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    Report: In Unified MCedit the Edit sign feature no longer works due ti 1.9 changeing the tags for signs.

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    Hi BluePC1 The version of MCedit you are referring to is not the version you want. That version is a development build for what will be MCedit 2. Since it is in development only really experienced people with MCedit should try to use it. Try this Link for MCedit 1. The best most recent version of MCedit 1 is Mcedit 2 will be great but it is just not ready for us yet.

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    Hi GreenBeing

    This is definitely the program you want. However yes there are some problems you may have, but they should all be able to be overcome easy enough. You may need to do some reading on the wiki. The problem is that the way a minecraft world is saved has changed over the years. McEdit is a versatile program, but we should do some preparation when working with very old worlds.

    Basically you just need to get the worlds to load in the current version of minecraft.

    Here are what the save formats are and when they were in use. Edit : Only certain version of the game contain converters from one save format to another.

    Indev (McLevel) : c0.31 to a1.2.5

    -I'm not sure if loading one of these worlds in a.1.2.6 will convert it or not.

    Alpha (McLevel) : a1.2.6 to b1.2_02

    -Load Alpha format worlds in b1.3 to convert to McRegion

    McRegion : b1.3 to 1.1(12w06a)

    -Load McRgion worlds in version 12w07a, 12w07b, or 1.2 to convert to McAnvil.

    McAnvil (Extended Meta Data) : 1.2(12w07a) to 1.7.10(14w10c)

    -Blocks could now have Extended Meta Data (Ex: Stone with a meta data of 15)

    McAnvil (Meta Data and Blockstates) : 14w11a (1.8.8) to 15w34b and then 1.8.9

    -Extended Block Meta Data blocks are still saved but no longer visible in game, they act as air blocks in game.

    -Not many people knew how to use these in their builds, but I for one miss the extended meta data days.

    McAnvil (Blockstates) : 15w34c (1.9) forward

    -Block Meta Data no longer saved at all.

    So by knowing when your world was last used we can start to convert them to the latest version. Here are the steps. Skip steps based on what format the world was saved in. Edit : You will have to load a world in a series of versions in the correct order to convert them until it is finally on the latest version.

    Make Back-ups.

    1) Make copies of every world.

    -Keep the originals safe.

    -Only work on copies of very old worlds.

    2) Get your Alpha save format to load up in McRegion format

    -Load up each Alpha world in b1.3 and they will be converted.

    3) Get your McRegion format Worlds to open into McAnvil format

    Edit Correction : -Load up each McRegion world in 12w07a, 12w07b, or 1.2 and they will be converted.

    5) Get your McAnvil format Worlds to open in the most recent version of minecraft

    -because of the change from Meta Data to Blockstates you should load the world in the most recent version of minecraft

    After all that each of your worlds should be playable in the current version of minecraft and McEdit will be able to completely read them. Always use the most recent version of McEdit found at https://khroki.github.io/MCEdit-Unified/

    From there its all normal McEdit stuff.

    Some problems you may have from very old worlds

    1) Leaves on trees being wrong type for tree.- Alpha and some Beta Versions used a different layout for leaves meta data.

    2) Doors facing wrong Directions -Doors got updated some time in Beta and use a new meta layout.

    3) New spawned chunks in the old worlds wont look right next to the old chunks. -all old versions will come with this problem. Some more noticeable then others.

    Edits are marked in Orange Text.

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    I don't think enough people have voiced thanks for all the work put into MCedit, and so Thank you!

    I have been using this for a long time. Some tools are useful for a time and then fade away. Mcedit has never lost value it's value, in fact it has only grown in value.

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    I'd like to request a feature to add to this tool. I would like to make images to map that are flat. Right now we only get schematics that are standing up which is great for pixel art. The main way i use the tool however is using blueprints of buildings and rebuilding then in minecraft; for that I need it to be placed flat on the ground. That can be done in MCedit however it is a real pain to get it rotated and rolled correctly. So I suggest a box to tick for a flat schematic with the top of the image defaulting to north. Thank you for considering the idea.

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    Thank you for making a 1.9 version sign generator. Very helpful tool.

