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    posted a message on Adults only! No griefing or stealing 1.7.10 server. Coming soon, 1.8 update with 100% vanilla map access from our modded world!
    so we took whitelist off for now and we have some people online hanging out with us. Come on in guys :)
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    posted a message on Server Events and Games
    Hi there:

    I recently became a mod on a Survival Server and I decided that it would be a great idea to host some events for our players. The thing is that I do not know what kind of events I can host. I am drawing blanks here. I am not good with mods or anything overly technical like that but our server has some great mods, admins and the server owner who are all pretty good at figuring mods out.

    So here is what I am asking the Minecraft community for:

    Can you please suggest some great games that we can play on our server?

    So far I have come up with the following:
    - Themed Building contest
    - Hide and go seek
    - A scavenger hunt
    - Hunter vs. the hunted (I was told that this is a mod and my server admins can possibly do this.

    The only thing that I ask is that you not suggest any mods/games that will require our members to download and install anything as it has to be something that once our server owner can just install and we can all enjoy.

    Looking forward to hearing your responses.

    PS. I doubt that anyone on the server wants to do UHC though.

    Oh Mods if I posted in the wrong section Can you move it please?
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    posted a message on Vanilla with a few Mods
    Whitelist is off again for tonight

    The server IP is: garayjimmy.beastnode.net
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    posted a message on Looking for a very small server
    Hey I play on a whitelisted server. If you are interested PM me with your IGN and age and I will add you to the whitelist.

    We are vanilla with some mods for better gameplay.
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    posted a message on Player seeking mostly Vanilla server

    I would like to introduce you to our the server that I play one. We have the following:

    Protection stones
    /fly (but you don't need to use it)
    no PVP (PvE only)

    3 Worlds to chose from
    Special enchants for enhanced gameplay
    Nice special mobs for extra fun

    If you are interested send me a PM with your name and age so that we can whitelist you.

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    posted a message on Looking for a server! :)
    Hey if you want Vanilla with mods for enhanced gameplay then visit our server.

    We are a \mature server so we are looking for players 18+. Is this you?

    Reply or PM me for the info.

    Btw we are small but not new. We can take a max os 15 players at a time but many of our older players got busy with life so now we need new members.
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    posted a message on Staying on a Server
    I take everyone's point and I know that you all make sense.

    TendoFreak we do have some of the things that you seem to like /sethome, /tp and /back.

    @Eru great points too. I mean I think we have a great server as it is, but we just lack the players. Imo it is stable, reliable always up and running. Just trying to rebuild the community. Honestly For us we don't just want anybody on the server so we go for quality over quantity.

    We had some great players but life happens and people get busy and new priorities.

    @Prince Agreed 100%

    I actually anted pure vamilla when i stumbled upon this server but somehow i stayed lol and I like it here.

    We don't give special treatment to donors nor do we treat players badly.

    Another issue i see that we have is since we have so few regular players now, when people log in they see 1 or 2 people and just decide to leave because they don't see 10+ players. I suppose we have a lot of work cut out for us. But your feedback is always welcomed.

    Really I am hoping to get feedback from this thread to see how we can improve.
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    posted a message on Vanilla with a few Mods
    I am online again tonight and have removed whitelist for a while (Maybe 1 hour)
    Feel free to check us out. If you miss this chance just send me a message. :)
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    posted a message on Vanilla with a few Mods
    So I am online for a bit tonight so please leave me a message and I will whitelist you :) Just answer the question.
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    posted a message on Vanilla with a few Mods
    Still seeking new members :)
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    posted a message on Vanilla with a few Mods
    Hey All

    Looking for a Vanilla server with a few mods for enhanced gameplay?

    Well you're in luck.

    I am currently on a whitelisted Vanilla Server (not pure Vanilla) that has a few mods for gameplay enhancement.

    We are a mature server so we would only like players 18+
    (Mature under 18 players will be considered)

    Our server owner originally created the server for his wife, a co-worker and himself; however, he has decided to open up the server for mature players who would like a nice place to hang out and build.

    There is absolutely no griefing allowed. He/we do not put up with it, and we have all the tools that we need to find it and reverse it. There is a complete rollback and ban of the offending player, as if he never logged on.

    Each person is given $500 which they can use to purchase protection stones at the spawn shop to protect their things from potential griefers.As we are a whitelisted server please leave me a message here or in PM with your information s that you can be added to our white-list.

    If you would like to play on this server please PM me for the IP address.

    We have jobs, economy, a working postal service, custom weapons and tool drops and mob arena.

    You can also craft pumpkin pies for the ability to fly for a short period of time.

    Please rest assured that there is absolutely no donation needed. All players are treated equally. Mods/Admins are friendly and fair and we all have to play by the same rules.Looking forward to seeing you here.

    Please leave the following information:
    • MC name:
    • Age:
    • Timezone:
    • Reason for wanting to join:
    • What you like to do in MC:
    • Ever been banned from a server (Yes or No) and if Yes please tell us why:
    I am on EST and I work so I am mostly online between 9 to 11 pm on a weekday. Weekends I jump in and out of the server.

