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    posted a message on Realistic Terrain Generation (RTG) — Realistic Biomes, Huge Mountains, Custom Trees, Truly Flat Terrain, Breathtaking Landscapes

    Just starting a pack for 1.12.2 and was looking for a terrain gen mod..well this mod to be exact... only to realize its not been updated yet...wth, j/k. Ive used this mod in pretty much every pack Ive put together in the past for 1.7.10 and look forward to using it again in my 1.12.2 pack I am working on. Just wanted to let you know Ive enjoyed the mod immensely in the past and expect I will do so again for the upcoming pack(s). I greatly appreciate the time youve taken creating and are taking to get the mod updated and look forward to the breathtaking landscapes that will again be used to create my world(s). Thank you.

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    posted a message on Animals Plus ★ v1.8 - Kiwis, camels and more! 🐫 🐢 (Updated 5/8/2016)

    Looking forward to 1.10.2, thank you for taking the time to make the mod and keeping it updated.

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    I kind of liked the idea with the plants, maybe use the plant itself, grind it up in the mortar & pestle. Just keep thinking biology, physics and chemistry.with a touch of philosophy and religion. Science and magic. Not really a whole lot of wiggle room, their are only so many processes the alchemist can do. Smelt metals or heat them til they oxidize so you can powder them, distilling, fermentation, creating gases (heating liquids in the smelter til they vaporize, , mixing acids to powders to get different gases, casting treated metals into items (rings, weapons, etc), discovering alchemists fire (very hot, specifically created for alchemy or not if you desire). And you could use those procedures to add aspects to items, potions, concoctions, elixirs, create essences (for other mods or for other uses in alchemy), discover rare earths, create items for locating other materials and of course at least one ultimate single or limited use item. Maybe use the characters level to create the items and mix the potions, elixirs, salves,balms and concoctions. Ok ok, so not all of those are strictly alchemist, but herbalism and alchemy are pretty close to one another. Hell, make this a alchemist/herbalist mod, then you could use all sorts of ingredients, plant, elements, metals, animals, gems and could use all sorts of cool equipment, alembics, apothecary jars (if you really wanted to get people interested) for storing herbs, flowers, animal parts, etc. vials, cruets, braziers, beakers, vat, crucible, etc. Sorry, D&D geek hehe. Maybe figure out some way of calculating success or failure (explosion errr... I mean bad mix), I suppose you could even make golems or living statues or something like that with this.

    I havent played thaumcraft yet so, if this is anything like that, disregard please, thanks.

    Hope this helps some. Looking forward to seeing what you do.
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    posted a message on BiblioCraft [v2.4.5]-Bookcases, armor stands, shelves, printing presses, seats, clocks, the Atlas and more! Updated 06/21/2018
    Would it be possible to have recipes for wire framed glasses, gold/silver(iron)?

    And for the chair backs another one that I think would look good would be a combination of the 4th and 5th one, arms with the head rest (I know its not a head rest lol, but what else do you call it :-) ) .

    And finally, thanks for taking the time to make such an amazing much needed mod, most appreciated.
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    posted a message on Richard's Coffee And Tea Mod - Thanks for over 10k downloads!
    Are you looking to add different types of tea or specific teas? If you are just looking for the types you could add oolong, green, black, white, yellow.....If you are looking for specific teas you could add spearmint, peppermint, chamomile? camomile? think its the first one. Darjeeling, herbal teas, hibiscus which might be a good one to add just cuz its flowering, nettle, yes as in burning nettle, ginger, lavender, lemon balm, one that has something to do with roses, rosebud tea or something like that, echinacea, thistle, blackberry ....Im sure their is a ton more, those are just the teas Ive tried....or new my folks tried. Fun fact you can even smoke some tea leaves...food for thought. Then you could add fresh or dried leaves...mmm, what else. Im sure Im forgetting something, Ill think of it as soon as I post. In short, I kind of think you can make tea out of any type of leaf that isnt poisonous, some may not taste as good as other though hehe. Hope this gives you some ideas, looks like a great mod, probably going to try it if still hungry hasnt put tea in their mod already...or maybe Ill try it even if they have :-).

