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    I did try Botania in 1.7.10. I think I watched DireWolf20 do some spotlights on it as well. I used it alongside Ars Magica 2 because the petals were just so handy to get all the dyes needed for the runes in Ars Magica 2. But, other than that, I never pursued it very far. I wasn't able to figure out how to even do the basic farms with the flowers and such.

    I think I'll have to look at it again. It does sound promising. Do you happen to know if Botania has a teleportation feature?

    There were a couple of things that made me want to try out Astral Sorcery. The teleportation gates, the very nice marble blocks, astronomy, and then it being new and in 1.12.

    It sounds like Astral Sorcery might be a big foot slog before one gets to the good stuff. I watched DireWolf20's 3 part series on it and I've watched a couple of Valen's videos (Mishief of Mice) as well.

    You know, I've always liked Thaumcraft but for me, I found it tedious in 1.7.10. It was a huge amount of work for very little reward. The spell effects were easily outdone by Ars Magica 2 and all the golem workers weren't near as good as the NPC workers from Ancient Warfare 2.

    So, when Electroblob came along, it got my attention. And I immediately understood what he was getting at by the introduction.

    So, last weekend we added Astral Sorcery to the pack. And I'm going to give it a go. EchoWeaver you've convinced me to review Botania again. I'll see about finding some good videos on it.

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    Hello Mohawky,

    I read over both your posts more carefully this time.

    Regarding the Structure spawning config file.

    I think there's 3 lines that could be adjusted.

    1. max_cluster_value - what you wrote confirms what I had understood about it

    2. validation_cluster_value_search_radius - this seems to be what defines the "zone" you're speaking of

    3. validation_duplication_search_radius - this seems to be a way to prevent duplicate structures from spawning in the "zone" more than once

    To my knowledge, there's no way for me to find the values associated with the buildings in the default structures pack. So, I guess the best thing for me to do, is just keep tweaking them until I'm satisfied with the results.

    Regarding the new and improved structures pack:

    Am I understanding correctly that you and Pepperfly will be replacing the Default Structure Pack with a newer more epic version? That sounds like a mighty pack. It also sounds most ambitious and would definately be a way to create a medieval type role play world.

    If I may, how are you getting orcs into the game? Would that be something added through AW2 via custom skins? Or would that be through another mod such as Custom NPCs. At this time, I don't know of any other mod that has orcs for 1.12.

    We may be thinking along the same lines. I've been wanting to create a DnD style world for my son and I to adventure in complete with the whole slew of fantasy races and magic. It sounds like that is what you're going for. It sounds like its huge with 300+ structures in it. I wonder if there's room for our own custom buildings?

    Do you happen to know, is there a way to add quests through npc dialogue? Is that something planned?

    Regarding Lag:

    For 1.7.10

    We learned of Fastcraft via the LOTR mod and it has been essential to any pack we've played since. We also sometimes include Optifine.

    For 1.12.2

    I agree about the Dragons of Fire and Ice mod. It does seem to introduce lag. It was unbearable for us in 1.10. But, Dragons are just so awesome and they've got it working a lot better for 1.12. To be honest, it's a big reason why we're playing in 1.12 and not 1.7.10.

    I've been very suspicious that underground dragon dens are causing us to have issues when trying to close out the game. We can close our 1st instance no problem, but our 2nd one always crashes.

    We've been using Optifine with 1.12 and it seems to be working out okay.

    Regarding Lag, AW2, and Optifine:

    It seems to me that I might be asking a lot of my computer. I tend to run two instances of the game at the same time, have a lot of mods, with plenty of mobs on the screen. And I've noticed that certain mods like Millenaire tend to be laggy.

    I do suspect that the AW2 NPCs can get laggy when there's a very large number of them loaded at the same time. So, we had a fight the other day where my son and I assaulted the largest bandit tent town. All the bandit NPCs bum rushed us. Vanilla and Mo Creatures were spawning in because it was night, and I was tossing around Electroblob's Spells. That's probably very demanding on my PC. It almost crashed the primary instance and the secondary instance was timed out twice.

    I noticed something annoying with Optifine in 1.7.10. When I'm more than about 3 chunks away from my NPCs, Optifine unloads them. That then shuts off whatever worksite box they're working. Chunk Loaders do not work either. I've used the ones in AW2 and the ones from Chicken Chunks. I haven't tried it yet with 1.12.

