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    Select the world in world select menu and use the button "recreate" on the bottom. It open the regular "create world" menu, but with the settings of the previously selected world loaded up.

    Hope I was able to help you!

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    Hello, dear Minecrafter!

    I would like to play an SMP with 3rd life rules, but much more people and

    a spectacular terrain generated by the mod "Terraforged". If you want to join,

    please contact me over Discord (Ladingru#6055).

    Please be advised:

    1. Playing on the server will require a Forge Modpack installed.

    2. The SMP will only start once we find enough people, so contact me and

    please stay patient!

    3.The whitelist will be closed once the SMP is started.

    If you want to join us, you must be:

    1. able to communicate in english. (If you can understand this thread,

    you're good enough)

    2. at least 16 years old

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