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    We got tired very quickly of pixies stealing our Tinker's tools even if they are cute about it. With the latest release, you can disable the pixies from stealing your stuff in the config file. Which we did as well.

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    @ arel37,

    Yeah, you're not going to make these adjustments while in game. You've got to go into your .minecraft folder. I'm using Windows 7, so it's in a folder called my Roaming folder.

    I push the windows key and the R key at the same time. This opens up the Run prompt. There's a spot for text. I have put in there C:\Users\Landar\AppData\Roaming. Then I push ok. Where I've typed Landar in my file path that's actually going to be your username that you use on your computer.

    In this folder is my .minecraft folder. Then I go into that folder and find the folder called "config." Next find the folder named "ancientwarfare." Go into that and find the file named AncientWarfareStructures. I open this with Notepad.

    That's the file I was talking about and you should find some lines of text similar or the same as what I listed.

    Good luck!


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    posted a message on Ancient Warfare 2

    Hello again,

    Just a quick question.

    Is it possible to hook horses up to the chest wagon?



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    This mod is one of the few that convinced me to play 1.12. I've been in 1.7.10 for quite a while.

    Although there's this mod called Fossils and Archeology that I haven't managed to play through yet.

    This is a great mod and the dragons are really really hard. I'm glad for it.

    Just a thought. It seems weird to me that dragons spawn frequently enough that I can put together a suit of dragon armor sooner than troll armor.

    The progress this mod has made is really amazing and there's some great fun features. We really enjoy the pixies and we're glad we can disable them stealing from us. Although, we were hoping for the nice kind of mermaids. Oh well. Maybe we'll get some non-hostile ladies at some point that aren't 3 apples tall?

    Has anyone had any trouble with the tamed cocktrices? They seem to just stand around and not do much. My friend wasn't able to get his to follow him around.

    I wonder if centaur would be beyond the scope of this mod?

    Thanks for the awesome work. The models are superb!


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    Gosh, I wonder if you've encountered some kind of bug? I don't have alot of experience either but it seems that you would want to add another 23 of the ash to the appropriate pedestal.

    I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the transmutation of items in 1.12? I've been trying to upgrade some of the tools. I don't have much experience with this, but based on what I've seen it appears that we should be able to take something like the grandhammer and then by using "heat" which are basically like iquana's tool levels, and then with enchanted boost the hammer way up. But, what kind of damage are we looking at?

    I hate to say it, but it feels somewhat mid tier.

    I've been trying to attack dragons from Ice and Fire mod and haven't had much luck using ashen armor and trying to add the inflictor gems to the cloak. Not much luck. I'm just getting turned into KFC! LOL!

    I'm all ears for any suggestions.

    Regarding some of the things I've seen around the web, I also like this mod mainly because it's concept is so great. I don't particularly care if it repeats a few things that other mods do already, I like that this mod does it differently. I use this with mods like Tinker's and am quite happy with them side-by-side.

    Although, I would love to see a fluid pump. I noticed that at some point there were plans for one on the Github, but who knows? According to the Curse Forge page this mod is now maintained by a new person.

    But, thanks Elucent for making this. I haven't been able to figure it all out and I really have been enjoying it.

    Thanks for the hard work!


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    posted a message on Joypad Mod - USB Controller, Split Screen [over 350K downloads]


    I'm sorry I don't know what a chatpad is then.

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    posted a message on Joypad Mod - USB Controller, Split Screen [over 350K downloads]

    We play with 2 windows open all the time with an xbox controller and no problems and the other person uses the keyboard and mouse.

    Have you tried going to the controls button when you push escape? At the top you should have a button that will allow you to change the controller that you use.

    You would have the second window change their control then to allow the xbox controller.

    If you've done that already and it doesn't work, then I really don't know what else to do except to check to make sure the controller is plugged correctly into the computer. Mine uses a USB port.

    Good luck!


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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind about the chunkloaders.