    I'm sure it's an Optifine problem.

    Quick Question regarding Mod Mobs:

    Am I understanding correctly that AW2 now is capable of spawning another mod's mobs with a structure into the world? If so, I might have some building to do. I've got some ideas for Electroblob's Wizardry.


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    Thanks Mohawky for your lightning fast response. I'll read it over a few more times I'm sure.

    It appears you've already created a massive world of structures and that seems quite exciting that you're working on it.

    I only briefly looked at Chocolate Quest and was saddened that we couldn't get it to work for us. Truth be told, my son and I are playing on the same PC using Joypad Mod. And lag can become a huge issue for us. In fact, tonight we tried to attack a bandit tent town that was huge. I was tossing around spells from Electroblob's and my son was whacking the NPCs with his sword from Dragons of fire and ice. But, we were constantly being destroyed by lag. I got kicked twice.

    So, I don't know. I suppose I'll have to get around to putting another PC together.

    But, back on topic. We experimented with Chocolate Quest and somebody put some epic naval vessels together and we were really hoping to use them with Davinchis vessels.

    The idea of the monster spawner I suggested was lifted from some of the reading I did on their spawning system.


    I figured we were thinking along the same lines with factions, good guys, bad guys, monsters, orcs, and so on. It's really only natural for me with all the DnD I played years ago. I suppose for younger folks Baldor's Gate might be a good video game. Or anything in the Elder Scrolls series. So what they're onto Skyrim now I think?

    Yeah, I noticed from the posts that Shadowmage just plain burned out and I'm not surprised to see others having trouble with that as well. This stuff really is huge amounts of time and work. In 1.7.10, I was able to complete all of the research and I was amazed at the things available such as flight! Really, one mod with that much research and all of that stuff getting unlocked and working including flight. That's ambitious!

    Glad to see you're back.

    Oh, and I'll check out that link. But, with the list you just provided, I'm just like WOW. That's pretty much everything right there.


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    Thanks EchoWeaver.

    I'll have to look into that. I know that Vazkii does that mod now, and to me, his other mod Quark is a must have. But, honestly, I don't understand Botania. It's pretty complicated. But, it does have that epic spell effect of making floating islands.

    Any thoughts on Astal Sorcercy alongside this one?

    I'm likely going to try it. I found this incredible place with many floating islands and it might be fun to build a base up there.

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    Long post warning!

    It's great to see you're monitoring this thread. I was wondering where might be the best place to give feedback. It's also very exciting to see that this mod is in active development.

    I'm really enjoying your mod. I especially like all the wizard robe options. The more I've been playing it the more I understand what you were meaning in your introduction to the mod about the focus being on adventuring and not on the researching/crafting aspect. It also seemed to me that you were sort of referring to other magic mods where that element is critical.

    My son and I have been using this mod in our pack which also includes Ancient Warfare 2, Roguelike Dungeons, and Dragons of Fire and Ice. I have to say that this mod really goes very nicely with these other mods. What I have been incredibly impressed by is that the dragons are giving us a really good reason to get more and more powerful spells. They really are like boss mobs. So, they give us a nice target and great motivation.

    Ancient Warfare 2 with the default structures pack enabled and Roguelike Dungeons gives us plenty of loot chests to find all kinds of goodies from this mod. And to be honest, this is what I meant by understanding what you mean by exploration. If I didn't have those loot chests, there's no way I would have as many spells, clothes, upgrades, and wands as I do. I have a hard time imagining doing this mod by itself in vanilla. I don't think there's enough village blacksmiths or nether fortresses to go around. But, on the other hand, I've found that magic missile is more than enough to dominate most vanilla mobs and that's a novice spell.

    So, all of this is said to get to this idea. I've played with Ars Magica 2, Thaumcraft 4, and a little bit of Thaumcraft 5. And you know, I'm kind of missing the crafting, research, and base building element.

    I was wondering if you've given any thought to adding a research option? Would it be possible to research the spells?

    On the crafting note, I saw in an earlier post something about the Identify spell being rare. Well, if the special wizards can make them, why can't I make them as an aspiring wizard? Could I somehow arrive to a point in my career where I've learned the secret?

    I'm going to guess you've played DnD at some point because this mod reminds me so strongly of it, but back in the day I could spend 100 gold pieces to make a scroll of identify. And our DM wouldn't ever allow us to use some magical item unless we paid the price.

