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    It's like rewatching history all over again.

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    The server is up and running and is fine right now, but we need a few more players to come join us for when times get dead! Also mind the rollback.
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    Close and re open the window.

    If you mean reset the map? Delete server_level.dat and start the server again, this will delete the entire map and generate a new one.

    If you plan to use a backup, you can't unless you have a server software
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    Comic? Square and circle argues over their size and mass, in the end the triangle comes in and stabs them because he's pointy and dominates.
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    We now have a TeamSpeak! Awesome! theonegames.net:9987

    Banned on our Lava Server? Click Me

    Warning: Failure to read this text below, and any important rules as-well will result in your post/appeal being ignored, we do not take ban appeals here so take them to our site.

    Welcome to the Thread for The Ones Community Central. We here at the server's, welcome any newcomer that passes by.

    So how do we work? Well first of all, usually on the lava server players/new people are given a set amount of time before the lava flows into the level and floods/lags the place to hell. The lava is located above a platform full of Admincrete or atleast some box full of admincrete and usually has a hole or large area uncovered, and is off-limits to anyone who is not a Trusted user or above. On occassions, a special timer may take place. After the place is flooded, it is your job to survive, make sure lava doesn't enter your building/base/bunker/whatever, and to try to find others and survive and build and live among he lava-filled world. Roleplay is encouraged!

    On the build server it's just whatever you want to build and do! But we have rules, so it's best to read them and everything else that is around on our rules.

    When it comes to Zombie Survival/Zombie Server, you as a survivor must run away from the infected user which is represented as a Zombie username and skin, and try not to touch him. The zombie may destroy any buildings in the way to try to find the survivors, as the zombies job is to infect as many people as he can.

    If you are new to this server, please take a look here first for any information regarding our server/rules: http://theonemcft.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=12

    Server Link: Don't be lazy, find it yourself.

    Current list of servers:
    Lava Survival - Up 110% of the time!
    Build server - Not avail!
    Zombie Server - Up most of the time!
    Other servers: Check!

    You may find our site/forum as http://www.theonemcft.com for more information, or if you want to stop by.
    Our irc is at #theonemcft on the same network as #minecraft!
    Or you can go here! http://theonemcft.com/chat.php

    Now play it cool, keep your common sense, and enjoy the cookies.
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    Welcome to the Unoffical Offical Minecraft FAQ, where most common questions or unanswered questions are solved here with solutions! So let's get to work shall we?

    You're free to suggest/point out a common problem with a solution at any time, and it may be added!
    Users are free to contribute questions and answers as common or rare.

    The 'Common Problems' Usually have links to information/solutions! Make sure you read the topics throughly.
    Before reading this guide, please be-sure to check out other stickies in this, and in other forums!

    Warning: Before reading this guide, please read this note: Please ensure your common sense is fully in order, and to check if anything is wrong with your computer, whether it be loose/unconnected parts, or unupdated software/drivers, or if something isn't working correctly. Many problems may be a beginners mistake, so double check.

    Warning: I will not repeat these steps.

    • For the love of god, use our handy SEARCH before you do anything, we have had alot of questions go answered.

    • Make sure you have deleted your Temporary Internet Folder for Minecraft.

    Windows XP Users:

    Short Version: C:/Documents and Settings/Local Settings/Temp

    Go to the Start Menu
    Click on Run
    Type %temp%
    Locate Minecraft.net folder,and locate http://www.minecraft.net folder
    Delete them and run minecraft.net again

    Windows 7/Vista Users: Just go to your start menu and click on your name, or try to get to the folder in the short version, and locate the folders and delete them. If you fail to find it, use search on both of your drives and use the keyword 'Minecraft'

    • Check that your video card drivers are up to date.
    Go back to Run and type dxdiag
    It might take a while, but you may see this.
    Go to the display tab at the top and find your Manufacturers name, mine is Nvidia.
    You may want to go ahead and google keywords and go seek out drivers yourself.

    • Be sure the java doesn't say something funny in the logs, and that you represent them in a topic.
    Open your icon tray and locate the java icon.
    Right click it and hit Show Console.
    Look up some of the errors in our Search bar in the upper right.

    Server Issues/Errors

    Someone on my network/ip/router cannot connect!
    • This is caused by a unknown reason, or due to notch's code. I'm not sure how it works but make sure nothing is blocking minecraft first, after that you may want to try the OverRide link shown below. If your lazy and feel like typing it out, just put &override=true after your external url link.
    •• If this still does not work, i recommend the Internal IP Link, which is here: http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?ip=12 ... port=25565 You may edit the IP and port to your liking, if that ip fails try to use your current IP. (Run, Cmd, ipconfig. Locate something like

    Someone took my name, or is imitating someone else!
    • Be sure to set verify_names=true, in your server.properties, this will prevent this from happening and start to Verify if they are the real account or not.

    People can delete Unbreakable blocks!
    • The /solid command is used for the very first block in the game. 'Stone' It's usually on the first slot unless you replaced it. Once placed, the stone will be turned into a Black Adminum Stone block. Only you or ops can break this.
    •• Lately theres been strange issues of cMss allowing peoples as ops or letting people break unbreakable blocks, just restart the server.

    I cannot connect to my server/People can't connect to my server!
    Common Problem: Router blocks people
    • This is usually a number of problems with a number of solutions
    Here is a possible number of problems that could be going wrong

    Firewall - You may have a firewall, or windows firewall running. These will block your ports, and disable anyone from connecting to your server.
    If you don't own a router, you can add a exception most of the time. But it's better to turn em off.

