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    Whenever I'm within loading distance of an NPC in singleplayer and I log out or leave, the NPC "vanishes"
    I can see if if I right click with the npc wand, but I can't edit it or teleport to it-- just says "Unable to find NPC". I'm using version 1.12.2 if it helps.
    when I log into multiplayer, craft an NPC I can set them, script them, all the doo-hickeys, but the SECOND I log out the NPC is gone as well.

    If I attempt to use the cloner, after relogging it says that it failed to create an entity from my clone. I successfully placed a mobspawner, and on relog it's still there but the NPC has still vanished and isn't respawning.

    Interestingly enough The Entities are staying on my SP server but vanishing anytime I reload the MP server, Even more interesting, if I create an NPC on the MP server I can clone them fine on the SP server but if I log out after I clone said NPC on the MP server and log back into the MP server not only has the original NPC vanished, it tells me there was a problem spawning the entity.

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    Anytime I set an NPC, and log out of a server, even if for just a few seconds, the moment I log out the NPC vanishes. Any suggestions?
    Presently running 1.12.2. on a friend's server as an Op.

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