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    Cool beans. I'll have to look into Imagur. I had a feeling it was going to be something like that. I've used Photobucket in the past.

    Sorry man, but I really do appreciate your feedback.

    1. Using AW2, are floating cloud city type structures possible. Like can I tell it to spawn things about a certain height?

    2. Your previous structure pack I recall was using BOP biomes, did you ever give a go at including any of the BOP woods in those builds? Because, I've noticed that when we change around a modpack, the block id numbers get all messed up. So for example, when I move structures between worlds using MCEdit, I've seen some weird things happen because the ID's change. So, is that a problem with AW2's structure spawning system?

    Because if it is, that basically means that whatever I build, if I were say to try and release that build to others, their modpack and mine would have to be the same. I suspect you guys must have figured something out because you're going to included structures with GOG girls. But, that might not be a problem I guess? Because those wouldn't be block ids. They would be item numbers, I think.

    I hope there will be some room in the world for us to scan and the generate our own structures. Your pack does look epic. I was very inspired by your images so I've decided to move forward on a series of wizard bases. We like Electroblob's Wizardry and I'm trying to build each of the school's wizards a base for each school and then they'll also come in 3 stages of growth reflecting their expertise.

    Did you ever hear of a game called Master of Magic?

    I think the next time I ask questions, I'll make sure to have something to show for it all. I'll eventually have some screenshots of these things.

    Very much appreciate it!


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    Aw man!

    @Mohawky @ PCawesomeness

    ??? Let's play in peaceful pretty please with heaps of gold nuggets on top. You can have a pork chop!

    I see where you're both coming from. I see what PC is saying about phase 2 and well I dunno. And by the way Mr. PC every time I reference a mod you know exactly which one I'm talking about. That's awesome! That's kind of what threw me off about Grimoire of Gaia. First time we loaded up that one, we'll all like wow, look at all the hot girls. And then they delivered death to us, fast! LOL! Good grief.

    But, as far as mods that have epic scale mobs in them for 1.12, I feel like we have limited options. And I personally have really enjoyed all the mobs this mod is offering us. I was really looking forward to the Death Knights. I didn't know though that there were plans for additional dragons and wendigos. That's pretty cool to me.

    I'm used to the DnD scheme and we had dragons in all kinds of colors with different breath attacks and there were found in different environments.

    And just a fun thought. I've seen mods that work as add-on's to other mods. I have zilch coding experience for the last 20 years so I don't know how difficult it is to make these things, but, I wonder if MCA can change the skins of villagers and that wacko scientist guy is a villager then maybe his model could be swapped out somehow.


    I think I should have you have some good ole fashioned southern BBQ with hotsauce! LOL!

    I think I get where Mohawky is coming from because he's good at mapmaking. So, we're trying to think of how to populate maps with a variety of challenging mobs so things don't get kinda boring. I put together a modpack with AW2, Electroblob's Wizardry, and this mod and had a huge amount of fun with it but after a while the dragons get kind of old. And we got to a point where we could take down the Stage 5's. That blew my mind when I finally was able to do that by myself with equipment from this mod and vanilla. I didn't use any magic mods or anything else.

    Once you've done that, what's next?


    I didn't know Ghosts and Goblins where being considered. Mo Creatures has the ghosts and I think either Various Oddities or Primitives Mobs has goblins.

    Did you guys ever hear of a game back in the day called Ghosts -n- Goblins? Back on the NES of all things.

    Thanks guys!


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    Okay guys!

    I have to agree about the config file. It really is a terrific asset. I remember a there was an animal mod made for 1.7.10 that had outrageous spawn rates I think for the crickets. Lots of people were going nuts with their worlds being overrun like some Biblical Plague! LOL!

    All them dadgum crickets drivin' me crazy! Boy, I TELL YOU WHAT!


    Sadly, that mod never got a config file. The mod's dead now.

    But, anyways, I like the variety of mobs myself and think it's a lot of fun. I can even see this mod being used in a modern cities pack with Batman in it too! Why not? There's plenty of wizards in the DC universe including a witch known as Morgan LeFay.

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    That's really awesome man!

    Yeah, I read your posts in the 1.7.10 thread very carefully regarding how to create structures and to have them available for the architect's table. I also found and downloaded your previous structure pack and had a look at the various things in it as well as reading over the credits list. That was a long list.