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    Quote from Karthex»
    I'm not sure if anyone has it saved, but if someone has a copy of the pre-anvil version, I'm sure mark isn't the only one that could use it.

    For the saveFileDir error, what filter are you using?

    Edit: Thanks to Laige, you can now find 2 of the old pre-anvil mcedit versions (v0.1.1, and v0.1.5) at the bottom of this page. They're only available for win32, but should do the job.

    Glad I could help. :lol:
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    Hi I noticed that this map doesn't take advantage of Minecraft buildt in Translation feature. 90% if not more of your signs can auto translate for players whom are non English speaking. I can help you if you need to do so. Obviously not complete translations but names on the signs can be set up to auto translate. Mob, Items and Block names would translate.

    I am trying to develop my own map and this feature is a really good one.
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    posted a message on [v1.0.2] [3.500 DL] JSON Sign Generator - with instant preview! Colored signs and more!
    Hi Thank you for this generator.

    There is a problem or perhaps a way to improve the generator. When using the Translate feature it does not accept an underscore symbol ( _ ) This makes it hard to translate things. Here is an example of what I was translating tile.log.big_oak.name I did manage to get it to work via copy and paste.

    There is only a hand full of times the underscore is needed, but it would be nice.
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    Minecraft resource packs can be packaged within a world. Here is a link on a guide to do so

    What I am having a problem with is doing so with CIT and CTM files. Does MCPatcher check if a world has a prepacked resource pack in it to apply property files? I packaged it and go to play and only vanilla things appear.

    When I try then also to activate the resource pack in the normal way, the textures wont load as minecraft sees they are just copies and doesn't bother with them. That is actually really cool that the game can do that.

    Basically is there a way to prepackage in a world, and if not please think about making it a future feature of MCPatcher?
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    Today I was working on The Pickpocket Feature
    So first off I have to tell you that I already have a roaming guard AI system set up. Like roaming says it means he travels around the map on a set path.
    I did this with Execute cmd and the use of blocks that wont often be used in the map. Those blocks are hidden under the floor and using the connected tp cmd makes a sort of fake walking motion. I'll talk more about that as I develop it more.
    The Pickpocket feature is actually an invisible armorstand that is constantly tp inside the Guard. In the hand is the item meant to be on the guards belt. You can sneak up and take the item from the armorstand hand.

    /summon ArmorStand ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"RoamingGuard1pocket",CustomNameVisible:0,ShowArms:1,Invisible:1,NoGravity:1,Equipment:[{id:potion,Damage:8197,Count:1},{},{},{},{}],DisabledSlots:30}
    /tp @e[name=RoamingGuard1pocket] @e[name=RoamingGuard1]

    What to improve
    1) The armorstand hand rotation to look as though the item is on the guards belt/pocket
    2) Killing of the armorstand when the item is taken, possbily
    3) Pickpocketing is not easy on a roaming NPC

    My Thoughts
    I think that I may be able to use the same armor stand to develop the blackjack knock out system later.
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    Hello all

    I am developing a map based on the game Thief The Dark Project. A winter storm had me shut in for a weak so I got some good developing time in. I am using DromEd to explore the level Lord Bafford's Manor and recreate it in Minecraft. I want to get a discussion going of those that enjoy the original Thief Games. I know what makes Thief a fun game for me, but I want to know what made it fun for you guys. Knowing that will help me make it fun for those that play the game in a different style then me. The way I always play in knock out as many guard as I can.

    I will post according to what I am working on at the time. I will try to have screens shots and the cmd used. When this level is completed we will see if I have the want to make another level from the game.

    Current Goal
    Simply Recreate "Lord Bafford's Manor"

    The map (80% Done)
    Guard AI (70% Done)
    Roaming Guards AI (50% Done)
    Pickpocketing (10% Done)
    Stealth System (70% Done)
    Objectives System (0% Done)
    Locks, Keys, and Lock Picks System (0% Done)
    Loot System (0% Done)
    Multiplayer Compatibility (0% Done)
    Mantling (40% Done)
    Arrows (30% Done)

    I don't make many threads so hang in there as I try and make the OP presentable with pictures and such.

