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    Hey a fellow DnD fan! I checked out that link. I think you have your work cut out for you.

    This mod does feel like an attempt to implement a DnD like spell system. So, far it's our favorite magic mod because of that.

    Since, I have almost no modding skills and I imagine the learning curve to be steep, I'm going to try an alternate route by using Craftweaker. I may also try this and Content Tweaker before I attempt to use Mcreator. I know I can use either the Ruins mod or the Ancient Warfare 2 mod to spawn all my structures into the world and I believe I can also populate them too. Some of my other ideas will probably not happen because I don't have the skill set to make them happen.

    But, I'll keep tabs on your mod and see how it comes along!


    Thanks for the idea! I have heard of the magic lasso before and I'll give that mod another look. Sometimes, I don't include mods into my pack because they add in a ton of different things and I worry that may be why I didn't look to hard at that mod.

    I think this one is the one that has the leaf blower for example.

    LOL! You know I think you might still be able to move the wizards around with a mine cart. And there's also the Carry On mod. And come to think of it, I think Quark has something that you can piggy back mods with. I'll have to investigate that.

    Can you imagine just coming up and picking up the Wizard and taking him to where you want him? LOL!

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    You could check out the Aether mod. I think that might have some angels. Aether Legacy and Aether 2. I haven't played them through yet but they seem pretty awesome in their concept.

    @ PC

    Yes, you're right that mod was Aquatic Abyss. I wasn't ever able to get it to work properly in 1.7.10. I understood it worked in a previous version though.

    That poem seems a little bit like Lord of the Rings.

    @ Dovahkinn

    Demons are pretty cool. Did you know that some folks are working on a 1.12 version of the Witchery mod? It's called Bewitchment. I don't think it's a direct port but more like a spiritual successor type of thing.

    I still think some really good looking Giants would be awesome. This mod really adds in some terrific mobs that help to balance out some of the magic mods out there. In other words, they give you powerful mobs to fight.

    Looking forward to the development.

    I think I read someplace that Fossils and Archeology Revival is getting updated. That's exciting!



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    Thanks, I see them.

    The sea serpents would be really nice. I don't know if you guys had tried it out. There was a mod in 1.7.10 that added sea serpents like those shown. I forgot what it was called, but their serpents were broken.

    I've seen teaser screenshots of mobs like a death knight on an undead dragon and werewolves posted here in this thread. Are the developers going to add them? And if so, I wonder why the first post doesn't reflect that?

    About dragon griefing. I've found it to be a real pain with tamed dragons. Basically, it means that they can destroy your base by accident. So to prevent that all I got is the config file. But, that would also disable the wild dragons as well. I worry that would nerf those fights too much. I wonder if it's possible for there to be a config option so we could disable a tamed dragon's griefing instead of all dragons?

    I was able to kill last night a stage 5 dragon by myself. I buffed out my dragon armor with Blast Protection 4 on all pieces. I drank 5 potions, strength, swiftness, haste (from Quark), regeneration 2, and fire resistance. I also used an ice sword with sharpness 5 on it (from Quark). And I ate an enchanted golden apple. I was surprised at the fight. It was easy, but I think I over prepared and the dragon got stuck. That's why I like the griefing for the wild ones.

    I am using other mods as well. Simply Enchanting helped me get my enchants. Ancient Warfare 2 with default structure pack enabled allowed me to find Enchanted golden apples in loot chests, and as mentioned Quark.



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    A couple of ideas:

    1. Blast protection on your armor will help cut down on the damage you take from the dragon's big blast attack. I've noticed this can instant kill me if I don't have blast protection vs. stage 3's. I haven't tried yet against stage 5.

    2. Protection is for physical attacks, but believe or not a shield can reduce damage from their attacks. I've actually blocked a bite attack. I couldn't believe it.

    3. When they bite you, you can actually push shift left click like you're dismounting a horse to get out of their mouth.

    4. Kill an ice dragon and make a frost dragon sword. It can also be enchanted and you'll do a lot more damage against fire dragons and freeze them for a tiny bit of time.

    5. Try using some potions too. I've found that strength, swiftness, and healing are helpful. Regeneration may also be helpful, but they cost a lot to make.

