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    1. What is your in-game username?


    2. Do you have any experience as a staff member on previous servers?

    No but I've seen bad staffers and good ones, you don't learn how to lead others by simply getting the job....you learn by serving under good and bad leaders first.

    3. Do you have any experience with plugins?

    I'm sure I could teach myself about them with some time but I just have a rudimentary understanding of them

    4. What position are you looking for? Why? (Builder, Moderator, Helper)

    Helper because Blue Lantern...kind of my thing...I help others :)

    5. What do you think you can do to make the server better? (3 - 4 Sentences)

    Help to get new people oriented, pick out biomes for builds, give constructive criticism, assist with settling disputes, promoting a positive environment, setting up the basics for folks

    1. Have you been outside of your home country? If so, to where?

    I have never been outside of my home country but by the time I was 14 I had friends on multiple continents and was juggling keeping track of multiple time zones; I'm 29 now

    2. What is your favorite food?

    Five Guys bacon burgers

    3. What is your dream job?

    Private Pilot

    4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

    Flight, because you never forget that feeling of leaving the ground the first time and you always yearn to experience it again

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    IGN: LanternaLux

    Age: 29

    Country: US, Midwest

    Build Style: rustic, primitive, sometimes futuristic

    Why do you want to join the server: Meet new people, experience new things, learn new ways to use old things, help people

    Tell us about yourself: Comic book loving farmboy from the Midwest that loves to help folks, talk about anything, ponder things like pancakes, and make people smile...note the forum avatar...I always have a story to tell.

    Twitter: I used to have one....haven't touched it in a while....kind of forgot about it

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    posted a message on Legitimate Minecraft Social Experiment looking for about 15 more players.

    LanternaLux, this sounds like fun, so I'd be in for it.

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    In Game Name: LanternaLux [/b]

    Age: 29[/b]

    Why do you wish to join this server: I took an extended break from minecraft for a few months and when I came back, the servers I had previously played on had closed or just vanished so I'm looking for a new start to sort of learn the game all over again and make some friends that I can play and have fun with.

    What time zone are you in: Central Time Zone, Midwest

    Male/Female: Male[/b]

    What is your favorite thing to do in minecraft: collaborate with others, help new people, build massive projects, large scale designs[/b]

    Tell us about yourself: I'm your average comic book loving trance music dancing farmboy artist from the midwest that enjoys helping others and getting to know new people.[/b]

    What style do you like to build in: Simple and to the point but sometimes I'll branch out in odd ways if I find a biome that lends itself to futuristic style builds[/b]

    How long have you been playing minecraft for: Just over a year or so I think on and off

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