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    Quote from sarahkins1»
    I love that it's at the back of the cliff and love the way it looks from the back. Really cute <3

    Thank you very much! Choco-Orange is pretty cute, even with its bold color scheme. ^-^;
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    Hello again! Thank you, everyone who commented on my builds; the appreciation, as much as the criticism, is well received! :)

    Today I have a build that I made last month during the snapshots leading up to 1.8, so this is a build that requires any of the later snapshots, or better since new types of blocks are used in the structure.

    What we have here...

    Is my Blue Mountain Theater of the Arts!

    So named, because of the big mountain-like blob I put on the roof. ;)

    Up close, you see I've used smoked glass in the facade for a very natural, modern public building. The lobby...

    Opens up to the sky, allowing the those who look up to see the Blue Mountain up close and personal. Once you're done enjoying the view, you can grab a program from one of the two chests at the entrance...

    And head on back to the guest seating area. Although slightly delayed, the main doors to the theater's seating are automatic thanks to command block technology courtesy of my younger brother's redstone mastery. ^-^

    Isn't the stage itself lovely? I started this build right here, enclosing it as time went by listening to various vlogs, and podcasts.

    I have included switches backstage that control the various light sources in the room. Most of the credit for the redstone, and lighting set-up goes to me, but the overhead lights for the seating area required a bit of command block assistance, again, from my clever younger brother. Thank you for the awesome help, dude!

    Back even further, there's an unfurnished "dressing area", for the costume-conscious Minecraftian who wants to look their best for an upcoming performance!

    Back outside again, you'll see that the interior alone is not the only nice thing to look at, with the majesty of the Blue Mtn. Theater really showing its stuff in a nice angled shot here.

    If you liked this build, and would love to explore, and even host performances of your own here the DL link:

    Again, let me know what you think about my builds; be it praise, or critique! Keep your builds lovely, and I'll post again once I have something new I'd like to share!
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    Hello unfortunate reader who decided to click on my post, and welcome to my build journal which will showcase: screenshots; links to DL my build worlds; my thoughts/comments on the build; and, of course, your impressions on these projects should you reply.
    You're free subscribe to this thread since I doubt I'll be posting very often to keep things hot, but when I put something together that I believe is worth sharing, those subscribed will soon know. ;)

    I can't say that I'd be especially willing to take on commissions, or collab work since (as an adult) I don't actually have the time to be sitting around building stuff in Minecraft all day. But that's not to say that you shouldn't ask, if you really need an answer about my availability to help out. Naturally, I won't be putting a price tag on my pieces, or any requested projects that I just so happen to accept (which won't be often!), and my only stipulations for the public use of my builds is that you credit me for my build by either; linking back to my post here, or recommending me in your own way. Also, be sure to ask for permission if you plan to use it publicly. For private use, (i.e. you use it as your own personal survival world, and you don't plan to share it with more than a friend or two, or on social sharing sites like Facebook, Youtube, etc.) for your own private use downloading is fair game.
    But always ask if you plan to share my builds publicly. I promise I don't bite. :)

    Disclaimer: Cutthroat communities are everywhere, but I'm just doing this for fun. If you've built similar projects to mine, pat yourself on the back for having the same tastes as me, as I don't normally look in places like this for amusement/inspiration, and I'm even less likely to log into servers hosted by people I don't know; even if it is just to take a tour of the server.

    I'm far from pro. Anything but a mega builder, and I can't Redstone for chocolate-chip cookies (without assistance). But you can look forward to small-to-medium sized builds that are both pleasing to the eye, as well as relatively functional for living in Survival with a mostly untouched environment to explore, and mine. ("Mostly", because I had to build somewhere. :P )

    With that let's have a look-see at the first creative project I'll be posting here for Minecraft version 1.8, I present the build I like to call: The Chocolate Orange!

    As you can see...

    The exterior is (for the most part), built up of Dark Oak Planks, giving it a smooth, chocolaty surface. With creamy accents from White-stained Hardened Clay, and Quartz Slabs & Blocks, you can be sure this isn't a bland, two-tone only house. For the realism inclined, you can see that I've placed cobble support pillars under each key corner of this house's structure, assuring you that you are not simply floating in space. ;)


    You're greeted by an Acacia-toned open floor-plan, with a spiral stairway to the upper floor. How would you decorate this warmly vibrant interior in its exotic Jungle locale?

    With great ocean views, and an outdoor deck to watch both the sunrise and sunset, you're sure to feel right at home in this tropical dream home!

