    So e.g. rename 1 single potato into e.g. "taters" in the anvil, and it cannot stack to the regular potatoes anymore.

    I'm not sure if this would also apply to things from mods, I know it only for MC Vanilla, but try that };]

    Of course you can also create/summon/give/change blocks or items via commands/commandblock setups, if you don't want to do it manually.

    Regards, Meri

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    posted a message on 1.12 - Custom Loot Tables

    Thanks for your consistent hard work for the community, Mr. W <3


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    posted a message on 1.12 KoP Photo Realism

    (Ich könnte das an sich auf Deutsch schreiben, aber damit sich niemand wundert, schreibe ich das mal auf Englisch };])

    Hello there,
    I'd like to feature your resourcepack sometime in my series "SKYPACKS - Custom Sky".


    Would it be possible for you to extract the Sky-files only and make it a "SKY ONLY" resourcepack?

    As you're using an ad-link which earns you money, I don't want to do this myself without your permission, as you obviously wouldn't earn anything if I would just simply give it my viewers as normal (no-ad) download.

    But as many people prefer to play in Default or got another favourite resourcepack for blocks etc., just want a custom sky addon, I'd like to give them that opportunity.

    It would be nice if you could get back with a reply to me, thank you!
    Regards, Meri

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    posted a message on Faithful 64x64 (14.06.14 UPDATE!) (More than 870,000 downloads)

    Your Faithful pack is by far my favourite Faithful-/Default-with-more-pixels/resolution-Pack in existence };]

    I love to use it, although it's outdated.

    You said that you'd come back by the end of summer 2015 - you didn't, so I hope everythings fine with you, I know real life can be quite demanding };]

    If you don't come back by the end of year, I guess I'll try to create the rest of textures that are missing for myself, because, as I said, your Faithful pack is by far the most clearest and precise texturepack in the lower resolutions up to 64 pixels.

    Aside from yours, I really do love many textures from R3dCraft, but those are highres (128-512 pixel I think).

    - Anyway, as you can see, your texturepack got many fans, would be nice to hear from you, even if it'd be bad news, that you don't have any time anymore or so, but at the very least let us know what's up };]

    Thank you!

    Regards, Meri

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    posted a message on [1.7.X][FORGE] B0bCraft! Restarted Dev! Now with RF Machines, Magic and Mobs! Leave your suggestions!

    Hello there, are you sure, for 1.7?

    1.9 is approaching and many Singleplayer world players will stay in 1.8.x, because of the combat changes.

    Or let me ask you, if you'd update it for 1.7, will you also do that for 1.8?
    I'm sure most are playing 1.8 modded, not 1.7 modded, at some point.

    Regards, Meri

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