    Here's the list, all are 1.12:

    1. AW2

    2. Astikoor horse carts 1.0.0

    3. astral sorcery 1.9.4

    4. Autoreglib 1.3-1.8

    5. Baubles 1.5.2

    6. bibliocraft 2.4.5

    7. codechicken lib

    8. DrZharks Mo Creatures 12.0.4

    9. Electroblob's Wizardry 4.1.2

    10. Embers .230

    11. Fast Leaf Decay v14

    12. Gravestone 1.10.1

    13. Dragons of Ice and Fire 1.5.2

    14. Joypad mod

    15. Just a few fish 1.7

    16. llibrary 1.7.14

    17. Mantle

    18. Natura

    19. Optifine HD U D1

    20. Pam's Simple Recipes 1.12.2c

    21. Quark r1.4-125

    22. Roguelike Dungeons 1.8.0

    23. Rustic 1.0.6

    24. Tinker's Construct

    25. Village Names 2.0

    26. Wearable Backpacks 3.1.3

    We used this same list in May but they were the most recent for that month. I don't recall having any issues then with the NPCs despawning permanently.



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    posted a message on Electroblob's Wizardry - The expandable RPG magic mod [Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2]

    Hey Electroblob!

    We're still really loving this mod. You've done a great job with it!

    I noticed with the latest upgrade, we can't get the Wizard to follow us around anymore when we're holding the emerald block via Quark.

    I guess that's what you meant by making the Wizard to be less like a villager?

    It's too bad because we wanted to build a town with his tower in it. I might have to resort to MCedit.

    We took down a stage 5 dragon from Ice and Fire mod. I died many times but my spell casting friend playing with me used Black Hole on the dragon. Which worked beautifully.

    Thanks again,


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    Hi there,

    Say, I have something weird happening and I haven't done any testing or anything so I can't say for certain that it's this mod's fault.

    What is weird is that the npcs are unloading and then disappearing. I guess it's something to do with the chunks being unloaded or maybe it has something to do with Optifine. I know that when we move about 3 chunks away from our workers that Optifine with despawn/unload them. In 1.7.10 at least, when we got closer, they would just reappear. However, in our 1.12 modpack, the NPCS specifically worker npcs will disappear. So, I wonder if they are getting despawned permanently?

    My pack has a bunch of mods in it so I can't put my finger exactly on what it is. We used this same pack back in May with all the same mods just not updated ones like over the summer. And we didn't have that problem before.

    So food for thought.

    Has anyone else had this problem?



    P.S. and thanks for all the hard work!

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    posted a message on Ancient Warfare 2

    Hi Guys,


    You can try looking up on YouTube a video done by the Great Orator. He does a good job explaining how to change the skins of the npcs. Now, his video is for 1.7.10, but my guess would be that it would also work for this 1.12 version as well.


    It's a bit of a pain but you want to take a look at your structures config file. In it you can disable the default structure pack if you wish. That would turn off all of the annoying camps and what not.

    If you want to disable only some of them, that I don't know if you can do.

    Now, if you're like me you probably don't like how frequently they spawn. You have to play around with the config file to get it to your liking. Goto your launch folder most likely in .minecraft and find config and then ancientwarfare then ancientwarfarestructures. You can open it up with notepad.

    Next look for

    # Default=500
    # The maximum allowed cluster value that may be present inside of 'validation_chunk_radius'.

    I've found that 300 has been better.

    Next find:

    # Default=0.075
    # Accepts values between 0 and 1.
    # Determines the chance that a structure will attempt to be generated in any given chunk.
    # Number is specified as a percentage -- e.g. 0.75 == 75% chance to attempt generation.
    # Higher values will result in more attempts to generate structures. Actual number
    # generated will depend upon your specific templates and their validation settings.
    # Values of 0 or lower will result in no structures generating. Values higher than 1
    # will result in a generation attempt in every chunk.

    I turned this down just a bit.

    Also look for:

    # Default=40
    # Minimum distance between towns. This should be set to a value quite a bit larger than the largest townthat you have configured for generation. E.G. Max town size=16, this value should be >= 40.

    I changed this to spread the towns out a little more.


    # Default=16
    # The minimum radius in chunks to be searched for structures when tallying cluster value in an area.
    # This setting should be adjusted along with maxClusterValue and the clusterValue in templates to encourage
    # or discourage specific structures to generate near eachother.
    # Extremely large values may introduce extra lag during generation. Lower values may reduce lag during generation,
    # at the cost of some accuracy in the cluster value tests.

    This also seems to affect the frequency of a building repeating itself.

    I hope this helps.

    I also wish there was a slightly easier way to do this. But, if I understand the system correctly, what happens is that each structure in the pack has a value. Then the program runs a series of checks and randomly tries to fill an area up to the max cluster value or the total of all the values for all structures in a certain size area. By changing around some of the above values I've had some success in spreading them out so I don't see the same bandit fort a million times for example.