    6. Pixies can be jarred and they'll make pixie dust. You can them make a very powerful stew called ambrosia.

    7. Enchanted golden apples maybe?

    8. If you kill Gorgon, then you'll get it's head. You might be able to turn a stage 5 into stone with it. I haven't tried yet. If you have a pickaxe with silk touch you will then have you're very own Stage 5 dragon statue that you can place anywhere you want.

    You may also find some other mods might be helpful:

    1. Simply Enchanting takes the randomness out of the vanilla enchanting system. It doesn't make it easy-peasy because you still have to get the levels you need and the lapis, but you can craft your own enchantment books.

    2. Roguelike dungeons are a lot of fun but also can help you get a whole bunch of gear. You can also set up kill zones so you can farm experience. I've found it best to conquer the lowest level and have a sword with looting on it. That way I get lots of good gear and xp.

    3. Embers believe or not has an anvil that will let you repair your equipment without using xp. This is very helpful when you're grinding mobs to get xp and you don't want to have to spend it on repairing your gear. Embers has an enchanting system of sorts but there is a way to get more xp per kill. I haven't figured it out yet but, I'm going to try.

    4. Electroblob's Wizardry is a huge amount of fun and has two spells that help a huge amount. Intimidate will make the dragons run from you for a short time and Blackhole will trap them in place. Both allow you to blast the dragon hard with direct damage spells for a time.

    So, try some out and see what you think!

    I'm trying to put together a bronze dragon armor set with Blast Protection 4 and Protection 4 on all pieces. Then with potions and my boss ice sword, we'll see if I can survive a stage 5 big mama!


    Oh by the way everybody, did the developers mention by chance what the next mob(s) will be?

    Did they ever say they were going to do giants? I know I read somewhere that some mod was going to and I can't remember which one.



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    Hello everyone,

    I've been running into a huge problem trying to build a modpack with this mod included. The trouble is the ore gen and no config options to disable ores or uneccessary blocks from spawning underground.

    For example. Copper ore is used in 1 recipe to make bronze which in turn is used to craft 1 item being Spiderman's Webshooters. Thing is if I have another tech mod say Tinker's Construct or Immersive Engineering installed that copper cannot be used by them even if I have an Ore Dictionary Converter installed. The Ore Dictionary Converter isn't recognizing Superheroes copper as copper.

    Thus the underground becomes loaded full of copper ore that many other mods in the pack cannot use. But, I cannot turn the Superheroes copper off in a config file.

    I've also tried using COFH core and have had no luck in shutting off or taking control of said copper ore. I've also tried using Custom Ore Generation with no success.

    But, copper isn't the only ore that is like this.

    Limonite, Red iron, black iron, sphlaterite, etc... are ores that almost completely dominate the underground but have limited crafting ability. A config file would be very helpful so I could tweak their spawn rates etc.

    Also when you examine what Limonite, Red iron, black iron etc are used for in NEI, one finds that essentially these ores are just different colored versions of iron. As a suggestion, please consider using Iron ore as what spawns into the underground and then having a crafting recipe to convert that iron ingot into the appropriate ingot. I know that it's entirely possible to use Minetweaker to accomplish this, but...

    In other words, limonite ingots could be gotten by taking an iron ingot and combining it with yellow dye on the crafting table. That would eliminate the Limonite ore from crowding out other tech mod's ores.

    I think there might be a better way to handle both the Radiation Block and the Gamma Radiation blocks. Uranium is a real metal that at least in 1.10-1.12 seems to be fairly common amongst the tech mods. It might be a more elegant solution if Uranium was the ore spawned into the overworld and then having some kind of mechanic to convert that block into the Gamma Radiation block. It could be some kind of laboratory procedure. If you really want to go crazy, just rewatch the Billy Baxton version of the Incredible Hulk from the 80s and in the intro you see him go through a process to zap himself with gamma radiation. Thus no need for a block to be spawned in and a more cannon and immersive way to become the Hulk.

    I realize this mod is in development and the author has made it clear by it being known as an alpha release. I just hope that by making folks aware of this that it might contribute towards a better mod.

    Thanks for all the hard work! Looking forward to seeing what's coming.


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    posted a message on GeographiCraft - Stop chunk walls, control size and frequencies of climate zones, oceans, land, and biomes, and more

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm having a steep learning curve using this program.

    What I'm trying to do, is create something like the Carribean. A tropic paradise ocean for a pirates adventure. So far things seem okay. But, I am running into one problem.

