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    posted a message on MoarSigns
    Is this compatible w/ Flat Signs? I would love to see Diamond Doormats!!!
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    Well, it overhauled the Mob AI, overhauled the Block rendering format, overhauled the way the game handles IDs, overhauled the Block data format/Chunk format, added a few mobs, added new items, made Villagers useful, created Humanity with Alex, oh and made a ton of map-makers happy. I don't see why that wouldn't take a year.
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    posted a message on Pokécube
    My Pokemobs really likes to disappear into thin air. Here are the things that happened to me:

    1)I forgot to pick them up from the Pokecenter and all of them fell on the ground.When I pick them up, I lost 1-2 Pokemob.
    2)I returned my Pokemob into my hand,but no Pokecube showed up in my inventory.
    3)I caught a Pokemob. But when I pick it up, nothing showed up in my inventory.

    I think those are bugs. Hope you can fix them.
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    posted a message on Unique Tree Drops (Bananas, Sap, Cones, Coconuts, and Wattleseed)
    I REALLLLLLY like this one =)
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    posted a message on New Gamerule for Old Passive Mob Spawns
    The new Gamerule
    /gamerule doAnimalRespawn [true|false]


    When set to true
    Passive Animals (a.k.a Farm Animals) respawn after some time like they did during pre-Beta 1.8.
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    posted a message on Round 'em Villagers
    Pls note: Not weird Wild West Suggestion

    It's a pain to transport Villagers.

    So...... Sneak+Right Click with Lead=Captured Villager.

    p.s. They will hate you more if you do so. Though it saves you lots of iron.
    p.p.s. Villager Torture Montage!!!!!!!

    Alternative Solution
    Emeralds attract Villagers. Put 'em on a Stick while you're at it. Emerald on a Stick.

    That is all.Special Thanks to Badprenup for reminding me of:

    Testificate Popularity Meter
    That OLD Villager Transportation Methods are Expensive

    Supporter List
    Thanks for the :Diamond: SUPPORT :Diamond: of:
    :steve_wink: Badprenup :steve_wink:
    :: 0_Zippy ::
    :|: ProStickMan :|:
    :Bread: chocolate cake :Bread:
    :iapprove: jpmrocks :iapprove:
    :ISWORD: Blade2277 :ISWORD:
    :) Raffilcagon :)
    :Skeleton: PoisonDagger273 :Skeleton:
    :._.: ThatDoughnut :._.:
    :SSSS: Alphee :SSSS:
    :VV: flameoguy :VV:
    :Spider: Virulent_Eyes :Spider:
    :steve_rage: HateRegisteringEveryTime :steve_rage:

    Quote from Do you want this in Minecraft? »

    Post now in the comments below! Help this thread get some attention!
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    posted a message on Been Using "/Summon" to Replace Blocks? Not For Long!
    All hail the mighty Commanders of the Future: Command Blocks!

    In all seriousness, Command Blocks are getting more and more powerful and useful.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Redstone Help (Only Command Blocks At the moment but has DataTags already)!
    Going to try this out later this weekend.
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    posted a message on The Enchantment Megathread
    Quote from Limitsoflife

    Clarity I
    Helmet enchantment
    No conflictions
    It should conflict with Aqua Affinity and Respiration.

    Tautness I-V: Arrows fly further and faster, deal increased damage, but slows down drawback time (per level of enchant)
    Elasticity I-V: Decreases drawback time, but reduces damage (per level of enchant)
    Rapid Fire I: Every shot fires 2 arrows from the inventory. Still uses 1 durability.
    Accuracy I: Arrows home slightly towards nearest mob/enemy player
    Hawkeye I: Increases Bow's zoom when aiming

    Deflection I-III (Gold only): Chance to deflect arrows when blocking (I=30%, II=50%, III=70%)

    Cleaver I-III (Gold only): Chance to halve armor points when calculating damage (I=30%, II=50%, III=70%)

    Stunner I (Gold only): 50% chance to apply Weakness I and Nausea to opponent (lasts 5 seconds)

    Power, Tautness and Elasticity
    Infinity and Rapid Fire
    Accuracy and Hawkeye
    Deflection and Damage Increasers
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    posted a message on Should you be able to make mixed armor?
    Nothing more than READ THE TITLE AND LOOK AT MY SMILEY FACE. THINK ABOUT WHAT I MEAN type of suggestion.
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