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    We have created a server, the first of its kind, to truly achieve an economy system in minecraft.

    On your standard economy server, why would you bother to trade materials such as coal, wheat, iron? .etc.. you wouldn’t, it’s pointless. Those items are way too easy to come by to bother trading them.

    Here things are different. We use a custom map where resources are scarce and are not uniformly distributed across the world - this makes trading with other players essential and adds a whole new dimension to ‘geopolitics’. This server isn't easy at first, in a matter of fact its the challenge that keeps people playing.

    So come as an individual OR come with your friends and join or start your own faction. Take on the larger factions with your amazing building skills and political understanding for server supremacy.

    The centre of the map is green and fertile, that’s where most of the farming towns are so far. The outskirts of the map are barren and dangerous but full of ores and other rare items. This is home to many mining outposts. These player run towns trade with one another in order to survive.

    map of world: https://imgur.com/a/Ylk9UbI

    Youtubers and Streamers also welcome!

    If you’d like to join Comment your Discord and Ill add you :)

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