    I think the solution would be if there is a way for me to designate my own custom climate group called "Tropics." And have a config option so that I can make the instances of "Tropics" to be higher.

    The question was asked before about custom climates. But, how about a new one called tropics that would work with BoP biomes?

    Thanks for any feedback.

    Oh I just remembered.

    Is there a way to get my derpy little islands back out in deep ocean?

    The derpy island config option does not appear to work.

    **after more experimentation**

    I basically defined all the biomes I wanted as warm climates then put all the rest into either hot or cool. I also used climate bands and I was able to create a tropical environment for adventures.

    I still don't know about the derpy islands.

    I did discover something interesting.

    The tropical island biome from BoP is defined by default as a deep_ocean biome. I also noticed in the geographicraft config file a place where the instances of ocean and deep_ocean are both given the number of 100. That got me thinking that I could alter the number of times the tropical island biome would appear by given it an instance weight of 100. Sure enough I got alot of them spawning.

    But, something else interesting happened. It seems that this mod still makes huge oceans. When I make more tropical islands spawn the big ocean appears to have been pushed back rather than chopped up or dotted with tropical islands. Is this correct? Could I get some feedback on this?

    Also, for me the mangrove biome from BoP seems to be treated as if it were another swamp like biome. I found it more pleasing to make it its own biome spawning in the ocean. I changed the setting from tropical_island=warm (or whatever) to setting it to climate = ocean.

    What this did, is to make small islands out of mangrove collections. The only weirdish thing is that they also get a beach. For me that's not too too bad because in real life mangroves work like giant sand nets and tend to collect enough to make small islands.

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    Long post warning!

    It's great to see you're monitoring this thread. I was wondering where might be the best place to give feedback. It's also very exciting to see that this mod is in active development.

    I'm really enjoying your mod. I especially like all the wizard robe options. The more I've been playing it the more I understand what you were meaning in your introduction to the mod about the focus being on adventuring and not on the researching/crafting aspect. It also seemed to me that you were sort of referring to other magic mods where that element is critical.

    My son and I have been using this mod in our pack which also includes Ancient Warfare 2, Roguelike Dungeons, and Dragons of Fire and Ice. I have to say that this mod really goes very nicely with these other mods. What I have been incredibly impressed by is that the dragons are giving us a really good reason to get more and more powerful spells. They really are like boss mobs. So, they give us a nice target and great motivation.

    Ancient Warfare 2 with the default structures pack enabled and Roguelike Dungeons gives us plenty of loot chests to find all kinds of goodies from this mod. And to be honest, this is what I meant by understanding what you mean by exploration. If I didn't have those loot chests, there's no way I would have as many spells, clothes, upgrades, and wands as I do. I have a hard time imagining doing this mod by itself in vanilla. I don't think there's enough village blacksmiths or nether fortresses to go around. But, on the other hand, I've found that magic missile is more than enough to dominate most vanilla mobs and that's a novice spell.

    So, all of this is said to get to this idea. I've played with Ars Magica 2, Thaumcraft 4, and a little bit of Thaumcraft 5. And you know, I'm kind of missing the crafting, research, and base building element.

    I was wondering if you've given any thought to adding a research option? Would it be possible to research the spells?

    On the crafting note, I saw in an earlier post something about the Identify spell being rare. Well, if the special wizards can make them, why can't I make them as an aspiring wizard? Could I somehow arrive to a point in my career where I've learned the secret?

    I'm going to guess you've played DnD at some point because this mod reminds me so strongly of it, but back in the day I could spend 100 gold pieces to make a scroll of identify. And our DM wouldn't ever allow us to use some magical item unless we paid the price.

    So, I thought that a crafting element could include something along those lines. We would have to pay a price of some kind in order to make these various things.

    Okay, and I also took it a bit farther. I noticed that the various mages all come in different flavors or rather, alignments with different elements. What about the idea of say having the Storm Mages' Towers spawn at high elevations or even on floating islands? How about the Fire Mages' Towers spawning in the Nether? Earth might be kind of common, but, the Necromancy might be more rare? The generalist guy might even spawn in the villages too.

    How about a quest that ties it all together? Did you ever play Master of Magic back in the day? Maybe a quest to become the Master of Magic? Where one has to master all of the different types of magic to "win" (I guess)? That might be neat.