    So, I thought that a crafting element could include something along those lines. We would have to pay a price of some kind in order to make these various things.

    Okay, and I also took it a bit farther. I noticed that the various mages all come in different flavors or rather, alignments with different elements. What about the idea of say having the Storm Mages' Towers spawn at high elevations or even on floating islands? How about the Fire Mages' Towers spawning in the Nether? Earth might be kind of common, but, the Necromancy might be more rare? The generalist guy might even spawn in the villages too.

    How about a quest that ties it all together? Did you ever play Master of Magic back in the day? Maybe a quest to become the Master of Magic? Where one has to master all of the different types of magic to "win" (I guess)? That might be neat.

    Then, I was wondering about magical items as well. It seems to me that some of the items are craftable and that's really exciting but what about the Fire Wizard's armor for example? Perhaps, one must use rare special ingredients gotten from the nether or near volcanos or some such thing. And then through special crafting with special magics then one can create the most awesome Fire Wizard armor of much goodness!

    And I couldn't help it. What about other things? We had rings of protection back in DnD. I have no idea how that would work even in Minecraft. But, you know maybe a ring could be imbued with some kind of effect that's always on? Bracers of Defense? I've seen others mention staves.

    Anyways, dare to dream right?

    Thing is, I'm guessing that one of the stated goals of the mod based on the introduction, is that we're trying to keep it simple. Which might actually be why this mod is so charming. Nurk nurk!

    Okay so a more down to earth suggestion.

    I've seen this idea tossed out once before so forgive me for repeating it. In Ars Magica 2, it was possible to make a spell that I could dig with. I recall you mentioned not seeing a point to that because we have picks and shovels. Please consider area of effect. Being able to dig a minimum of 3 X 3 space at a distance meant that I could flatten land fairly quickly. Much faster than using Tinker's Tools. And I never did get around to putting the upgrades on that spell but I would have also been able to increase the AoE.

    Another idea to consider would be something that allows the placement of blocks. That would translate into have a ranged hole filling spell.

    These two spells together makes land clearing and leveling (basically site prep) much much easier.

    I wonder if a spell that causes leaves to decay faster would be cool? Or how about something that chops the whole tree down?

    And these would probably be earth spells. (bad pun)

    By the way, those summon pick, sword, bow, and pocket table spells are incredibly useful! Thank you.

    I wonder if some kind of storage option could be done? Like a craftable bag of holding or say a spell that lets me teleport items from my inventory to a chest at my base?

    And one outrageous spell idea (I know it's done in Botania), something along the lines of a spell that you cast to make a floating island. I know crazy!

    Almost done.

    My son and I noticed a bug. We're both on the same scoreboard team and we really appreciate you working with that. Because I probably would have killed him a bunch of times with "friendly fire" ie firebomb. But, something strange happened yesterday. I was using frost beam and he got hit by it. The spell never went away. You'd see the timer on his inventory screen, but, it would go to 0 and then stay there. I don't think he was suffering any of the negative effects, but the screen effect was still on.

    We were able to restart the game and the effect went away.

    Lastly, big thanks again to you for making this mod. We've been paying attention to the development of this mod since it was started in 1.7.10 where we tried it with LOTR mod. But, honestly, we're having a super awesome time with it in 1.12. It brings back memories of my college days of playing late night DnD sessions with my buddies and today I get to do that with my son.

    We really appreciate your hard work.


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    Okay, you get a special 3 for 1 deal today!

    Last few thoughts.

    Again on the topic of the default structures pack. A couple of things.

    Firstly custom villages:

    The default structures pack will spawn its own custom villages into the game world relatively well.

    1. I noticed a problem. Villages usually are placed about 7 levels up from ground level. But, this foundation has big air pockets inside it and plenty of mobs spawn in them. It's pretty annoying actually.

    2. My question about these villages is that is it possible for us to make our own custom villages that will be spawned into the world? I noticed there's some randomness to how they spawn but, there's also special structures that spawn in them sometimes, along with walls, sometimes tents, toilets, and the streets are lined up! Is is possible then? That would be pretty cool.

    Secondly, structures config options:

    When it comes to the config file for the structures, I've noticed that it's very simple and easy to spread villages out. The default setting is 40. Which I'm guessing means 40 chucks. I can easily adjust that number if I want my villages to be more spread out.