    Good luck,


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    posted a message on Traincraft


    WOW! All I got to say is WOW! That is an awesome set up you have there! Am I also seeing an Infernal Furnace from Thaumcraft 4? That's just way too wicked cool.

    I especially love the way you have the freight train entering and leaving there.

    I recognize some of the mods you have there. But, I've never seen the robot arms before. There's also some kind of odd looking block on the unloading dock with the high voltage line coming into it. What mod is that from?

    Is the diesel train totally automated as well?

    Are you using Railcraft unloaders to unload the freight cars?

    I'm asking because I haven't played through Traincraft yet and am in the process of building a modpack with it included. We want to have superheroes plus epic cities. And I want to play with tech. So, there it is.

    Thanks for showing that awesome layout. I so want to learn more.


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    Hello everyone,

    I've been running into a huge problem trying to build a modpack with this mod included. The trouble is the ore gen and no config options to disable ores or uneccessary blocks from spawning underground.

    For example. Copper ore is used in 1 recipe to make bronze which in turn is used to craft 1 item being Spiderman's Webshooters. Thing is if I have another tech mod say Tinker's Construct or Immersive Engineering installed that copper cannot be used by them even if I have an Ore Dictionary Converter installed. The Ore Dictionary Converter isn't recognizing Superheroes copper as copper.

    Thus the underground becomes loaded full of copper ore that many other mods in the pack cannot use. But, I cannot turn the Superheroes copper off in a config file.

    I've also tried using COFH core and have had no luck in shutting off or taking control of said copper ore. I've also tried using Custom Ore Generation with no success.

    But, copper isn't the only ore that is like this.

    Limonite, Red iron, black iron, sphlaterite, etc... are ores that almost completely dominate the underground but have limited crafting ability. A config file would be very helpful so I could tweak their spawn rates etc.

    Also when you examine what Limonite, Red iron, black iron etc are used for in NEI, one finds that essentially these ores are just different colored versions of iron. As a suggestion, please consider using Iron ore as what spawns into the underground and then having a crafting recipe to convert that iron ingot into the appropriate ingot. I know that it's entirely possible to use Minetweaker to accomplish this, but...

    In other words, limonite ingots could be gotten by taking an iron ingot and combining it with yellow dye on the crafting table. That would eliminate the Limonite ore from crowding out other tech mod's ores.

    I think there might be a better way to handle both the Radiation Block and the Gamma Radiation blocks. Uranium is a real metal that at least in 1.10-1.12 seems to be fairly common amongst the tech mods. It might be a more elegant solution if Uranium was the ore spawned into the overworld and then having some kind of mechanic to convert that block into the Gamma Radiation block. It could be some kind of laboratory procedure. If you really want to go crazy, just rewatch the Billy Baxton version of the Incredible Hulk from the 80s and in the intro you see him go through a process to zap himself with gamma radiation. Thus no need for a block to be spawned in and a more cannon and immersive way to become the Hulk.

    I realize this mod is in development and the author has made it clear by it being known as an alpha release. I just hope that by making folks aware of this that it might contribute towards a better mod.

    Thanks for all the hard work! Looking forward to seeing what's coming.


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    posted a message on Traincraft

    Thank you Violet.

    I didn't realize that the rolling stock was 3 blocks tall.

    I made a test world with Immersive Engineering, Railcraft, Buildcraft, and Traincraft. I was able to use the liquid storage tank filled with water from Immersive Engineering and attach that to a Railcraft Liquid Loader and then transfer water into a tanker car from Railcraft. I was also able to do the same with the oil from Buildcraft.

    It seems to me to be a major pain to have to stand before a tender car or a locomotive filling it up one bucket at a time. I haven't done this yet in survival mainly because I've been discouraged by this.

    It just seems like a natural thing then to include some way to have a water tower or a way to load up cars automatically.

    A solution using other mods exist. I was hoping that it could become including into the main mod. Therefore, I could perhaps live without Railcraft and lighten up my modpack.

    Thanks for you ideas and your response. I'll have to look into that again and see about the car height.



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    posted a message on Traincraft

    @Eternal Blue Flame

    I'm really glad to see this mod is still being worked on. Keep up the good work!

    I was wondering if you might add item loaders/unloaders and liquid loaders and unloaders? That way I won't have to rely on another mod to accomplish that.

    Along those same lines, having a way to load and unload villagers and animals would be helpful.

    If there already is a way to do that, then somebody please be kind to inform me. I would love to know how so as I don't have to include railcraft in my pack.



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