    Thanks for taking the time to make these amazing mods.
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    posted a message on [BuildCraft] Logistics Pipes
    Im sorry, but you are all going to have to stop talking about your builds until 1.7.2 is out....I CANT TAKE IT!!!! I NEED these mods....
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    posted a message on DrZhark's Mo' Creatures (mod suggestion thread)
    Water buffalo, electric eels, giant squid.
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    posted a message on Still Hungry! - New foods and crops!
    Many of these recipes have multiple steps, just like they would if I were actually making them and the recipes are...kinda like the RL recipes minus several of the smaller ingredients so as to cut down on the slots used in the crafting areas. I could cut the recipes down some and take out steps but while cutting it down to 1 step saves time and processes it feels like a utility/utilities are being cut out making that utility less important. I guess Im looking for MC to be more interesting, not easier but of course all changes and addition are subject to the mod makers fancy. Ill be more than happy if you add any of these..

    A few more ingredients would be cool too.



    Thought I seen a post for coffee beans being grown but if not, Coffee Beans, pretty sure these are large bushes, but Ive seen pics of guys climing ladders to pick the fruit so......


    Bell Peppers
















    Cookbook/Recipe Book (Leather x 2, Paper x 3 and flour (what good cookbook doesnt have some flour on it?)) - L -


    - L F

    Grinder (Oak Wood or Stone or Cobblestone, Iron Ingot and Stick) - S -

    - I -

    - W -

    *Not sure if you can use glass to make anything like this, but that would be very cool too*

    Skewers (Stick and Iron Ingot) S I -

    Pot (5 Iron Ingots and 1 Stick) I I S

    I I I

    I I I After all, you cant make everything in a pan and whats a good kitchen without pans AND pots :-).

    Salt (either processed on the stove or crafting table (salt water and jar) I prefer the stove myself, or collected from salt flats in the dessert areas or from around bodies of salt water, oceans and seas. In either case after being collected or dehydrated the salt gets ground. Id make salt deposits harder to find and dehydrating a slow process 1 bucket of water = 1 salt, should be kind of hard to come by Id think.



    Applesauce (Apple x 3 and Sugar on crafting table then cook on stove (Jar and Apple Mix) A A -

    A S -

    - - -

    Bacon and Eggs cooked on stove (Raw Pork, Egg and Pan) P E


    Baked Pumpkin Seeds Cook on Stove (Pumpkin Seed, Salt and Pan)

    Batter *Could use this all purpose batter for any recipes such as pancakes or waffles on crafting table (Combine Flour, Salt, Egg, Corn/Rice/Peanut Milk, Oil and Bowl x 3 = 3 Bowls of Batter) F S -

    E M O

    B B B

    <If one were really adventurous they could add another recipe for Pancakes or waffles, etc with fruit or Jam on top>.

    Sweet Batter *Could use this all purpose batter for any sweet recipes such as cakes (Combine Flour, Sugar, Egg, Corn/Rice/Panut Oil, Milk and Bowl.x 3 = 3 bowls of Sweet Batter. *Any flavored ingredients would need to be added in this portion of the recipe due to the restrictions of only 1 slot in the smelter or a oven would be required but that might be somewhat redundant, but would look nice in a kitchen. Then bake Batter in smelter)

    F S (*)

    E O M

    B B B

    BBQed Beef, Pork or Chicken (BBQ Sauce Raw Meat and Pan One could bake this in the smelter for mm, mm, yummyness) S M


    BBQ Sauce (Craft Tomato Sauce, Salt, Pepper, Sugar Oil and Bowl x 3 = 3 bowls of Sauce Mix, then cook BBQ Sauce Mix, Onion and Jar)

    Sa P Su

    TS O -

    B B B

    SM O


    BLT (Cooked Pork, Tomato, Lettuce and Bread x 2) - B -

    P T L

    - B -

    Bottle of Milk/Water Prepared on Crafting Table (Bucket of Milk/Water and Bottle x 3 = 3 Bottles of Milk/Water) * I hate drinking milk/Water from the bucket :-P I mean come on, who walks around with a bucket of milk/Water to cure ill effects and drink?

    - - -

    - M/W -

    B B B

    Cake (Bowl of Batter in Smelter)

    Other Cake (Batter and Other Ingredient (fruit, chocolate, etc) mixed on crafting table then bake in Smelter.