    I will update this post as i see fit.

    Looking forward to seeing you here. :)
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    posted a message on Staying on a Server
    Quote from MrJangles

    Hey! That's the best question I've ever seen here. Check out these guidelines. This is from my experience running all types of game servers and communities.

    1) The Community - You should feel welcomed when join and know that when you go back you'll feel like you're at home.

    2) The Staff - Are they helpful? Do they recognize you as a player or as a number? A good staff team treats minecraft as a business and the customer is always right. I very good staff team doesn't abuse control (power tripping) and is a major part of the community. Fun, friendly, understanding and forgiving are key traits for staff members.

    3) The Technical - Check the status of the server on minestatus, a popular long running server list. It will tell you average uptime. Join a server that has 99%+ uptime and has been running for a long time. This search sorts by "listed for": https://minestatus.n...t&direction=asc

    4) The Website - Check out the servers website. Does it look clean? Chances are a well designed website also means a well designed server. Check the posts in the forums and see what type of community you'll be joining.

    5) The Safety - Are you protected? Is the server doing anything to protect your Minecraft builds? Look for a server with grief protection, land claming, and anti-hack plugins. Also, ask the server owner if data is backed up in more than one location. If data is backed up regularly you won't have to worry about loosing your work (possibly years of work) if the server gets hacked.

    This is the best answer that I have seen so far.

    I can address a few things.

    Community - Imo i believe that we have a good community (all-be-it we do not have a lot of active members which is what I am currently working on building.

    Staff - Our staff members do not abuse powers. I have never seen that happen. Not even the owner abuses power.

    Technical - I cannot speak to that lol

    Website - We do not have one. (Wonders if this could be an issue)

    Safety - This is completely covered as the owner made sure of that. People have been griefed before but all items/builds were restored.

    You gave me great feedback.

    I am trying to get all the information that I can so that I can help to make our server better.
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    posted a message on Staying on a Server
    Quote from Majikal

    For me, I find servers that have cool/mature players, vanilla style with maybe minigames or economy to them. I dislike griefing, pvp, and immature players/admins.

    Well i can't speak for cool lol but we do have mature players because it really is an adult mostly server. It is Vanilla with a few mods but to me nothing too out of the ordinary.

    Quote from thejubster
    If the players don't respond, even if they aren't afk, I leave. Servers where the players don't care about the new people and the most you can get from them is maybe a "welcome" are horrible. So when going on a new server, I look for players/staff supporting the new players.

    Well as long as myself or the owner or even any other mod/admin is online whenever a new player logs in we always welcome them, give them a run down of the rules, offer some help and allow them to ask any question they wish.

    Quote from BreakingScythes
    If it has epic PVP. Big huge battles, complicated plots, etc

    Not relevant. The server i speak of is not a pvp server.

    Quote from DarthTrogo
    Popularity and a good community to talk to in server lobbies. ^ 90% of what I do in Minecraft these days.

    We are working on popularity. We had a lot of players a few months ago but work, school, life happened :) As is expected.

    Quote from MiningHamster456
    There is one server that after about a Minecraft day on it I wanted to stay. I can't pin point exactly what made me stay but I have a good idea. Immediately there were a lot of people who welcomed me to the server. And about two minutes in one player asked if I needed a house to stay in and some resources. I then got chatting and made other friends. The rules for the server were good and the whole layout was brilliant. That's all what probably what made me stay on. I now try and help anyone new on the server in the same way as that player did. Some servers before that did not welcome me at all, and I had to fend for myself through out it. Players blanked me, and I ended up getting griefed and stolen from. So basically first impressions are really important. If you don't get welcomed almost straight away you may feel like leaving. So now I will most likely always stay on this server, as the first impressions there were good.

    I completely get this. I actually though i help i don't go out of my way because i find that some people become too dependent and start begging which is too annoying for my taste. But if i realize that someone is trying then I will help them as much as i can.

    Well unfortunately I work a lot so i am not always there to welcome the new players but I wanted the response of others to see how we can do better as a server.
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    posted a message on Staying on a Server
    So i have a general question.

    I play on a whitelisted multi-player server. To me it is a great server. It has a mature player base (though most people are too busy with work to play often - myself included), it is modded but still an element of Vanilla involved.

    My question is what makes you decide to play a server once you have visited one?

    I mean i see many players log in and just log off never to return. I am trying to figure out why this is.

    We do have rules like no griefing, no stealing and be mature. The main ones. Like most other non-PVP server i suppose.

    Please tell me what would make you play a server after logging in and what makes you not play a server.

    Please don't say the obvious like You wanted PVP or that you wanted Vanilla because those are obvious.

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    posted a message on What or who made you play Minecraft
    A friend of mine bought it for me because i thought it was too ugly for my money. I found the Soartex texture pack and have not stopped playing since.
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