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    posted a message on 1.7.10 Server Crashes When Adding Xaero's Minimap

    Simple Don't add to server, its a Client Only mod...

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    posted a message on Planes
    Quote from snivylover626»

    Minecraft is supposed to be medieval, so that means we won't get any of that fancy technology like cars, planes, guns, phones, etc.

    I don't see a reason for a plane if we have the Elytra.

    No Support.

    Which can be fixed with mods, the game is a sandbox game, which means it can be anything anyway, doesn't have to be Medieval, alot of people build modern stuff, mainly cause medieval is limited.

    But OP, Just use mods if you want a plane, A vanilla plane made by mojang would most likely be awful, leave it to mods, modding does it already. Try MCHeli.
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    posted a message on Looking for a cheap host in Australia

    Sorry but for A Australian Location your never gonna get that as Australia is the most expensive country for everything (I Swear...). For that price your gonna have to use a North America or Europe...

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    posted a message on Traincraft
    Quote from urushira»

    I just downloaded this for 1.11.2 server/client and it doesnt even start up. forge is installed ( v9982 ). Is there a tutorial or is this a bogus download used as click bait by someone trying to make a buck off you???

    It was obviously clickbait, so yes they would be trying to make a buck off traincraft, Websites do that alot, Traincraft hasnt updated to 1.11.2 yet... You obviously downloaded it from a dodgy minecraft mods website which all need to be taken down..
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    posted a message on Let it go, it’s time to stop updating
    Quote from RobertFrans»

    More is not always better and quality is for the most part also a matter of opinion. Personally I love the simplistic yet in depth and never-finished nature of Minecraft and I firmly believe that this combination is just what makes Minecraft such a huge succes. With a few basic mechanics and a very simple tech tree, it forces you to think creatively to accomplish what you want and gives you the freedom to do whatever you want fairly quickly.

    It would be more agreeable if all the updates past 1.8 weren't a disaster. And Mods doesn't mean its "not as good" quality, heck have you seen some of the big mods? Like immersive engineering? Buildcraft? mods like that force you to think even more creatively. Also a big part of why Minecraft is successful is because of the modding community.... Games with good mods can become very successful, same reason for minecraft. Also not to mention vanilla gets boring pretty fast, mods keep the game alive.

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    posted a message on [WIP] Zora no Densha - Authentic trains and railways in Minecraft - Tracks fully compatible with Railcraft, Traincraft, ...
    Quote from ZaffreAqua»

    They're supposed to be single car rail units. They look very odd indeed. The one end is the rear, with what I assume is an electric turbofan powered by a 3rd rail.

    No idea there. The basic idea is that the vehicle travels through a series of vacuum tubes so air drag doesn't affect or heat it in any fashion. The one way to get something done like this fast is with money; Elon Musk, brilliant business man and probably the only one who knows what compassion and creativity is, and Dubai, greedy bored people who hog most of the world's money and want something else to brag about. Fairly simple, really. Getting anything remotely near large scale in the US won't happen unless it has to do with more unnecessary roads. (Or war)

    I'm personally okay with it.

    "Dubai, greedy bored people who hog most of the world's money and want something else to brag about."

    10/10 most honest statement right there. I kinda want to see what they will do if they ran out of money, they wouldn't be able to brag about that. xD
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    posted a message on Microblocks

    Seriously, this suggestion, you have taken it straight out of mods. This will probably (hopefully) not happen, and if it did, they would do it in such a way that it would be horrible anyway.

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    posted a message on [WIP] Zora no Densha - Authentic trains and railways in Minecraft - Tracks fully compatible with Railcraft, Traincraft, ...
    Quote from Spirit_Tracks»

    Dear Zora no Densha community,

    we are proud to announce that a new version of Zora no Densha has been published! Feel free to grab your copy right here:


    For help, please view our GitHub wiki right here.

    We hope you'll enjoy the new version of Zora no Densha.


    - ZnDevelopment

    Oh Nice,

    I gotta say, The track building is pretty nice!

    Just one question, is there anyway to make slope tracks yet? or am I doing something wrong?
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    posted a message on GUNS

    guns could actually work as minecraft is a sandbox game and you can do whatever you want. And if anyone saying kid-friendly? kids these days plays COD and even adult game. Maybe add a special crafting table to craft the gun.

    I can agree with the first part, kids do play COD etc. But do we really want anymore of these COD Fans on Minecraft, Ive seen what some of them are like and them playing minecraft, do we really want screaming kids on server chats etc? And well flans uses a weapon workbench thing so I guess it could work, But yea.

    If players want guns. or just about anything, they can use mods instead. Heck you can get 3D guns with mods if you want them, Mojang if they did add guns would make them 2D, which I will say wouldn't look good.
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    posted a message on GUNS


    That's one of the constants of this forum, or any other place you can suggest things for Minecraft. Gun suggestions rarely get supported, for obvious reasons. If you must know those reasons, this is why:

    1. Overpowered, considering this can kill some mobs with one shot, and how easy it is to craft it. Iron isn't rare, and redstone comes in abundances, so it's not like a couple iron blocks and some redstone is very hard to come across.

    2. Where does this fit into Minecraft? Minecraft takes place sometime around medivial times. Guns did not exist back then, or they at least weren't common.

    3. This is a kid-friendly game. Have you ever seen actual firearms in a kid's game?

    4. Guns would essentially be a buffed-up version of the bow, with a different texture.

    So, with all that being said, NO SUPPORT.

    I agree with this, But as a mod user (That dont use gun mods) I can disagree with 2. as I use a ton of tech and modern mods, The game isnt really based on a time period, its a sandbox game, It can be anything you want, with texturepacks and mods, you can make it medieval or modern. Medievel times didnt have any technology like that.... They weren't advanced at all back then.

    terraria has guns and call of duty has guns and don't forget minecraft minecraft has bows bows are similar to guns get your game up and fix your spelllng BRO

    1. Terraria is a 2D game, so its probably slightly different, needs guns to keep it relevant, from what Ive seen that doesn't have a clear theme anyway.
    2. Call of Duty is a entirely different game. (If you can even call it a game). When I Saw this thread I Instantly expected it to be a COD fan, very predictable. But anyway on topic Guns will never be added to vanilla Minecraft, well... Most likely not, after the recent updates nothing would surprise me to be honest. But Its very unlikely as Guns would probably make the classification rating to be higher then it needs to be.

    3. Your spelling on the Original post was extremely bad, and I guess we can expect no grammar from you either..... If your gonna criticize someones spelling at least do it properly yourself Not to mention Notch left ages ago, Not sure if I Can take this post seriously.

    You know the drill, No support.

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