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    posted a message on Destroy the Internet!
    Pixelmon Mod, GO!
    All available Pokemon in current Mod version, atk!!!
    (Hack to lv 255)
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    posted a message on should they put spawners in your inventory in 1.5.0?
    Maybe mine-able w/ Diamond Pick w/ Silk Touch & Efficiency?
    (Or just drop 2~3 spawn eggs according to what it spawns)
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    posted a message on One-way Minecart Rail
    Quote from Sourishlegstraps

    It really isn't that hard to build a little stop somewhere. It just involves some curves and a bit of redstone really. Also, I'm fairly sure I've seen this else where before so I'm going to say redundant.

    Quote from willifolts

    Just make a little hill and an inactive powered rail with a button.

    _ is a normal rail
    / is a powered rail
    - is a normal rail
    \ is a normal rail
    . is a button.
    Well I'm sorry for being a NOOB
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    posted a message on One-way Minecart Rail
    Hey guys! (and lassies)
    Ever built a Minecart Rail System?
    If you did so, don't you find it annoying that:
    You cannot put a station that stops Minecarts
    halfway through a length of Track?
    ('cos the Cart can't launch again)
    Now I had an IDEA that may help
    some people out trying to build a Rail System
    ('cos some people find ways around this)

    (-x-x-x-x- ONE-WAY RAILS -x-x-x-x-)
    Generally, One-Way Rails are activated by Redstone
    whwn powered, they stop Carts coming from the opposite
    direction and launch them the other way. They also work
    like Powered Rails towards Carts coming from the right
    direction. They can also act as Start Boosters that launch Carts
    towards the Direction that they are pointing.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ PIC }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Inactive State

    Active State
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    posted a message on I need help with an annoying annoyance.
    clock circuit w/
    /testfor @p[gm=a]
    linked to a comparator w/ inverter
    then link to CommandBlock
    /gamemode @a c

    Just that easy (+1 rep if it helped! or not)
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    posted a message on should they put spawners in your inventory in 1.5.0?
    Maybe implement them in C Inv with GUI that only pops up in CREATIVE mode, that lets you change its options and can only be changed afterwards by th person who placed it
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    posted a message on Mud & Mud Bricks
    Anything to say 'bout this? Anyone?
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    posted a message on [ADV] Pokemon Johto in Minecraft! ~ 1.7.2 ~ IN-GAME POKEMON NOTEBLOCK MUSIC! 375,000 DLs+ (ONLY WORKS IN MINECRAFT 1.7)
    Blitzscrank, PLEASE update the poor ol' FIRST POST!!! :steve_tearful:
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    posted a message on Ability to adjust volume levels on specific sounds.
    I hear ya.
    The slimes are annoying, I can't hear my Note Blocks, thunder is a nuisance in a "Cheats Off" world, and I'm not gonna go turn on LAN Connection just to toggledownfall
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    posted a message on New Nether Mob!
    Changed things here & there
    Quote from jpmrocks

    But stop sniffing the Staples's free sample sharpies.
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    posted a message on New Nether Mob!
    Quote from Rex1900Roblox

    3. How can a Nether mob drop Overworld mob stuff?

    Quote from skgr

    It would be good to add new mobs to the nether but it shouldn't be able to drop spawn eggs. I think spawn eggs should stick with creative.
    Ok, changed Rare Drops Section
    Quote from 0_Zippy

    The name isn't working. Putting a simple "Nether" prefix in front of stuff isn't the best idea.

    Quote from Theriasis

    I don't like the name,
    Any other ideas? I admit I don't like the name myself
    Quote from Blootz

    Sounds good.
    Quote from Theriasis

    I wouldn't mind a mob that dropped more types of heads.

    Quote from MM16201

    It's nice to increase the chances to get the mob head.
    I thought so too!
    Quote from Rex1900Roblox

    1. Please lessen the large colored text next time
    2. Whats with those unnecessary Notch stuff?
    Sorry! :Notch:
    Quote from 0_Zippy

    You must've been very excited to post this, judging by all the crazy text colors and sizes you threw around. It's also noticed by the little comments such as "...Stop it Notch" and emotes thrown in just for the sake of being thrown in.
    Yeah... I was :iapprove:
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    posted a message on New Nether Mob!
    Hello once again, Minecraftia. I'm Lai1999 and back with my 2nd suggestion...

    CONJURERS!!! ( :Notch: : !!!)


    Anyways, did you like the intro? Yes, I'm proposing a new mob for Minecraft, and it is in...
    THE NETHER!!! ( :Notch: : !!!)

    :lol: That was fun.

    Well, the mob I'm proposing is, yes, spawned in The Nether in a new Generated structure: Nether Quartz Towers (more use for Quartz!). The mob is named *looking at my intro* the Conjurer, and it has 15 <3 (we need a Heart Emoticon...) of health.


