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    posted a message on Fiore Survival Server [Need Staff] [24/7] [Vanilla] [Survival] [Whitelist]
    IGN: Lactossse[/b]
    Country: usa[/b]
    Skype/Discord: owen. #8202[/b]
    How did you find this server? The forums, haven't seen it anywhere else[/b]
    Anything else we should know?: Nothing off the top of my head but I may want to invite a friend in the future. [/b]
    Why do you want to join?: Because for the last year or two I have been searching for an smp that is active and doesn't shut down. And so far everytime I join one it seems to either shut down or go inactive a month in. I also enjoy playing vanilla survival with other people rather than myself.[/b]
    Posted in: PC Servers
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