About Me

26 years old IT tech/codemonkey. My passions are video games and computers, mostly with building, and fixing/maintaining them. My top skill is drawing and spriting. I occasionally dabble in game development.

My interests include:
*Video games (RPGs, platformers, action-adventure, puzzle, strategy, RTS/turn-based strategy (such as FFT or Ogre Tactics), life simulation (Animal Crossing, etc), mental games (such as Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton) among other genres)
*Technology (aside from computers, gadgetry and devices in general)
*Drawing (I draw mostly fantasy and sci-fi, occasionally going into horror or surreal)
*Cooking (sweets, savory dishes, pastries and baking)
*Music (mostly video game music, electronica (such as house, electro, dubstep, breakbeat, etc), rock 'n roll (heavy metal, alt, classic, etc), instrumentals (such as C418 and The American Dollar), hip-hop (golden age, older stuff, underground)

Location West Coast USA

Profile Information

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