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    posted a message on Frame Rate Issues [Information Required][UPDATED]

    World Seed: 973735494100659789

    Coordinates it started happening (Roughly): About the southwest spot on the map (small island chain)

    Offline/Online?: Offline

    Single/Multiplayer?: single

    Difficulty?: Peaceful

    World Options you had enabled: defaults (Trust players, tnt explodes, fire spreads)

    How long before it started happening from world creation/load: Within 5 minutes

    Current settings in each of the Settings menu


    - View Bobbing (On/Off) Off

    - Hints (On/Off) On

    - In-Game Tooltips (On/Off) On

    - in-Game Gamertags (On/Off) On

    - Autosave Interval OFF

    - Difficulty Peaceful


    - Music % 29%

    - Sound % 74%

    - Cave Sounds (On/Off) On


    - Game Sensitivity % 150%

    - Interface Sensitivity % 120%


    - Render Clouds (On/Off) On

    - Bedrock Fog (On/Off) On

    - Custom Skin Animation (On/Off) On

    - Gamma % 75%

    - Interface Opacity % 40%

    User Interface[/b]

    - Display HUD (On/Off) On

    - Display Hand (On/Off) On

    - Death Messages (On/Off) On

    - Animated Character (On/Off) On

    - 2 Player Split-Screen Vertical (On/Off) On

    - Splitscreen Gamertags (On/Off) On

    - Classic Crafting (On/Off) On

    - HUD Size 2

    - HUD Size (Splitscreen) 3

    It started heavily when I built a medium sized stone brick wall around a cave entrance as part of an outpost in creative...would trigger every couple minutes and lass for 15-20 seconds. Would describe the framerate drop as Choppy (5-10 fps) during the daylight cycle transitions (dusk and dawn)

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    Not sure if this was noticed or not, but fire in creative no longer disappears or burns through burnable blocks. I've tried several worlds, and also tried basic creative and also changed some options around. Not sure if this is also occurring in other modes. Wood, wool, and TNT are ones I've tried it on and the fire just sits there like it's netherack. Apparently it only burns the objects if fire spread is enabled where before it would still at least burn through the blocks it was on (or trigger TNT if it touched it).
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