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    Hello, I've downloaded the AFS Trilogy from http://mgplatinium.com/antfarm/ onto my iMac OS 10.11.6. I also downloaded the Resource Pack. Resource Pack seems to be alright, it shows up (well, the 3 of them) as options when I open Minecraft.

    1) Am I correct to assume AFS plays on Minecraft version 1.7.10? I had to search all over to find only one mention of this version of Minecraft in reference to this game & it wasn't/isn't anywhere on MGPlatinium's site.

    2) When I unzip the AFSTrilogy_v8.1 file, this is what I get: 26 "file"? + an empty folder. (see image). So when I go to my ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft folder to put it in my Saves folder, it doesn't register when I open Minecraft to play it. I've tried putting all those 26 versions (I assume they are the updates) into the folder & put THAT into the Saves folder, it still doesn't register as an option to play it when Minecraft is open.

    I've tried for 2 hours now to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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