    However, the problem is when we get to the non-village structures. From what I can tell all the structures in the default structure pack have some kind of number given to them that is its "weight." AW2 then will use that number to determine what to place inside some zone. I believe that we can adjust both that number as well as the size of the zone.

    The trouble I keep running into is that I'm not exactly sure how to make it so that I don't have the large castle spawning right next to another large castle. In our current play world, I swear you could pass the butter from one to the other, they're so close by. Deserts do seem to be the worst biome because it's relatively flat. And AW2 isn't the only mod placing tons of stuff into the desert. I've had to adjust Roguelike Dungeons as well. I'm not minding the dragons so much because that's part of our adventure.

    But, anyways. I wonder if we need better instructions for this, or if perhaps we could have a radius option in the config file like the custom villages do?

    Food for thought!

    Thanks again!

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    2nd post! OH YEAH!

    @ Mohawky Magoo

    I'm glad to see you posting here again. In fact, your recent posts inspired me to set up my account and reply.

    I wanted to say thank you to you for the post in the older 1.7.10 thread where you took the time to explain how to scan structures and then proceed to build them. I have to say, I don't fully understand the million options available to us through the scanning tool.

    I also downloaded and tried to install your structures pack and never was able to get them to spawn at all. I'm not sure if that pack was set up for 1.7.10. That might be the problem I don't know. But, those structures did become available to be built by using the builder boxes. I forgot the name of the special table. I want to say architect's table?

    I would like to learn more about how to do this. I was able to make structures in a creative world, scan them, and have them available for construction. But, I'd like to go to the next level, and find out how to get the spawning system to spawn them into the world. The instruction manual that I have, I think is the most updated version, but, it's still for 1.7.10 and there isn't a whole lot about the tons of choices I have to make after I scan something.

    I suppose Pepperfly could jump in here as well. But, if I understand the directions correctly, there is no support for mobs from other mods. The scanning tool will ignore them. There is support apparently for modded blocks. I was able to for example have Arnor Bricks from LOTR scan and then have the workers build them, but, the table wouldn't ever charge me for those blocks. We got them for free.

    So, that suggests to me that I could build structures and have the spawner spawn them in even with the modded blocks.

    But, I'm wondering, would that also apply then to mob spawners? Is it possible to make say a dungeon with our own custom mob spawners and then the AW2 spawner will recreate that structure with whatever data that mob spawner has?

    If that's the case, we might then have a work around to using mobs from other mods. So, we make a mob spawner with say werewolves from Mo' Creatures. We set up a dungeon, but the spawner is a modded block right, so the AW2 remembers correctly what it is. Then as this dungeon is spawned in and players find it, viola, there be werewolves!


    I don't know. My son and I set up a really cool modpack but, I'm really not crazy about the default structures pack and would love to create my own with my designs and my son's.

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    Hi Everyone,

    1st post here by the way.

    @ Pepperfly Super huge thanks to you for maintaining this awesome mod. We really appreciate it. I'll be posting at some point some feedback for you and some ideas of some improvements that might could be made. Do you frequent this thread often enough? Would this be the best place?

    For starters, please allow me to offer this idea:

    Banner protection for an area very similar to how the LOTR mod does it with some tweaks to their mechanic.

    The problem is that with our power of placing and breaking blocks, there really is no reason for us to use siege engines or to develop any appropriate tactics to defeating castle walls. On the flip side, there really is no reason then for us to even build castle walls either.

    So, the banner protection would be something like this. You would make a special banner that you can then place upon a block. In LOTR, you have 3 choices of blocks, copper, silver, and gold. These blocks determine a bounding box in the shape of a cube, that is 17, 33, and 65. (At least I'm pretty sure or it is 16, 32, and 64.) Either way, once this zone is protected, no enemy spawning happens, no breaking blocks, no placing blocks, etc... . It is possible to have people on your team that you give permission to that will allow them to do the construction stuff however.

    Personally, I felt that was a tad to powerful. But, it dawned on me the other day. What about mining fatigue? How about the same type banner protection and yet within the protected zone, there's a massive mining fatigue placed on players from other teams? It would be very similar to what is currently done with the underwater monuments. In this manner, now we can't just do derby sieges, place up some blocks, and whack bad guys in the feet. Now, a catapult makes sense, because now I can use this weapon to do as it was intended.

    So, please give that some thought.

    Oh, I noticed that I'm not able to have my horse pull the chest wagon.

    I'll have more stuff in later posts.

    Thanks again!

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