    I really can appreciate the amount of time this takes. I was very inspired by an image you made in the 1.7.10 thread where you were explaining how to use a creative world to basically make a structures library. I recall you had a superflat water world. I have come to use a superflat world with gravel for the surface. I'm very grateful for the commands that allow us to disable mob spawning and weather effects.

    Anyways, when I made my LOTR modular castle system, I think that took me a week of full time work to make. And sadly, I accidentally deleted the save game. My forehead gets red now and then from that. It took quite a long time and I based all my designs on real world castle design I learned about in a book called, "Castle" by David Maculay.

    I'm also planning on building a number of buildings based on his book "City." "City" is about a Roman city built around 100 AD but I think it would work fine. I'm also planning on building a number of Middle Eastern style buildings for desert biomes. I'll start with Rizial's designs (A youtuber) and then I'll eventually make a whole bunch based on real world stuff. Domes will be interesting. Lastly, I'm planning to build a whole bunch of stuff from the book Minecraft, Medieval Fortress. But, that's a father/son project and I'm not allowed to do it by myself. So, I have no idea when that will be finished.

    My current library has a bunch of stuff in it but, it's not enough for a single culture let alone 12. But, I understand why these things take so much time. Even if you're using community generated structures.

    Thank you for providing so much more details especially regarding the village templates. I figured there had to be a template. I tried to scan something simple last night just to bring up the options page. I noticed there's some minor changes since 1.7.10. Also, I noticed the scan tool only allows me to scan structures. But, it didn't have anything in it for me to say that it's a village structure.

    And now my questions! Muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ha! okay not so funny

    1. I understood what you said about us having the power to select the street material for the villages. How about street width? Currently, they are set to 3 wide. That's tiny for riding horses through town.

    2. I noticed you said something about coinage. Currently, AW2 uses gold ingots and nuggets as their currency. Am I understanding you correctly that this system is getting an expansion/overhaul? I ask because I've been considering Craftweaker to rewrite the recipes for the npcs to use some kind of coin.

    3. You didn't say anything about quest givers. I don't suppose that's coming in this mod? I can still use Custom NPCs for that one though.

    4. This is just for some help using this here forum. But, how are you posting pictures to this thread? I've got some stuff I can show.


    Wow! I did notice that Grimoire of Gaia had been getting updated but I didn't realize it was you. Thanks! I've always liked the concept of the mod except one small thing, there's no males! I've been thinking of using something like CustomNPCs to make Centaur villages but there's no husbands for the ladies! LOL!

    You wouldn't happen to know if the Silentine had ever considered making males?

    That would be epic though. We could set up all kinds of fantasy cultures to spawn throughout the world!

    Thanks in advance guys! Really appreciate the work.


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    Ah, I haven't seen that picture until now. I see what you mean. So yeah, maybe if the mad scientist was a dwarf instead?

    But, it does advance the time frame a huge bit there.

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    @ Dovahkiin,

    Oh okay, I think I see now. The first time I encounted the Dwemer was in Morrowind. That's Eldar Scrolls 3. Skyrim is Eldar Scrolls 5. Yes, I've been around a while.

    The Dwemer, although I didn't realize it at the time, have a very Steampunk element to the them. So in Morrowind, I would find these big weird looking structures all over the place but they were empty. They used a lot of copper and brass colors in the buildings and most of the time they had these clockwork style golems walking around in them. A lot of the times, I had to fight them just to get in the door.

    I haven't played Skyrim for more than a couple of hours mainly because I know that I'll get stuck in it like glue. I find that it's a lot easier for me to turn Minecraft off.

    But, for funsies, I think this golem would go very nicely in a pack with the Embers mod. I can also see Thaumcraft 6 in it too. That would be cool.

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    Thank you for the clarification. I've been asking because I'm trying to decide about using Astikoor's Horse Carts or perhaps Animania for their carts.


    Good God man stop it! You're blowing my mind to pieces! LOL! Those are some mighty fine builds there.

    It looks like you're either using Folkjims textures or John Smith. I noticed that in many of the structures you've got stone bricks that come in two different shadings. Based on your previous work from the 1.7.10 thread, I'm guessing you're sticking to vanilla blocks? So, that's got to be some kind of texture pack then. The mesa faction looks like they use a lot of orange stained clay.