    Carrot Juice made in the barrel (water -> carrots -> Bottle) *Good for the eyes...especially at night :-).

    Carrot Pennies Prepared on the Crafting Table (Carrot, Sword *unless a Knife or Dagger come to the kitchen and Bowl). Then Cook on the Stove (Bowl of Carrots, Bucket of Water and Pot)

    - C -

    - S -

    - B -

    Chocolate Milk Prepared on Crafting Table (Chocolate Bar and Bottle of Milk)

    - - -

    - C -

    - M -

    Clam Boil Cooked on stove (Clam and Bucket of Water)

    Clam Sauce/Clam Juice Prepared on Crafting Table (Clam x 3, Salt and Rice Oil) Not really sure what you would use this for, other than in your clam chowder, but I have seen it in grociery stores in RL and I thought clams should have something else they could be used for.

    C C C

    - O -

    - S -

    Clam Chowder (Clam, Milk, Salt, Pepper, Bacon, Potato, Onion and Clam Sauce prepared on crafting table then cooked on stove (Chowder Mix and Pot)

    S C Pe

    O M Po

    B Pot Cs

    Coffee (Coffee Grounds, Bucket of Water and Mug on stove)

    Coffee Grounds (Coffee Beans x 3, Grinder and Jar x 5 = 5 servings)

    B B B

    J G J

    J J J

    Corn Oil (Corn, Cobblestone, Bottle x 3 = 3 Bottles of Corn Oil)

    - C -

    - Co -

    B B B

    Dandelion Wine Same as your recipes but with dandelions.

    Dough Prepared on the Crafting Table (Flour, Egg, Salt, Butter and a bowl) I never cared for the quick bread recipe they have in vanilla so this could be used for that as well as pie crusts, donuts (doughnuts) and other recipes Im sure.

    F S Bu

    - E -

    - B -

    Dressing # 1 Prepared on Crafting Table (Corn Oil x 3, Pepper x 2, Vinegar and Bottle x 3 = 3 Bottles of Dressing)

    P V P

    Co Co Co

    B B B

    Dressing #2 Prepared on the Crafting Table (Corn Oil, Herbs, Cheese, Pepper, Bottle of Milk x 2 and Bottle x 3 = 3 Bottles of Dressing #2)

    C P H

    M O M

    B B B

    Dried Tea Leaves (Tea Leaves in the smelter)

    Eggnog Prepared on the crafting Table (Egg, Bucket of Milk, Sugar, Rum and Bottle x 3)

    E S M

    - R -

    B B B

    Fish Fry/Fish N Chips Prepared on the crafting Table (Cooked Fish and French Fries) * Some of the recipes are already listed in MC and on your site, thes recipes just add them together to make MEALs which grant a larger health regen instead of having to eat 3 Cooked Fish you can eat 1 Fish Fry or whatever the MEAL is.

    Fruit Juices Prepared on the crafting table (Any Fruit x 3 and Bottle x 3 = 3 Bottle of x Juice)

    - - -

    F F F

    B B B

    Kabobs Prepared on the Crafting Table (Beef/Chicken/Pork, Potato, Tomato, Pineapple/Apple, Bell Pepper, Cherry and Skewer) = Kabob Skewers Cook on Stove (Kabob Skewer, Oil and Pan)

    B/C/P Po To

    Pi B/C/P BP

    C Sk -

    Lemonade/Limeade Prepared either on the Crafting Table or Barrel if you wanted to make the Barrel more useful, kind of trying to spread the recipes around between everything. ( 3 Lemons/Limes, Bucket of Water, Sugar x 2 and Bottle x 3 = 3 Bottles of Lemonade/Limeade) * If one had an ice recipe they could add ice to the Bottle of Lemonade/Limeade, could be very refreshing for a short while when in hot spots.

