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    posted a message on Redstone Expansion Ideas UPDATED 11/15/2012
    Quote from Smithy the miner »
    Any way to power a furnace with redstone?

    Nope =)
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    posted a message on A login Player Skin Choice
    Quote from Omnom18 »
    I have no idea how to change it atm. xD

    Omnom makes a good point not everyone yet knows how to change there avatar's appearance.
    For those of you whom do not know I will try to make this post into a walk-through so anyone visiting this thread will be able to change their avatar.

    Skin Change Walk Through
    For first timers.
    I wanted to give a link to a youtube video the explains this but I failed to find an up-to-date video.

    Where to go
    1) Go to http://www.minecraft.net/login.jsp
    -this is the log-in section on the Minecraft home page.

    2) Log-in as your user.

    3) Select PROFILE
    -PROFILE is found along the top of the screen near HOME, ABOUT, COMUNITY, HELP
    -PROFILE will only become available after having logged-in
    ---Within PROFILE you also have the ability to change your password for future reference.

    4) Under the section Change Your Skin It will say "Start by Downloading reference skin"

    5) Select Downloading reference skin

    6) The page will load showing the default skin picture. You will want to save this picture by Right-click the image and select Save Image as
    - It will by be saved under the name char do not change the name!
    - Be sure to save it to the Pictures folder. So it can easily be found.

    7) Now that the picture is saved clack the Back arrow to rerun to the last page.
    - You should be back in the Profile section Now

    Editing the Picture
    Now we have the fun of actualy making our own avatar/skin.
    *I use Avatar in place of Skin as they mean the same. Sorry for any confusion.

    8) Find the char picture which if saved correctly should be in the Pictures folder.
    - If it is not there go back to step 4 in the Profile section. Be sure to read through the steps carefully this time.

    9) Right-click the picture, go to Open with and select Paint

    10) Using Paint edit the skin to How you wish your Character to look.
    - This is a 2D image that is Folded to make a 3D charater. You should be able to understand the outline.
    -Use the zoom future to enlarge the picture, but do not resize or skew the picture.
    - The trousers are the blue and the shirt cyan.
    - Get creative you can always make another later though.

    11) Save the picture and close it.
    - You may edit the Name it is save under now if you like.

    Uploading My New SKin

    12) Back in the Profile section click the Browse Button.

    13) You Pictures folder will open automatically. Select the char picture (or if you renamed it select that picture) and click Open

    14) Select Upload image and you are ready to play with your new skin.
    - Next time you log into play your character should be changed.
    - If you get a load error during the upload it is likely that you resized or skewed the image during editing in the Paint program. Be sure to only use the zoom feature. Start again.
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    posted a message on A login Player Skin Choice
    Before I fell asleep last night I was thinking about how I would like to be able to change my character's skin more readily. When I log into different servers I might assume different roles.

    In one server I might be a miner :goldore: , in another I would be a Knight [>>-i>] , and still another I might be a farmer :////: . I would thus like to be able to change the way my character looks based on such.

    Perhaps I am going to play a spleef tournament and need to get into the team uniform.

    Currently to do this I would have to upload a new skin every time. This is time consuming and rather irritating at least for me it is.

    What I am purposing
    A button on the log-in screen where we would be able to pick between saved player skins.
    1) It would be similar to the button where we pick the texture-pack to use.
    2) A folder would thus be created to save the skins in.
    3) Your default character will still be the one which is uploaded to the site.
    4) should a skin not be compatible for whatever reason the default skin would then be used in its place in-game.
    5)In game nothing would change other then the avatars looks (such things like the inventory would not change)

    Improving upon this idea.

    1) The game will remember and thus try to use the skin again for the next log-in. Therefore you will not need to change from your default character every time.
    2) A picture of your currently selected skin will appear in the bottom left of the log-in screen. It will look like the picture seen when the inventory screen is opened except equiped items will not be displayed. This is just so you will quickly know which skin you are on before you log-in.

    Other Player's Suggestions That I Like

    This would be a very simple and easy request to implement. Chances are this idea has been suggested previously.

    Now for your feedback. Please forgive my incorrect spellings I know I'm not the best speller. Currently I do not have pictures in which to demonstrate this idea. I hope to remedy this soon
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    posted a message on Marble (Mineral)
    I would just like it for creative purposes in building. Marble is in reality just a pretty stone.

    I would prefer this to be the following
    1) Mine-able with iron pick (or lower) not diamond as I never have enough diamonds. (especially if it is common)
    2) no tool or Armour made of it. Other things would be fine i.e. steps and such.

    I could make such nicer looking building using this.

    The statues idea is a very good one.
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    posted a message on Redstone Expansion Ideas UPDATED 11/15/2012
    I wanted to post this so everyone taking part in this thread may know about this future update. Those guys at Mojang realize we do want more. This new block will act as a Diode/Repeater/Delayer, but they havnt really settled on a name for it.

    http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Diode ... ite_note-4

    I especially want everyone to notice the video of the test run done on this new block.

    Let take this information and reorganize our concepts for a redstone expansion.
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    posted a message on THE SAFE. A rich miner's chest.
    Quote from mrwormy »

    The point of the safe is to make it HARD for robbers,Not IMPOSSIBLE.

    Do you know how hard it'd be to brute force that thing?!

    That's why you can still mine it ungodly slow.

    If you couldn't,Then you'd be able to make an INDISTRUVTABLE BASE by making safes and putting a single dirt block in them!

    Oh I see you want to add a thieving element to the game. I now fail to see a point to having a safe. If your items are not safe you can't call it a safe can you. Time to make a new name for it.

    How would you get around the fact that when mined the items contained will be dropped, as the block code can not save the code of contained items?
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    posted a message on THE SAFE. A rich miner's chest.
    An idea for the safe. It cant be mined if it contains items. As with chest when mined all the items fly out of it. If however no items are inside it can be mined in 20 secs?

    I am assuming that you want these more for multiplayer, therefore only the Server Admins (those who actually own the world) could mine it regardless of what is inside dropping items on to the ground.
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    posted a message on Scarecrows
    We certainly could use a block/ crafted item that repels pesky mobs from our crops. I also think it fit to have a use for the jackolantern. I would like to add that it should not be limited as to what it is placed on. Like how a cacti can only be placed on sand. I would like to place these around my castle battlements to look as if they are manned.
    Next i was wondering if it would be logical to use a fence post rather then sticks for the base in the craft formula.
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    posted a message on Redstone Expansion Ideas UPDATED 11/15/2012
    Disregard this post.
    Due to a planned future update my idea no longer valid.
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    posted a message on Display cases
    I love the simplicity behind this. It would add a great deal to the game and yet it is such a simple idea. Very well done and I hope this will one day happen.
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