    Also, you're previous pack included a number of community built buildings. Is this pack following that trend?

    Regarding CustomNPCs

    I appreciate the reply on that because I've been wondering since you first mentioned the new structure pack. If you're doing various factions and fantasy races all within the AW2 structure, I'm going to have to guess you're adding custom skins to the folder. But, what about sizing? I thought you mentioned dwarves, so would they have shorter models then?

    I'm also at a bit of a loss about the people. This mod allows for a whole ton variety of workers, soldiers, etc... , but I haven't noticed much in the way of a butcher, or a librarian for example. In the current default pack, I've noticed that the vanilla testificates fill that role. Meh, I would love to do something a little better than that. I've been searching for a while now how to deal with them. MCA is broken in 1.12 and appears to be dead. Thankfully, Millenaire is being worked on but that may be outside the scope of what I'm trying to do, Village box is 1.10 and appears dead, and the only other thing I found was somebody made clever use of Optifine's custom models. But, we are in agreement that Optifine doesn't play nice with AW2.

    So, have you a solution to Testificate Man?

    Regarding Quests:

    My other idea regarding Custom Npcs is that (once I learn it), I can set up quests for the players. I don't think that's possible though with AW2 at least in its present form?

    Thing is that I've got this idea stuck in my head about a fun world with custom buildings and quests. I've used AW2's structure system a bit in 1.7.10 in a LOTR pack I made and I had some success with it. Although, I didn't allow my builds to be naturally spawned since I was making a system to build a castle and fortified town in a modular fashion. Think of the Stronghold video game series.

    But, I'm convinced after looking at the default pack and at your work that it is very possible to handle all my custom builds with this mod. So, I'll have to play around with it again.

    A final question for now.

    Do custom villages we create follow a template design? If so, based on what I've seen of the default structures pack, village streets are made of gravel and are only 3 blocks wide and they are all perfectly straight. That will very much limit me on what I'd like to do. I suppose I could make the whole village and then scan it as a structure and have it spawn that way, but....

    You must have a way to deal with it. I noticed you have a large number of Teepees for your Wild West faction, err I mean Buffalo, no I meant American Indians, uhhh whatever. These pointy structures probably wouldn't do well with perfectly straight streets made of gravel.

    Lastly, I probably should join you on discord. I'm not familiar with that program and have been a bit lazy about it.



    Oh double lastly, what does GOG stand for? Good ol' Game maybe?

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    Hi Guys,

    If I may be so bold, I would like to ask the developers to please consider a couple of things.

    1. Disable vanilla villages or have a config setting to allow us to do so.

    I realize in the 1.12 options menu we can disable them, however, if I'm using Biomes O' Plenty or Quark's realistic terrain generation, I cannot do that. It's weird to me to have testificates running around with these amazing NPCs. When using a biome adding mod it is possible to use Geologracraft to disable villages but that adds to my modlist and that mod is sometimes a real pain to set up correctly.

    I suppose an alternative would be to bring back the Minecraftia Villages from 1.7.10. Those were alot of fun.

    2. Use the schematic format for buildings.

    I'm guessing some thought has been given to this idea. It would really be easier for custom content to be added. At least I think so, because I can make structures and then use MC Edit to save them as a schematic. I've tried a couple of times to read on your website the instructions for creating custom content, and I'm not understanding it. But, it appears that I have to draw things out as pixels.

    Thank you for the consideration!


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    Hey a fellow DnD fan! I checked out that link. I think you have your work cut out for you.

    This mod does feel like an attempt to implement a DnD like spell system. So, far it's our favorite magic mod because of that.

    Since, I have almost no modding skills and I imagine the learning curve to be steep, I'm going to try an alternate route by using Craftweaker. I may also try this and Content Tweaker before I attempt to use Mcreator. I know I can use either the Ruins mod or the Ancient Warfare 2 mod to spawn all my structures into the world and I believe I can also populate them too. Some of my other ideas will probably not happen because I don't have the skill set to make them happen.

    But, I'll keep tabs on your mod and see how it comes along!


    Thanks for the idea! I have heard of the magic lasso before and I'll give that mod another look. Sometimes, I don't include mods into my pack because they add in a ton of different things and I worry that may be why I didn't look to hard at that mod.

