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I'm an old(+school) gamer Lady.
I love to play Minecraft since 2010, here's my current YouTube About/profile:

▩ Talking chill about "42" ▩ High-quality content ▩ Games ▩ Space+Ambiance Music Videos ▩ Self-made audio ▩

I'm Meri and love to combine Science & Tech with Aesthetics & Art, which shows clearly in my
gaming content as well as music videos! My aim is to inspire and to offer you a safe, chill haven.

I specialise in technical Minecraft, Creative-mode with CommandBlocks as well as in-depth
Survival tutorials, helpful technical and other Texture- and SkyPack modules & more!

To create Music and atmospherical sounds is one of my hobbies, and I talk chill about many topics,
which could also interest you if you're not a gamer ;)

As Synesthete with additional view on what we consider "reality" you won't find high quality content like mine that often. ➔ Follow me for more!

Videos may not come often but will be the best I can offer.
No generic easy-to-do content!


Some additional private Info:
I would call myself some sort of "nerdy otaku". I'm a huge fan of animated stuff, and only because of anime I'm learning Japanese. I have even learnt reading as little kid thanks to old comics, such as Superman, Superboy, Mickey Mouse, etc. }=)

I love to spend time in investigating ancient cultures - be it Roman, Greek, Arabian, Asian.. it doesn't matter, every culture has something fascinating, and my love for ancient mythology and buildings is unstoppable ever since I was born.

I'm also interested in physics, mainly in Astrophysics, theoretical "extreme physics", particle/Quantum physics, and I love to philosphy.

I dislike to think in "borders" such as countries, religion, ethnicity.. although I do appreciate different cultures, the beauty of their arts.

I respect beliefs of other people, even if I don't share them. I know that such beliefs are needed for most of humans, and some cannot think any different, as they grew up in certain circumstances that don't make it possible for most of them to develop any differently.

As I try not to judge people by such negligibilities such as ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation etc., I won't allow any of my livestream viewers or YouTube channel commentators to misbehave in a way that could offend people with other beliefs and will ban them with no mercy at all.

Even if that - strictly speaking - means that I would judge narrow-minded people / narrow-minded beliefs and would contradict my own openness for anyone's beliefs };]

Just keep it outside of my surroundings, and you're fine!

Keep in mind that something ANYONE of you is connected with each other, no matter which belief etc. you have - is our love for MINECRAFT !!!

So please only focus on that.
I hope this will make it easier for some people to swallow their prejudices };]

One of my hobbies - besides playing Minecraft (and some other games), reading various books (and studies of various science topics), and watching anime - is drawing/painting, mainly with oil colours and mainly in the style of old masters, such as Raffael, Da Vinci, Bouguereau, but also some English 18th century classicists painters such as e.g. Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Edward Poynter, but I also like Jugendstil/Art Nouveau such as e.g. Klimt and Mucha, so sometimes I'm painting in some sort of modern version/spin-off of that.

Kind regards,

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