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    Hi GreenBeing

    This is definitely the program you want. However yes there are some problems you may have, but they should all be able to be overcome easy enough. You may need to do some reading on the wiki. The problem is that the way a minecraft world is saved has changed over the years. McEdit is a versatile program, but we should do some preparation when working with very old worlds.

    Basically you just need to get the worlds to load in the current version of minecraft.

    Here are what the save formats are and when they were in use. Edit : Only certain version of the game contain converters from one save format to another.

    Indev (McLevel) : c0.31 to a1.2.5

    -I'm not sure if loading one of these worlds in a.1.2.6 will convert it or not.

    Alpha (McLevel) : a1.2.6 to b1.2_02

    -Load Alpha format worlds in b1.3 to convert to McRegion

    McRegion : b1.3 to 1.1(12w06a)

    -Load McRgion worlds in version 12w07a, 12w07b, or 1.2 to convert to McAnvil.

    McAnvil (Extended Meta Data) : 1.2(12w07a) to 1.7.10(14w10c)

    -Blocks could now have Extended Meta Data (Ex: Stone with a meta data of 15)

    McAnvil (Meta Data and Blockstates) : 14w11a (1.8.8) to 15w34b and then 1.8.9

    -Extended Block Meta Data blocks are still saved but no longer visible in game, they act as air blocks in game.

    -Not many people knew how to use these in their builds, but I for one miss the extended meta data days.

    McAnvil (Blockstates) : 15w34c (1.9) forward

    -Block Meta Data no longer saved at all.

    So by knowing when your world was last used we can start to convert them to the latest version. Here are the steps. Skip steps based on what format the world was saved in. Edit : You will have to load a world in a series of versions in the correct order to convert them until it is finally on the latest version.

    Make Back-ups.

    1) Make copies of every world.

    -Keep the originals safe.

    -Only work on copies of very old worlds.

    2) Get your Alpha save format to load up in McRegion format

    -Load up each Alpha world in b1.3 and they will be converted.

    3) Get your McRegion format Worlds to open into McAnvil format

    Edit Correction : -Load up each McRegion world in 12w07a, 12w07b, or 1.2 and they will be converted.

    5) Get your McAnvil format Worlds to open in the most recent version of minecraft

    -because of the change from Meta Data to Blockstates you should load the world in the most recent version of minecraft

    After all that each of your worlds should be playable in the current version of minecraft and McEdit will be able to completely read them. Always use the most recent version of McEdit found at https://khroki.github.io/MCEdit-Unified/

    From there its all normal McEdit stuff.

    Some problems you may have from very old worlds

    1) Leaves on trees being wrong type for tree.- Alpha and some Beta Versions used a different layout for leaves meta data.

    2) Doors facing wrong Directions -Doors got updated some time in Beta and use a new meta layout.

    3) New spawned chunks in the old worlds wont look right next to the old chunks. -all old versions will come with this problem. Some more noticeable then others.

    Edits are marked in Orange Text.

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    Today I was working on The Pickpocket Feature
    So first off I have to tell you that I already have a roaming guard AI system set up. Like roaming says it means he travels around the map on a set path.
    I did this with Execute cmd and the use of blocks that wont often be used in the map. Those blocks are hidden under the floor and using the connected tp cmd makes a sort of fake walking motion. I'll talk more about that as I develop it more.
    The Pickpocket feature is actually an invisible armorstand that is constantly tp inside the Guard. In the hand is the item meant to be on the guards belt. You can sneak up and take the item from the armorstand hand.

    /summon ArmorStand ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"RoamingGuard1pocket",CustomNameVisible:0,ShowArms:1,Invisible:1,NoGravity:1,Equipment:[{id:potion,Damage:8197,Count:1},{},{},{},{}],DisabledSlots:30}
    /tp @e[name=RoamingGuard1pocket] @e[name=RoamingGuard1]

    What to improve
    1) The armorstand hand rotation to look as though the item is on the guards belt/pocket
    2) Killing of the armorstand when the item is taken, possbily
    3) Pickpocketing is not easy on a roaming NPC

    My Thoughts
    I think that I may be able to use the same armor stand to develop the blackjack knock out system later.
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    Hello all

    I am developing a map based on the game Thief The Dark Project. A winter storm had me shut in for a weak so I got some good developing time in. I am using DromEd to explore the level Lord Bafford's Manor and recreate it in Minecraft. I want to get a discussion going of those that enjoy the original Thief Games. I know what makes Thief a fun game for me, but I want to know what made it fun for you guys. Knowing that will help me make it fun for those that play the game in a different style then me. The way I always play in knock out as many guard as I can.

    I will post according to what I am working on at the time. I will try to have screens shots and the cmd used. When this level is completed we will see if I have the want to make another level from the game.

    Current Goal
    Simply Recreate "Lord Bafford's Manor"

    The map (80% Done)
    Guard AI (70% Done)
    Roaming Guards AI (50% Done)
    Pickpocketing (10% Done)
    Stealth System (70% Done)
    Objectives System (0% Done)
    Locks, Keys, and Lock Picks System (0% Done)
    Loot System (0% Done)
    Multiplayer Compatibility (0% Done)
    Mantling (40% Done)
    Arrows (30% Done)

    I don't make many threads so hang in there as I try and make the OP presentable with pictures and such.