    If you liked my project, and would like to explore it for yourself, here's the link I'm using to share it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4dpx5qiqu0iqzxr/Modern Contemporary.rar?dl=0

    I apologize if the format it's saved in isn't 100% perfect for the downloading process (I'm new at this, and working on it!), but it should be ready to drag 'n drop right into your saves folder. Enjoy the sweetly-tangy goodness! ;)

    Keep your builds fun, and lovely! I'm gonna prep some pics, and a link to another world of mine that has a nice sort of building in it.
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    Is this put together, right? (Well enough, that is...) I was just going to post it up, as a new topic thread, but it looks like the majority of the 'pinned' topics warn against just jumping into things, and this idea is not intended to offend, or suggest that no one else has thought of it before. I hope to have outlined my suggestion with as much thought to the possibilities as can be managed single-handedly. :unsure:

    On the other hand, even compressed into a spoiler tag, this still isn't the place for it to be acknowledged. So I only really need to know if this meets the 'Good Poster Standard'. Thanks for any positive feedback, and I'll meditate on the criticisms.
    First off; I must apologize if this has already been suggested in a past post, but I think some of you will agree that the specifics I state here are a tad different than what we're typically used to hearing... Maybe. 'x'

    The one technical request I have for the Mojang Team to work on is this: add a sitting function for the players to make their avatar's sit whenever, wherever.

    This sounds silly, even to me admittedly, but it's such a simple everyday thing that people have actually made mods that hold a similar function relating, in particular, to “furniture” within Minecraft.

    That said, I'd like a vanilla method, if you please. ^-^; But not for just any old sit-down on a piece of stairs*: what I have in mind sets a slightly different standard, because you should be able to sit just about anywhere, even on the ground or the edge of a cliff if you so chose*. With certain limitations of course... Such as needing at least two blocks of 'air' over the block you choose to sit on; a board key combo'ed with a right click, or a new hot-key altogether, to activate the 'sit' command (though you'd sit where you stood, rather than on a block you could aim for from a small distance).
    Another detail I'd take into account right away is that it should only work for one block higher (at maximum) from the player's current footing (the natural jumping height for Steve), and also for any of the blocks immediately beneath the player. My reason for saying this now, is because I can just see the exploitable 'cliff-climbing' glitch now... (A “feature”, is it? ;:/ )

    Putting that aside, what do you (the readers of this posted topic) think about this simple idea? Naturally, I'd prefer the “Mod API” first, but this is a close second as far as 'basic functions' go.

    Feel free to comment on anything about my post that may have made you smile, and maybe help elaborate on my idea if you come up with another interesting detail while we sit-on-it. ^_~

    *I have no objections if this is implemented anyway; there was never anything wrong with the old 'stair-chair'.

    *Yes, this is an idea based upon a romantic perspective... You should be able to sit on a cliff... Overlooking the sea... At sunset! DX “Draaamaaaaaaaaaa!”

    Okay, I'm done. ^-^;
    Sorry if that was a bit long for a quick proofread. I would just like to be sure I have the right idea when putting this suggestion post together. So, again, there's no need to respond to the suggestion. What matters is how it checks out on the politeness scale. ^-^
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    The project has been funded! I repeat; THE PROJECT HAS BEEN FUNDED! XD

    Yeah! I'm just enjoying the feeling of having helped make this happen... It's so surreal; I thought for sure that it wasn't going to make it, but it did, and so I'm just happily letting everyone know that while it got a little close at times, it succeeded. (Whew, now to take a break from freaking out everywhere... XP )
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    Thanks, Westie... The Kickstarter doesn't look like it's going make it. ^-^;
    We're getting really close, but in the end, only the most loyal out of his 80,000+ subs were able to help (whether its' by donating or convincing family or friends this was a worthwhile venture).

    I'm not really angry about it, or anything. :(
    It's sad, but most of them couldn't help with funds anyway because they're in a similar situation to you. That is; no real income to spend be it as donations, or a club-members only pizza party.

    And the most nerve-wracking thing of all is, as of this posting, there're 9 more hours to go before the KS closes, and it's only $2,971 left to go... o.o; I almost can't take the suspense. Forget watching turtles race: this is the Big Leagues!

    To top that off, there's few to no one on the Ocarina fan forum sites. I just get the impression that it's a very small, tight-knit community that would love to expand, but isn't so common (or popular enough) to manage it. Many people have heard of the Ocarina through the game with the same instrument in the title (Ocarina of Time), but that doesn't mean they fell in love at first sight of it. And after that, there's the rest of the world that goes, 'What's an Ocarina?'
    A beautiful instrument in talented hands is the happiest instrument on the planet, whether it's an Ocarina, a Piano, or the hottest Electric Guitar. :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Attention all Ocarina (or just music in general) fans! DX
    Okay, you've asked for the big guns, people! DX
    Anyone ever heard this song before?

