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    The Aether + Nethercraft Modpack
    A 2019 Modpack for Beta 1.7.3

    This pack was created by me, a member of the Modification Station Discord: To find more info on the various mods found within this modpack, please do join https://discord.gg/vJcjWjT

    This thread is a mirror of a Reddit Post I made, found here


    Hello there everyone! This is a custom modpack designed for Beta 1.7.3 to help enhance the experience of playing Minecraft for the average singleplayer experience, with it giving you not just one, not just two even, but three whole new dimensions to explore in much greater detail and learn all about. (See more about the third below)

    Download links for the modpack are on bottom


    • Requires MultiMC
    • Lava Boats are non-functional. They'll float on lava just fine, but they're going to take the realistic approach of what would happen if you were to lie in something fireproof on top of lava... you're going to light on fire
    • Requires you to not be playing on a potato to have a good time

    Now first, to get it out of the way, I'm going to give two links to two separate videos going into what the Aether mod and Nethercraft are

    Having gotten that out of the way, this modpack was a rather difficult one to make. There's enough IDs added by these two mods that you end up running out of space before everything can be loaded in, and it was simply impossible to get the two to work together with the mods that existed... well, nearly.

    You see, it was somewhat possible using a combination of ID Resolver and MCExtended. MCExtended was the most important, as it added to the game the ability for many new IDs to be added in, far exceeding the number that was normally allowed within these versions. However, MCExtended had some critical instabilities and issues with it that made it not viable for normal gameplay.

    And that's where Mine_Diver comes in, having created a magical mod called InfSprites. InfSprites re imagines MCExtended from the ground-up and fixes every single issue that existed with that old mod. It's as simple as just adding OverrideAPI (an API InfSprites is built on top of), and then InfSprites to your jar, and then pretty much everything you want will load perfectly alongside one another. The only exceptions are mods that are incompatible with each other for different reasons (Largest example being New Frontier Craft, with it being incompatible with just about everything due to the way it's constructed)

    TL;DR and all that; All of this is to say, it's now fully possible to have these two mods work alongside one another. A huge expansion to both the Nether, and the whole new dimension of the Aether, leading to an experience that is incredibly enjoyable in my opinion.

    Mod List:

    • The Aether - By Kingbdogz
    • Honestly I don't know what rock you've been living under if you're on this subreddit and don't know what the Aether is ;)
    • Nethercraft - By scokeev9
    • Patched by Zyga to not require ScotTools
    • AudioMod CustomResources - By Johnanater
    • To let Aether resources load from MultiMC directory
    • InfSprites - By Mine_Diver
    • The magic fix that makes this entire modpack work
    • ID Resolver - By ShaRose
    • Resolves the ID conflicts between the mods in this modpack
    • AetherMainMenuPatch - By me
    • A small mod made by me that fixes up the Aether main menu, removing the scrolling world background and overall makes it a lot less glitchy; while still retaining things like the background music. It's broken, everyone knows it's broken, even the Aether devs themselves have said it's broken. So I thought it'd be best to just go ahead and remove the thing ;)
    • MainMenuInfo - By Mine_Diver
    • Small little aesthetic mod to show the number of mods currently loaded in on the main menu
    • ModMenu - By Mine_Diver
    • Makes the name of the "Mods and Texturepacks" button no longer a lie, with there now being a mods button in there to view the currently installed ModLoader mods
    • BetaTweaks - By Rek
    • An amazing mod that adds in a bunch of tweaks to help enhance the Beta experience. Configurable via Global Mod Settings, at the moment turned on to enable some extra buttons, an FOV slider, and most importantly some inventory dragging shortcuts to make inventory management feel a bit nicer
    • SkinFixUni - By Mine_Diver
    • Small ModLoader mod to fix skins and capes
    • How Many Items - By Rek
    • A completely essential mod in my opinion. Basically a remake of what is equivalent to NEI/JEI for Beta 1.7.3, with it having a built-in recipe viewer, buttons to change time of day, heal, and turn on and off rain, and cheating functions to get any block in the game. Naturally, I recommend not turning on the cheat feature for normal gameplay, with this mod being more added in due to the awesome recipe viewer functions
    • TwilightForest - By Benimatic
    • This is the third dimension I was hinting at earlier, with it giving you a whole new dimension to explore alongside the other two. If you want to know more about it, I highly recommend watching this video, as in this version the mod is very distinct to what it eventually became:

