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    Hello unfortunate reader who decided to click on my post, and welcome to my build journal which will showcase: screenshots; links to DL my build worlds; my thoughts/comments on the build; and, of course, your impressions on these projects should you reply.
    You're free subscribe to this thread since I doubt I'll be posting very often to keep things hot, but when I put something together that I believe is worth sharing, those subscribed will soon know. ;)

    I can't say that I'd be especially willing to take on commissions, or collab work since (as an adult) I don't actually have the time to be sitting around building stuff in Minecraft all day. But that's not to say that you shouldn't ask, if you really need an answer about my availability to help out. Naturally, I won't be putting a price tag on my pieces, or any requested projects that I just so happen to accept (which won't be often!), and my only stipulations for the public use of my builds is that you credit me for my build by either; linking back to my post here, or recommending me in your own way. Also, be sure to ask for permission if you plan to use it publicly. For private use, (i.e. you use it as your own personal survival world, and you don't plan to share it with more than a friend or two, or on social sharing sites like Facebook, Youtube, etc.) for your own private use downloading is fair game.
    But always ask if you plan to share my builds publicly. I promise I don't bite. :)

    Disclaimer: Cutthroat communities are everywhere, but I'm just doing this for fun. If you've built similar projects to mine, pat yourself on the back for having the same tastes as me, as I don't normally look in places like this for amusement/inspiration, and I'm even less likely to log into servers hosted by people I don't know; even if it is just to take a tour of the server.

    I'm far from pro. Anything but a mega builder, and I can't Redstone for chocolate-chip cookies (without assistance). But you can look forward to small-to-medium sized builds that are both pleasing to the eye, as well as relatively functional for living in Survival with a mostly untouched environment to explore, and mine. ("Mostly", because I had to build somewhere. :P )

    With that let's have a look-see at the first creative project I'll be posting here for Minecraft version 1.8, I present the build I like to call: The Chocolate Orange!

    As you can see...

    The exterior is (for the most part), built up of Dark Oak Planks, giving it a smooth, chocolaty surface. With creamy accents from White-stained Hardened Clay, and Quartz Slabs & Blocks, you can be sure this isn't a bland, two-tone only house. For the realism inclined, you can see that I've placed cobble support pillars under each key corner of this house's structure, assuring you that you are not simply floating in space. ;)


    You're greeted by an Acacia-toned open floor-plan, with a spiral stairway to the upper floor. How would you decorate this warmly vibrant interior in its exotic Jungle locale?

    With great ocean views, and an outdoor deck to watch both the sunrise and sunset, you're sure to feel right at home in this tropical dream home!

    If you liked my project, and would like to explore it for yourself, here's the link I'm using to share it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4dpx5qiqu0iqzxr/Modern Contemporary.rar?dl=0

    I apologize if the format it's saved in isn't 100% perfect for the downloading process (I'm new at this, and working on it!), but it should be ready to drag 'n drop right into your saves folder. Enjoy the sweetly-tangy goodness! ;)

    Keep your builds fun, and lovely! I'm gonna prep some pics, and a link to another world of mine that has a nice sort of building in it.
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    Been a bit since I last logged in to bump this topic, but it looks like someone other than me has noticed it. :happy.gif: Finally...

    Westie, do you think there should be gems like the old collection system, or as a currency, or the newer exp system like the TLoS series?

    If it's the last, then they could be randomly spawned blocks in caves that sparkle in translucent colors, and stick out from the ground. Naturally you'd have to whack them to get the gems they provide. (Like mining lapis... :huh.gif: )

    If it's the collection system... I wouldn't know what to do from there, but treat it like an Adventurecraft mod, or an achievement... So the money system would be better, in a sense. As long as there are NPCs to buy items from... And thieves to chase; to recover the gems they try to steal from you when you're not looking! :ohmy.gif:

    Sheesh! If I knew anything about programming, or editing the player's character mesh, I'd be a lot more useful than an irritating idea font. :sad.gif:
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    That sounds reasonable enough. I don't think I've heard of the last four elements in the list, but then again, I haven't really played the second or the third game in that series.

    I've played the original trilogy. Wow, that brings back some good memories! I also remember how much I wanted to be able to make Spyro fly any time, any place. Most of the conversations you would have with the npcs were very misleading on that subject. ^-^;
    "Oh, yes, Spyro! If you practice your flying often enough, you'll be able to fly any time you want!" ... Is what half of those chats seemed to imply. Too bad it wasn't true, although there are plenty of ways to bug yourself into flying whenever you please, in certain areas.

    In these newer LoS games you can fly, but it seems limited to certain areas as well. But at least it's not a 'super fly' challenge. :dry.gif:

    Anyway... If someone out there could make a 'become a dragon' mod, or similar, they'd be adding more interesting features to Minecraft. Being able to fly, or breathe fire, as a beast of mythic lore is cool!

    Not to mention how many responses an npc in another mod, like 'Tale of Kingdoms' or 'Millenair', could have... 'Ahh! A dragon is destroying our crops! Slay him!'

    But that's on the other side of the coin. I don't mind being nice, as long as its rewarding! :wink.gif:

    Also, there just has to be a modder out there who likes the idea of being a dragon, too. This subject has got to get more visibility. :mellow.gif:

    P.S. Maybe you could make a 'Support Westie's Wish' banner for our signitures. That might gain this thread some notice. :wink.gif:
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    To be honest, it has been a while since I last picked up a Spyro game. :mellow.gif:

    But the one thing I'm still very attached to, is playing any sort of game as a dragon. It's just not done often enough, and it would be nice to peacefully rule my worlds as one of my favorite mythical creatures for a change. :happy.gif:

    How you would use your dragon talents poses an interesting quandary, though... Should you hold a particular item, and then press a special hot key to fly, or breathe fire? Or should one just have the hot keys, and no magical, or objective requirements?

    I can't make a mod, or a simple texture pack for that matter, but you could probably make the idea more tempting by giving out the pros and cons to being a dragon in the first place. Ask the right questions to get the answers you seek, and all that. :wink.gif:
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