    It can conjure up Hostile Mobs, like:

    Zombie Pigmen (angry upon conjured, 50% chance)
    Blazes (30% chance)
    Wither Skeletons (15% chance)
    Ghasts (5% chance)
    ( :Notch: : !!!)
    ... Yeah Notch

    It also has a limit to the number of minions it spawns... 20 maybe?
    The spawn rate is 1 Mob every 5 seconds. Supporting Ability
    It has a habit of putting buffs on its minions. It can apply just about ANYTHING, but it has a level limit of III

    ( :Notch: : !!!)
    ... Stop it Notch. Getting Annoying.

    :: only up to 10 minions can have buffs
    :: Up to 3 buffs per Mob only
    :: Ability recharge time: 10 seconds (100 ticks-I think. Correct me if I'm wrong)
    :: Buffs last 20 seconds ONLY, take away 3 seconds per level of Buff. Attacks & Defense
    It has a ranged attack with a range of 10~15 blocks max (maybe?) It deals 1~2 <3 (again, Heart Emoticon) of damage, and may cause Knockback.
    ( :Notch: : !!!)
    You know what Notch, ( :SSSS: : Sssss)

    It has an Immunity to Fire, like all mobs in The Nether should be, and all arrows bounce off it harmlessly, although like a Blaze, it takes damage from snowballs.

    *distant explosion*

    Normal Drops
    A random Mob Head:
    Zombie & Skeleton | 40% each
    Wither Skeleton | 10%
    Creeper | 9%
    Steve | 1% :steve_shocked:
    Rare Drops
    Potions of Fire Resistance, Regen and poison.

    Height: 30 blocks
    Length & Width: 15 blocks

    The Nether Quartz Towers are rare generated structures that have a 2-thick wall and a central staircase. Along the way, there are rooms full of treasure but filled with Blazes and Wither skeletons. Once you reach the top floor, there is the Conjurer.

    In the Tower, it is lighted by Glowstone, but the spawners still spawn the Mobs. The only way to stop it from spawning is by Torches & breaking.
    None! (yet)
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    posted a message on Mud & Mud Bricks
    Quote from Plycar

    i rly like this but u should add piktures
    This is just a suggestion, not a mod, so there is no pictures (mind blank... ...)

    Quote from Dyenasaur

    Thanks :lol:
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    posted a message on Mud & Mud Bricks
    :SSSS: : Hey there, Minecraftia!

    Have you ever wondered how the game would be like, with mud that could be smelted into mud bricks,
    which in turn could provide an alternative to bricks?

    :Notch: : Uh...

    --- >O^... ---

    :SSSS: : I thought so! Well, I thought about it, and created this post!

    ----------MY IDEA----------

    The idea is to have mud being created on dirt blocks during rain. After the rain ends, though, it will dry up after 1200 game ticks, or 2 minutes (sorry if I got the game ticks duration wrong, 10 ticks = 1 sec, RIGHT???)

    It can have the property of topsnow, where it does not elevate you, and can be harvested by a shovel for mud. Then, you can smelt it into Mud Brick, which can be used like Brick to make Mud Bricks (block).

    Mud could also spawn on Dirt if it was next to water, but it is very rare.

    You could also craft Mud using a shapeless recipe, using :Water: and :soil: x4.

    Oh, and Mud Bricks (block) can be harvested with a wooden/gold++ shovel.

    Please support (or not, up to you)! :steve_csi:
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    posted a message on UPDATED PIX: Gryphons (Balanced flight for Survival mode)
    Quote from 327san

    No more than a boat would be. You would hardly be able to aim at someone with a bow, let alone actually hit them with an arrow from it. Hitting a player or mob with a sword would be even harder. In order to deal damage to anything, from bow or sword, you'd have to land your Gryphon and completely stop moving. At that point, you would actually become vulnerable due to lack of mobility (You cannot walk or run on a Gryphon, only fly. And take-off isn't instant, due to the need to flap your Gryphons wings.). This is not a mount intended for combat.

    Guess what? People, including me, have hit targets and sprint-jumping players while in a minecart being launched off a ramp and being swarmed by bats. The Gryph0n wouldn't be hard to aim off of. All you mentioned in this GAME-BREAKING? section, was combat. Things like travel are supposed to be difficult. You are supposed to have to struggle to smash the end crystals in the End using snowballs and bows. Riding your gryphon up to one is a true problem for people who don't realize they are going to die when it explodes. The jungle was designed to be hard to travel through. Flying over everything is just too easy, unless you are under heavy fire or something.
    I understand Mojang wants to add new mobs to the game in 1.6, but the game shouldn't get any easier than it is.
    I'll be back.
    If you do think so, then I suggest a compromise: Gryphon nests and Rock Spire biomes shouldn't spawn within 150~200 blocks of the player, so you must stock up on MANY items to make the journey. To make it harder to obtain the Gryphon Egg, mob spawn rates are increased by 20~30% in the Rock Spire biome
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