    And just a note to everyone. All of these mods can individually be disabled if you don't want to play with them. Just go into the instance and click on the checkmark and boom, they'll be disabled. So if BetaTweaks is glitchy for you, you don't want HowManyItems, or you have a vendetta against the Twilight Forest, just feel free to click the check mark on the mods in the launcher and you don't have to deal with it anymore.

    Main Download:

    MediaFire Link to Aether + Nethercraft Modpack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/i91tu5fywv21o0u/b1.7.3_Nethercraft_%26_Aether.zip/file

    Aether Extended version of the Modpack:

    Note: The following optional version of modpack has not been playtested enough yet to verify full compatibility and lack of any issues, but does seem to work correctly.

    The Aether addons are a set of addons that add to the experience of playing the Aether, with them giving more blocks, items, and mobs to have fun with while exploring around the dimension. These mods were brought to my attention by Yistien in the comments of the Reddit post for this modpack, and I thought they would make amazing additions to the modpack. I highly recommend them.

    I'm doubtful they'll crash, but I can't 100% verify that, which is why this is an optional download, rather than the main modpack version. If you do run into any issues, please do let me know so I can see if they're able to be resolved.

    Aether + Nethercraft + Aether Extended Addons: https://www.mediafire.com/file/q5hc3zaerpeexem/b1.7.3_Nethercraft_%26_Aether_+_Aether_Complete.zip/file

    Launcher Info:

    MultiMC Link: https://multimc.org/

    MultiMC How to Import Instances: https://github.com/MultiMC/MultiMC5/wiki/Import-Instance

    Install Guide:

    In order to get everything working, you first need MultiMC. Install the zip and extract it somewhere safe. You'll need Java installed on your computer in order to it to launch Minecraft.

    Once you've got it installed, launch it, login with your Mojang account, and then you'll be good to import the instance.

    Next, follow the directions listed on the link provided above about how to Import MultiMC instances, and once you've followed those steps you should have your the MultiMC instance for the modpack added.

    Finally, double click the newly imported instance and have fun. If you run into any issues, be sure to let me know in the comments and I'll try to help you work out the issues. Have fun with the modpack everyone ;)

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    posted a message on Triple Chest GUI Fix for Beta 1.3_01
    Mod Name: Triple Chest GUI Fix
    Game Version: Beta 1.3_01

    Installation: Add files to Minecraft.jar

    Classes Edited: fv.class (GuiChest.java)
    Compatibility: Anything that doesn't edit the GuiChest class... which pretty much nothing does. So it should work with anything.

    Triple Chests, an old remnant of a past version long gone by. Was playing around in this version, and I got fairly annoyed that things weren't displaying correctly within the GUI. As I know how to do some things within MCP and Eclipse, I decided to take a little bit and patch the issue. This is the mod I came up with.

    This mod does not require ModLoader

    Example image within a triple chest I have in my house

    Note: This mod does not add any compatibility with quadruple or quintuple chest GUIs. Quadruple stretch off the screen in normal gameplay and quintuple stretch off the screen even with my Normal Size GUI mod, meaning I'd need to make a mod adding the small sized GUI to Beta 1.3_01.

    The deobfuscated file is included within the download. Feel free to do whatever you want with it.

    Video showing off triple chest trick

    Source file included in zip

    Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rizlo58slt8fl5v/Triple_Chest_GUI_Fix.zip/file

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