    Hopefully other who have not played the game will try it out after seeing what I am making here. Please consider trying the games Thief Gold and Thief 2 The metal Age. They are old but classic and can be found on steam for cheap.
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Hi been around a while, but never had anything to say until now. Just here to throw some ideas out there for texture-packers, servers hosties, and map creators. I found a new way of using CTM that maybe not everyone knows.

    I added Spoilers just cus the explaining got a bit long

    Here is the Concept Explained.

    I have been experimenting with using CTM for blocks that don't yet .. well 'exist' What I mean is blocks that can exist but do not naturally exist in minecraft. Here is an example wood planks with a damage value of 9. Wood planks exist and naturally have damage value 0-5, but 9 wont appear in minecraft. You can't craft it, but you can spawn it in using the commands.

    Blocks with damage values will be preserved when the game is saved and wont revert to a normal block. A block that does not have damage values enabled but spawned in as having a damage will revert however. Granted I need to do some more research, but what does this all mean? Well more blocks to use.

    Here is what I have done with this knowledge. With sand in 1.7 now having damage values enabled; I gave all the damage values the a colour scheme just like wool. The White (normal sand) and Orange (Red sand) appear naturally the other colors I have to spawn in using commands. If I didn't texture them with CTM they would appear like normal sand.

    Now I checked other packs and found that Better Then Default had used this same idea already. He used a damage value of planks to add in a doctor who tardis with CTM. Now that is classic. Simply a good use for a block not being used. I don't follow anyone too closely but it seemed the tardis was meant to be an easter egg in the pack.

    How about using this for Custom Maps. Plenty of play through maps require texture packs. Alot more creative freedom, and you wont have to change the "natural" blocks to reach that level of creativity.

    Keep in mind damage values have the same attributes as their base blocks. I.E. sand has gravity and sapling need light.

    I hope you guys out there can think of some awesome uses for these unused blocks. I never figured out how to post pictures or I would show you some of the stuff I did with this info. All this made possible by the CTM in MCpatcher. If you are good with World Edit or MCedit the things you can do will be awesome for maps.

    Here are some ideas I have
    -of course the sand I did
    -Use a wood plank value to make ominous looking doors on my castle
    -use a flower value to bring back the classic rose and add the cyan flowers for decorations
    -use a silverfish block value to look like a wrapped up gift/present (a real surprise).
    -See if I can use a crop and nether wort data values to add in decorative crops. Would be cool on servers. Will require World Edit or MCedit to get them into your world.
    -see about using those tall flowers data value to maybe add in a mock version of the pocket edition camera (i think its possible)
    -fences with sandstone, stone brick, and mossy stone brick looks
    -Make some black quartz for decorations. I always felt quartz was more of a marble. or even greenstone a Maori traditional green marble-like stone that is very cool.
    -Server Block Diversity = awesome. With the servers now able to have player use the same resource packs you could really do good. I don't think Hypixel's server has even tapped this concept yet, and that's the most innovative server I have seen yet.

    Lots of cool stuff

    Here is a simple list of some of the unused damage values you could use.

    Here is a list of blocks and their damage values that aren't being used.
    -dirt (1.7+ normal blocks look) 3-15 I believe grass can grow onto these blocks
    -sand (1.7+ normal block look) 2-15 and all these values have the gravity effect as well.
    -planks (normal block look) 6-15
    -saplings (cross-texture) 6-15 I'm not sure if they will grow into oaks will need to experiment.
    -sandstone (normal block look) 3-15
    -block 31 (cross texture) 4-15
    -The pistons can't be used even though they have unused damage values (can crash world if you hack in these, needs experimenting)
    -flower 38 (1.7+ and cross-texture) 9-15
    -wood slabs (ID 126) have 6-7 for your slab needs
    -stone fences (Fence) 2-15 I personally will be adding in sandstone fences.
    -Silverfish block (normal block look but will spawn silver fish when broken) 6-15
    -Stone bricks (normal block) 4-15
    -fence gate (need to experiment but I believe it possible)
    -new woods (ID 162) 2-3 and these blocks have partial directional placement.
    -new leaves (ID 161) needs experimenting but can definitely be done
    -Quartz (normal block look) 5-15
    -Haybales 1-3 again partial directional placement but you wont need an axe to collect the block.
    There are more, but I'm tired of looking em up.

    For more info on damage (data) values see the wiki here

    I am appreciating CTM more and more, as I use it. Please post if you already use this concept so I can take a look at your texture pack. Also if this gives you ideas I would love to read about them so post.
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][1.6.4] Rediscovered Mod [WIP] (Unused, Unimplemented, and Removed Features)
    I would like you to add 2 Platform exclusive blocks, and a removed item. Specifically the two Pocket edition blocks stonecutter and nether reactor core and the horse saddle.

    The stone cutter is just another crafting table, but I would like you to make it into an auto crafting table like buildcraft's. Basicly we have hoppers and an auto crafting table would be nice. Using the stonecutter concept it would still feel vanilla. I think the textures for this block look so cool.

    Or go the opposite route and make it a decrafting table. Saws are meant to cut things into parts you could give it a tickrate delay like the furnace. Place an item in and it cuts it into the items that make it. Example: a ladder cuts down into sticks. It would need balancing. Like a sword that has damage couldn't be cut down into its parts or only some of its parts.

    Then theres the nether reactor core when built into a nether reactor, will spawn a nether spire. An interesting feature that we on the PC version don't have access to.

    The horse saddle was in two snapshots 13w17a was one of the snap shots. It was basically a saddle that could be crafted. Perhaps don't make it usable on pigs.

    An end note the vanilla IDs used by these are not currently being used.
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