    He's got a lot to offer, if you just check his channel out. For myself, I'm going to be posting on other sites that might be more willing to pay attention to this call to action.
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    I never yell at topic bumpers (that's a bit unnecessary/over the top, imo), but this is my first time having to do this to reach the people who might care: the cause has less than seven days to make a difference... :(

    All I really want is for the word to be spread! Thank you anyone that gives a darn. ('scuse mah French)

    Trolls: fire at will, to keep this topic hot!
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    Okay... How can this have over 15 views, and no replies? I'd almost welcome someone saying this is the weirdest thread ever posted...
    But my goal is plain; I want to save a kickstarter that's slowly failing.
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    Okay, to start with; I'm not an especially important individual. What I'm posting here is an alert to all those who appreciate supporting new talent when it decides to blossom.

    To be more precise, a kickstarter for a fairly well known youtube Ocarina guy is about to sink. I can understand where most people come from (financially speaking), so I'm not holding it against anyone if you can't help with funds (as little as a dollar is okay... really). But one way that anyone can help, is by spreading the word before April 26th.
    That's why I'm posting this topic; I'm just one small person in this vast crowd, who can make no more difference beyond what I do here and now.

    If you want proof that this guy, better known as David (docjazz4), is worth supporting, then check out this compilation video he worked on with other up-and-coming musical talents:
    This is all I can do; I only want to support something I think is worth supporting... If you liked that video, you may like other's from that same channel. He's got plenty of variety to choose from, if rock or video game music isn't your cup of tea.

    And if you decide you want to support his kickstarter after all, then here's a direct link (it can also be found on his channel, if you make that decision while browsing his videos): http://www.kickstart...f-ocarina-music

    To any moderators I may have cheesed off; I'm sorry if this isn't in the right area, or even allowed on these forums... I don't really know what else to do after donating what I could for the kickstarter itself.

    To those willing to help; as of right now we have ten days to make this happen... If at all. So... Thank you, any and all of you who read this post. Thank you, those who decided to step up and help any way that you could.

    With this, I'll end this post with a phrase that's been stuck in my head for about an hour now: 'Fate may be left to the wind, but while we have the power at our very fingertips to make impossible happen, we are the architects of our own destinies.'
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    Quote from sky_wingace

    Lynx apply on the new thread(right above your post)

    Well... I still have to wait, ultimately. Because your faction leader is offline at this ver moment. (Check post date and time!)

    And that means I have to wait to be approved at this other site. It looks very... Inactive. Though it may pick up later, when people actually join the site.
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    Oh, um... (insert cuss word here) I've been having trouble getting the banner's image online for the 'if you accepted' situation, but if you want, I can just send it to you by pm. (If that's even allowed...) ^-^; Yeah, the banner's real, I just can't seem to get it online... Maybe I should try photobucket... Deviant art won't let me, at any rate! >:x

    If I succeed, it will be in my signiture really soon.
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    Whitelist Application

    IGN: Lady_Lynx

    AGE: Well... If that's a must, then you should know that I'm currently 23. :X But I'm proud to be a fan of MC, regardless.

    CLAN: At the moment, that's non-applicable, but it is subject to change either very soon, or a bit later. It all depends on whether I get answered very quickly or not with the clan/faction I applied to.

    TIME ZONE: US eastern standard time (EST)

    If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer them either by pm, or here on the thread. ;)
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    IGN: Lady_Lynx

    Skills: I might not be much for a fight (too placid for it), but I am good at support positions that provide much needed assistance.
    Position you are aiming for: Mm, either 'Scout', 'Miner', 'Builder', or 'Scientist'... Not necessarily in that order. You need an odd-jobber posistion. :)
    Do you agree with the rules: They're reasonable enough, and shouldn't be too difficult to follow. I say, 'Yes'.
    Have you been on the server?: Not as yet, but that will be if this application is accepted.
    How active will you be?: I can be available a little after 7:30 pm, EST (US) on week days. If I don't have to do any major house chores on the weekend, I'll be available almost the entire day.
    Like the name or should we change it?: From what I've read, it's 'Defence' now. So, no; one change is plenty for the time being.
    Time zone: EST, US
    Have you ever been in a different faction?: No, this may be the first.
    How did you find out about us?: sky_wingace asked me to join as an assistant Redstone Engineer. I help him with a lot of menial detailing... I've gotten just-okay with a wooden axe.
    A little bit about yourself: Apart from being a full fledged adult, I have a fair sense of humor, and don't approve of foul language or behavior. By no means am I strict, but you try telling your fellow college classmates(4 year olds) to lay off on the cussing, and be more mature(5 years old, at LEAST! 9.9 )
    Are you willing to change your skin?: Not particularly, but I am willing to fit a 'decal' on it to distinguish it from other factions if I'm required to.
    Are you good at making skins?: That depends entirely on taste. For myself; I think my current skin is bland, but a good show of self expression. Other's out there may well think its too boring, but that's them.

    This application is a priority to me because sky_wingace asked me to help... Which means that the faction he's a part of might need a lot of it. :/
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