    I think this one is the one that has the leaf blower for example.

    LOL! You know I think you might still be able to move the wizards around with a mine cart. And there's also the Carry On mod. And come to think of it, I think Quark has something that you can piggy back mods with. I'll have to investigate that.

    Can you imagine just coming up and picking up the Wizard and taking him to where you want him? LOL!

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    Yes, I've had my eye on that one too! It looks very promising. But, so far, it seems to me that the Various Oddities are not yet spawning into the gameworld. I don't know maybe I messed up something?

    I'm also taking a good look at Custom NPC's by Noppes. I think these two combined will open up some great options!

    Regarding the Automaton

    I have to agree that this does feel a tad out of place since almost all of the mobs in this mod feel they come from either the ancient period or the medieval period. Automatons and to a lesser extend golems do feel more like they belong in Steampunk. Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that takes place during the Victorian Era of Britain and somewhat during America's time of the Wild West.

    You know, I guess the main thing is to see the model of it first.

    But, it does open up a really exciting possibility because I've seen medieval fantasy blended with some light steampunk elements typically through the Dwarves. I've seen that in World of Warcraft, Morrowind (Eldar Scrolls 3), and Warhammer 40K (before the Dwarves were eaten).

    So, I think somebody could create a really cool Steampunk pack with this mod. I could see Thaumcraft in it and Davinchi's Vessels for Airships.

    I also have heard that Fossils and Archeology Revival is being updating for 1.12. If that's the case, then I would love to have that and this mod in a Steampunk pack. Reminds me of Journey to the Center of the Earth which is classic Steampunk fiction.

    Speaking of killer robots, look up the Necrons from Warhammer 40K sometime. Their story is pretty cool.

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    @ IHFE

    This has been our experience as well. You might also enjoy Electroblob's Wizardry.


    Sorry to be a pest. Can horses be hitched to the chest wagon yet? There's been at least 2 updates since I've tried. Thanks!


    We gave up on Optifine and pulled it out from our pack and that fixed the problem. It turns out that Optifine was more of a pain than a benefit for us.

    Say, I wanted to ask you about the structures pack you've been working on. I'm going to guess it's a modpack actually and that it's using Custom NPCs by Noppes? Is that right? I may end up following a similar path to you because I've been searching for something to spawn structures in that also gives me control over various NPCs. I want to remove all the testificates and use dwarves, orcs, elves, etc... It appears Custom NPCs is my best bet.

    We've been experimenting with a variety of mods trying to narrow down what we want in our pack.

    We've also been looking at Custom Player models vs. JJRaces.


    Good to know! I'm going to have to try that out.

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    You could check out the Aether mod. I think that might have some angels. Aether Legacy and Aether 2. I haven't played them through yet but they seem pretty awesome in their concept.

    @ PC

    Yes, you're right that mod was Aquatic Abyss. I wasn't ever able to get it to work properly in 1.7.10. I understood it worked in a previous version though.

    That poem seems a little bit like Lord of the Rings.

    @ Dovahkinn

    Demons are pretty cool. Did you know that some folks are working on a 1.12 version of the Witchery mod? It's called Bewitchment. I don't think it's a direct port but more like a spiritual successor type of thing.

    I still think some really good looking Giants would be awesome. This mod really adds in some terrific mobs that help to balance out some of the magic mods out there. In other words, they give you powerful mobs to fight.

    Looking forward to the development.

    I think I read someplace that Fossils and Archeology Revival is getting updated. That's exciting!



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    Thanks, I see them.

    The sea serpents would be really nice. I don't know if you guys had tried it out. There was a mod in 1.7.10 that added sea serpents like those shown. I forgot what it was called, but their serpents were broken.

    I've seen teaser screenshots of mobs like a death knight on an undead dragon and werewolves posted here in this thread. Are the developers going to add them? And if so, I wonder why the first post doesn't reflect that?

    About dragon griefing. I've found it to be a real pain with tamed dragons. Basically, it means that they can destroy your base by accident. So to prevent that all I got is the config file. But, that would also disable the wild dragons as well. I worry that would nerf those fights too much. I wonder if it's possible for there to be a config option so we could disable a tamed dragon's griefing instead of all dragons?

