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    posted a message on Koonkraft - Looking for build team (Will pay)

    What kind of builds and nope havent heard the network?

    I'm a builder

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    posted a message on PixelQube | Staff Needed! | Builders Needed! |

    Hi ive been playing minecraft on the xbox for 3 years and about 2 years on the pc on another server

    tbh I don't know what that's much a difference between builder or staff but id just like it if I could be staff as in building things since I really love building and interacting with a community and getting to knkow the peeps that play on servers.

    my best building style is medival slightly abstract. but I always like learning new stuff in case required

    atm I cant be on very much due to lots of busy stuff irl but id really be honered if I could become a staff that does building.

    about donating ill ahev to see I'm running a bit low on money atm so , sorry bout that

    but id really like staff if that's possible

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