    L L L

    S W S

    B B B

    Mashed Potatoes Prepared on the Crafting Table (Milk, Butter, Baked Potatoe, Salt, Cobblestone and Bowl)

    M S B

    - P -

    - B -

    Pancakes (Bake on Stove Batter and Pan)

    Other Pancakes (Bake on Stove Batter, Other Ingredient (fruit, bacon, chocolate, etc) and Pan

    Peanut Butter Prepared on the Crafting Table (Peanut x 5, Peanut Oil and Jar x 3 = 3 Jars of Peanut Butter)

    P P P

    P O P

    J J J

    Peanut Oil (Peanuts, Cobblestone, Bottle x 3 = 3 Bottles of Peanut Oil)

    - C -

    - P -

    B B B

    Pepper Prepared on the Crafting Table (Peppercorns x 3, Grinder and Bottle x 3 = 3 Bottle of Pepper)

    P P P

    B G B

    B B B

    Pork and Stuffing Cooked on the Smelter(Raw Pork, Stuffing and a Pan)

    Pot Pie Beef/Chicken/Pork Prepare on Crafting Table (Dough x 2, Carrot, Potato, Onion, Bell Pepper, Salt, Pepper and Bowl) = Raw Pot Pie Bake in Smelter.

    S D Pe

    C Meat Po

    O Bowl BP

    Roast <Beef> Prepared on Crafting table, Cooked in Smelter. (Raw Beef, Potato, Carrot, Salt, Bottle of Water, Pepper, Onion and Pot)

    S B P

    P O C

    W Pot - *A definate meal, mmmm.

    Roast Chicken Prepared on the Crafting Table and Cooked in the Smelter (Raw Chicken, Salt, Pepper, Butter and Pan)

    S B P

    - C -

    - P - *essentially the same as MC but with salt and pepper and done up in a pan, but more involved.

    Roast Chicken Dinner Prepared on Crafting Table (Roast Chicken, Stuffing, Mashed/Smashed Potatoes and Carrot Pennies)

    - C -

    M S C

    - - -

    Roast <Pork> and Saurkraut Prepared on the Crafting Table and cooked in the Smelter (Raw Pork, Salt, Saurkraut, Onion and Pot)

    O S Sk

    - P -

    - Pot -

    Rum ?

    Salad Prepared on the Crafting Table (Lettuce, Dressing and Bowl)

    - D -

    - L -

    - B -

    Saurkraut Prepared in the Barrel (Cabbage and Vinegar) *Fill with vinegar and put Cabbage in Barrel?

    Smoked Beef, Chicken, Fish, Lamb, Pork Prepared on the Crafting Table (Any Meat x 2, Soy Sauce, Pepper and Skewer x 3 = 3 Skewer of Prepared "X"). Cook on Stove (Skewer of Prepared "X", Stick and Pan)

    SS M Pe

    - M -

    Sk Sk Sk

    Stuffed Mushroom Prepared on Crafting Table (Mushroom x 3, Stuffing x 3 and Skewer x 3) Cook Prepared mushroom on Stove (Prepared Mushroom, Oil and a Pan)

    M M M

    St St St

    Sk Sk Sk

    Stuffing Prepared on the Crafting Table (Bread, Onion, Herbs, Salt, pepper and a Bowl) = Stuffing Mix. Use the Stove to finish the Stuffing (Stuffing Mix, Butter and Pan)

    S O P

    H Br -

    - Bo -

    Soy Sauce (not really, could just call it sauce so it goes with everything) Prepared on the Crafting Table (Clam Sauce, Salt, Pepper, Bottle of Water, Squid Ink and Bottle x4 = 4 Bottles of Soy Sauce)

    Sa SI Pe

    B W B

    B CS B

    Tea (Brewed on Stove Dried Tea Leaves, Bucket of Water and Mug)


    Toast Baked or Cooked on/in Stove or Smelter

    Tomato Sauce Prepared on the Crafting Table (Tomato x 3,Salt, Herb x 2 and Bottle x 3)

    T T T

    H S H

    B B B

    Tomato Soup Prepared on the Crafting Table (Tomato, Tomato Sauce, Bottle of Milk and Bowl)

    T - TS

    - M -

    - B -

    Tuna Melt Prepared on the Crafting Table (Toast x 2, Cooked Tuna/Fish and Cheese) = Tuna With Cheese. Cook on the Stove (Tuna With Cheese, Oil and Pan)

    - To -

    - Tu C

    - To -

    Vinegar Prepared in the Barrel (Any Bottle of Wine fermented a second time in the Barrel)

    Hope you enjoy and maybe implement something from the list :-).
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