    Hopefully other who have not played the game will try it out after seeing what I am making here. Please consider trying the games Thief Gold and Thief 2 The metal Age. They are old but classic and can be found on steam for cheap.
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    posted a message on Buy Realms in USA Visa trouble?
    Hello everyone

    I put an update to my op and tried to clean it up a bit so it will be more helpful. I just had to renew my subscription so had to go through the whole process again. This time I found that you can ask the credit card people to allow future transaction from the website. Pls read about it in Update 3 if your having trouble.

    Also try out the game factorio it similar to minecraft, and the concept of the game is actually based of of the different factory mods that are out there for minecraft. There is a Demo of the game on their cite.
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    Hi everyone

    I am having some trouble, that is probably a simple fix that I'm just missing. Can you help?

    I'm trying to reference a texture to add ctm rules for, but its not in a normal directory setup.

    I highlighted in red what I know the problem is coming from, but can't seem to resolve.

    I am trying to keep my texture separate as much as possible based on how they were edited. The Folders are blocks - Normal minecraft vanilla textures edited... blocks2- Textures from blockstates and models edited ... blocksmcp - blocks from mcpatcher edits.... Trying to do this so i can have addon packs

    So here I first edited the Blockstates and Models to give the quartz slabs a side texture. That is working fine, but now I want for my dimensional addon pack, to change that texture when in the hell biome (nether). I have tried a bunch of ways; to try and reference the texture and now I ask the experts.

    I did a work around for now forcing textures, but in order to have good addon packs i really need to proper reference the textures.

    Edit: The new way to add spoilers is strange, but i got lol What a mess.
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    posted a message on QMAGNET's Test Map for Resource Packs and Map Makers
    Hey bro Ty for the map its very helpful.

    I found these bugs and thing(s) that will improve the map


    1) In 1.8 enchantments now require lapis so your enchanting area by the particles room needs an update. Actualy the command block that give the sword is a bit annoying as it give another sword when you exit the room too.

    2) Your Slime and LaveSlime need fixing editing. The command block that kills the slimes before spawning the new ones is missing. So the slimes are just stacking on top each-other.

    3) Some of your command blocks for summoning mobs sets difficulty to peaceful instead of easy in the mob room killing off the other hostile mobs. Is this intended?

    4) Endermites auto despawn after a time so you need to add the tag {PersistenceRequired:1} To their spawning to disable it.

    5) Some of the plants in the flower pots are incorrect. I think they did some changes to flower pots in 1.8 so could you check on those please.

    6) some redstone lamps at the surgurcains/reeds (whatever this version is calling it) are not powered and so not lit.

    7) immediately when you tele to the biomes area look down. You are standing on a sea lantern. The very next block in front of you is actually a cobblestone silverfish egg.

    8) If you are flying and press a button to tele to main hub. (Example: from biomes area) You get stuck in the carpet. Perhaps add decimals to the teles to put a player on the carpet instead of the block below it. Editing the command block to say 19.2 seems to fix this issue

    9) In the items room; minecart chest there is a command block. Should this be in the redstone chest next to it?

    Request Additions

    1) there is the old "Wooden Slab" from beta which is not a block someone can normally get without commands. I however with the new blockstates and models gave it a texture differing from the oak slab. /give username minecraft:stone_slab 64 2 is the code to get it. I would like it if you could incorporate it somehow into your design as best you see fit. Even if you don't want it in your block room as it inst normally used block. This slab was a meta data of stone slabs so you need a pick to mine it even though it said wooden slab also it would not burn. Therefore they made a new set of slabs just for wood.

    2) The shrub does not appear in the vegetation area. /give username minecraft:tallgrass 64 0 It has the same texture as the dead bush but it is placed on grass. Again a block that isn't normal obtainable without commands, but with blockstates I again gave this one a unique texture. Or perhaps put it in the Vegetation chest in the items area.

    3) A Giant would be cool for the mob area. I know it doesn't get its own texture, but I feel bad for the guy getting left out all the time.

    4) I would like to see a pyramid and a desert well in the desert biome.

    Again well done this is an extremely useful map. I like how your redstone is very clean set up, I'm going to start using similar setups in my own builds
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