    I was able to kill last night a stage 5 dragon by myself. I buffed out my dragon armor with Blast Protection 4 on all pieces. I drank 5 potions, strength, swiftness, haste (from Quark), regeneration 2, and fire resistance. I also used an ice sword with sharpness 5 on it (from Quark). And I ate an enchanted golden apple. I was surprised at the fight. It was easy, but I think I over prepared and the dragon got stuck. That's why I like the griefing for the wild ones.

    I am using other mods as well. Simply Enchanting helped me get my enchants. Ancient Warfare 2 with default structure pack enabled allowed me to find Enchanted golden apples in loot chests, and as mentioned Quark.



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    A couple of ideas:

    1. Blast protection on your armor will help cut down on the damage you take from the dragon's big blast attack. I've noticed this can instant kill me if I don't have blast protection vs. stage 3's. I haven't tried yet against stage 5.

    2. Protection is for physical attacks, but believe or not a shield can reduce damage from their attacks. I've actually blocked a bite attack. I couldn't believe it.

    3. When they bite you, you can actually push shift left click like you're dismounting a horse to get out of their mouth.

    4. Kill an ice dragon and make a frost dragon sword. It can also be enchanted and you'll do a lot more damage against fire dragons and freeze them for a tiny bit of time.

    5. Try using some potions too. I've found that strength, swiftness, and healing are helpful. Regeneration may also be helpful, but they cost a lot to make.

    6. Pixies can be jarred and they'll make pixie dust. You can them make a very powerful stew called ambrosia.

    7. Enchanted golden apples maybe?

    8. If you kill Gorgon, then you'll get it's head. You might be able to turn a stage 5 into stone with it. I haven't tried yet. If you have a pickaxe with silk touch you will then have you're very own Stage 5 dragon statue that you can place anywhere you want.

    You may also find some other mods might be helpful:

    1. Simply Enchanting takes the randomness out of the vanilla enchanting system. It doesn't make it easy-peasy because you still have to get the levels you need and the lapis, but you can craft your own enchantment books.

    2. Roguelike dungeons are a lot of fun but also can help you get a whole bunch of gear. You can also set up kill zones so you can farm experience. I've found it best to conquer the lowest level and have a sword with looting on it. That way I get lots of good gear and xp.

    3. Embers believe or not has an anvil that will let you repair your equipment without using xp. This is very helpful when you're grinding mobs to get xp and you don't want to have to spend it on repairing your gear. Embers has an enchanting system of sorts but there is a way to get more xp per kill. I haven't figured it out yet but, I'm going to try.

    4. Electroblob's Wizardry is a huge amount of fun and has two spells that help a huge amount. Intimidate will make the dragons run from you for a short time and Blackhole will trap them in place. Both allow you to blast the dragon hard with direct damage spells for a time.

    So, try some out and see what you think!

    I'm trying to put together a bronze dragon armor set with Blast Protection 4 and Protection 4 on all pieces. Then with potions and my boss ice sword, we'll see if I can survive a stage 5 big mama!


    Oh by the way everybody, did the developers mention by chance what the next mob(s) will be?

    Did they ever say they were going to do giants? I know I read somewhere that some mod was going to and I can't remember which one.



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    Hi guys,

    Good to know Electro!

    @arisalanna, I had a bunch of ideas too. But, sadly I haven't done any coding since the days of Fortran. To give you an idea of how old that is, we had a command that would allow us to rewind the tapes on the tape drive. LOL! Uh, do you even know what a tape drive is?

    I might have to come out of the stone age! LOL!

    If anyone here has played with the Ancient Warfare 2 mod, they have a really nice way of handling research that doesn't become the huge thing that was Thaumcraft 4. My God, I did hours of research in that mod and I'm not still not exactly yet sure what I could do with it all.

    But, the mechanic in AW2 is far simpler. You have a special table and you put various things onto it sort of like a crafting table. That then unlocks new blocks and items that you can then craft on their special crafting table.

    That was an idea I had for this mod to add a research component. Not anything on the order of Thaumcraft 4 or say Ars Magica 2. And it definately should be an addon, you know maybe Electroblob's Advanced Wizardry Addon! Something like that.

    I also thought it would be cool to have something with the different elements as well. I don't remember if I mentioned that before.

    But, in the end this mod is a huge amount of fun and really helps us take on some epic monsters.

    Thanks again,


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