    Then, I was wondering about magical items as well. It seems to me that some of the items are craftable and that's really exciting but what about the Fire Wizard's armor for example? Perhaps, one must use rare special ingredients gotten from the nether or near volcanos or some such thing. And then through special crafting with special magics then one can create the most awesome Fire Wizard armor of much goodness!

    And I couldn't help it. What about other things? We had rings of protection back in DnD. I have no idea how that would work even in Minecraft. But, you know maybe a ring could be imbued with some kind of effect that's always on? Bracers of Defense? I've seen others mention staves.

    Anyways, dare to dream right?

    Thing is, I'm guessing that one of the stated goals of the mod based on the introduction, is that we're trying to keep it simple. Which might actually be why this mod is so charming. Nurk nurk!

    Okay so a more down to earth suggestion.

    I've seen this idea tossed out once before so forgive me for repeating it. In Ars Magica 2, it was possible to make a spell that I could dig with. I recall you mentioned not seeing a point to that because we have picks and shovels. Please consider area of effect. Being able to dig a minimum of 3 X 3 space at a distance meant that I could flatten land fairly quickly. Much faster than using Tinker's Tools. And I never did get around to putting the upgrades on that spell but I would have also been able to increase the AoE.

    Another idea to consider would be something that allows the placement of blocks. That would translate into have a ranged hole filling spell.

    These two spells together makes land clearing and leveling (basically site prep) much much easier.

    I wonder if a spell that causes leaves to decay faster would be cool? Or how about something that chops the whole tree down?

    And these would probably be earth spells. (bad pun)

    By the way, those summon pick, sword, bow, and pocket table spells are incredibly useful! Thank you.

    I wonder if some kind of storage option could be done? Like a craftable bag of holding or say a spell that lets me teleport items from my inventory to a chest at my base?

    And one outrageous spell idea (I know it's done in Botania), something along the lines of a spell that you cast to make a floating island. I know crazy!

    Almost done.

    My son and I noticed a bug. We're both on the same scoreboard team and we really appreciate you working with that. Because I probably would have killed him a bunch of times with "friendly fire" ie firebomb. But, something strange happened yesterday. I was using frost beam and he got hit by it. The spell never went away. You'd see the timer on his inventory screen, but, it would go to 0 and then stay there. I don't think he was suffering any of the negative effects, but the screen effect was still on.

    We were able to restart the game and the effect went away.

    Lastly, big thanks again to you for making this mod. We've been paying attention to the development of this mod since it was started in 1.7.10 where we tried it with LOTR mod. But, honestly, we're having a super awesome time with it in 1.12. It brings back memories of my college days of playing late night DnD sessions with my buddies and today I get to do that with my son.

    We really appreciate your hard work.


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    posted a message on Ancient Warfare 2

    Hi Everyone,

    1st post here by the way.

    @ Pepperfly Super huge thanks to you for maintaining this awesome mod. We really appreciate it. I'll be posting at some point some feedback for you and some ideas of some improvements that might could be made. Do you frequent this thread often enough? Would this be the best place?

    For starters, please allow me to offer this idea:

    Banner protection for an area very similar to how the LOTR mod does it with some tweaks to their mechanic.

    The problem is that with our power of placing and breaking blocks, there really is no reason for us to use siege engines or to develop any appropriate tactics to defeating castle walls. On the flip side, there really is no reason then for us to even build castle walls either.

    So, the banner protection would be something like this. You would make a special banner that you can then place upon a block. In LOTR, you have 3 choices of blocks, copper, silver, and gold. These blocks determine a bounding box in the shape of a cube, that is 17, 33, and 65. (At least I'm pretty sure or it is 16, 32, and 64.) Either way, once this zone is protected, no enemy spawning happens, no breaking blocks, no placing blocks, etc... . It is possible to have people on your team that you give permission to that will allow them to do the construction stuff however.

    Personally, I felt that was a tad to powerful. But, it dawned on me the other day. What about mining fatigue? How about the same type banner protection and yet within the protected zone, there's a massive mining fatigue placed on players from other teams? It would be very similar to what is currently done with the underwater monuments. In this manner, now we can't just do derby sieges, place up some blocks, and whack bad guys in the feet. Now, a catapult makes sense, because now I can use this weapon to do as it was intended.

    So, please give that some thought.

    Oh, I noticed that I'm not able to have my horse pull the chest wagon.

    I'll have more stuff in later posts.

    Thanks again!

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