    Router - Oh boy.. Half of the time people can't access their router, but if you do please check some of our stickys on how to port-forward.
    Routers block all ports like a firewall, but can be opened. Be wary that the IP You put in for port-forwarding may not be correct. To check so, go to: Run>Cmd>Ipconfig And look for the IP.
    The last digits (In our case it's 12) Go into where you must put the digits for your ip in your port-forward

    Antivirus/Spyware - Some anti viruses or anti spywares have a built-in firewall, and can disable some connections.
    Try running the server with this off.

    Another program conflicting - Often your ISP may have given you a program, or you may have something running that can cause conflicts.
    (See: Hamachi.) Try to kill all unnecessary background processes

    •• Some people mess up with their port-forwarding, or usually have just plain problems with their routers.

    Wrong protocol version!
    Common Problem: Server update
    •This is started usually because of a new update with the latest minecraft, and therefore the server/your server needs to be updated.
    •• Often you may not realize an update, but your server will not auto-update itself. (Yet.)

    I get alot of lag, or bad performance in servers (Or my own.)
    Common Problem: Lagging badly
    • This lag can be caused by either the servers side, in which there is traffic/networking going on, and someone is downloading something or streaming and is causing lag. If you are the server owner, be sure to check all people who are on the network as you and see if they are downloading.
    •• Note: Lag can be also caused by alot of flooding! Make sure you check if anything got flooded or not!

    Whats the commands for an Admin/Op?
    /tp  - This command teleports you to the Player that you exchange  with
    /ban  - Bans the account of the person.
    /banip  - This bans their ip so they cannot come back again.
    /solid - Changes Stone to a Adminium Block. (This only works with stone.)
    /kick  - To kick those nasty players.
    /setspawn - This is where you can manually set the spawn at start.
    /say  - Talk like a server announcement, or speak from the console!

    Minecraft/Java Issues

    Fatal Error Occured(7)
    Common Problem: Browser displays Fatal Error Occured (7) and doesn't show up.
    • This is due to either A. The jar is invalid/corrupt B. There is a new version of minecraft, and you've failed to update. Just find and delete your minecraft.jar and play again, then it will work fine!
    •• Use zuriki's tutorial to get to your temp folder and find out where your minecraft.jar relies!

    Java Error/Java problem/Java won't start
    Common Problem: java is not recognized as an internal or external command
    • Usually this is a problem related to java, clear your cache and if that doesn't work post the Java console. Most of the time Reinstalling java completely fixes the problem, but if it does not work see if the console says something.
    •• Sometimes installing the JDK works too, doesn't hurt to try.
    •• On rare occassions you will get this Ignored exception: java.security.cert.CertificateException: Your security configuration will not allow granting permission to new certificates. Go to C:/Program Files/Java/jre6/lib/security/ open java.policy, and add the following line to the top of the file.

    grant {
    permission java.security.AllPermission;

    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command.
    Click me Windows 7 users/X86 users
    Common Problem: Minecraft console displays 'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command.'

    • This is usually caused by a bad java installation, and has two fixes.
    A. Reinstall java.
    B. Do this method.
    1. Right click My Computer, select Properties
    2. Click Advanced tab
    3. Click Environment Variables
    4. Under System Variables, select Path, then Edit.
    5. Add at the end of the lower textbox your path to the java etc ";C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin" semicolon must be there.
    Kudos to Stigern!

    I'm getting OutOfMemory or Memory Buffer Overflow in the Java Console/Minecraft!
    Common Problem: Out of memory
    • The reason why this error appears on your server/Java console is due to not enough ram, or not enough ram being used to start minecraft or the server itself, close down unnecessary programs that are of no use to you while minecraft is open, and avoid heavy resource programs as-well. (Ex: Games, MSN Messenger.)
    •• Take note that your memory page usage may be lowered, and you'll need to up it.
    Control Panel, System, Advanced, Settings (Performance), Advanced.

    From here, you can go ahead and upgrade your Memory Page Usage, and possibly allow more memory to be used and minecraft to run. Only use this if you're below a 1 GB.

    Why can't i play /Indev/?
    Common Problem: Unable to play /indev/
    • Unless you're a Premium player, you can't play /Indev/
    •• If /Indev/ is having issues, we advise checking the forums or notch's blog if it's already stated elsewhere, do remember that /Indev/ is In Development and may be very buggy at times.

    In-game issues

    Why isn't my plants growing? :sad.gif:
    Common Problem: Map too big
    • Plants need two things. Sunlight, and soil. Like a real plant, it will die or not grow without either. See: Solar Food.
    •• Sometimes if the map dimensions are off or too big, the plants will not grow or grass will not grow.

    I get freezing/lockups/slowness
    Common Problem: FPS Low
    • Half of the time slowness or freezing can occur on large maps or floodings of alot of water, on other occasions this 'freezing' can be hardware or software related. Make sure any background processes are killed off that you don't need. Please make sure all hardware is fully connected to it's slot or area.
    •• On some rare occassions this can be a Browser related issue, and a new browser may need to be put in and tested.
    •• Note: In some cases, viruses and spyware can affect this, be sure to use PC Performance software and anti virus/spyware programs and scan for anything that may pop-up

    I can't see Minecraft/ Something graphical /black or white screen
    Common Problem: Pixel Format Not Accelerated
    • This is a visual or graphical problem, half of the time this is a Driver Issue. Go and update your video cards drivers. (Control Panel> Run> Dxdiag> Display tab. Locate the 'Name' and then look up the name + Drivers on Google. ) Still don't work? Check for anything that might conflict (Like Visual Themes, or another visual program like Object Dock or such.) On some occassions, vista can cause compatibality issues. Check your drivers for Vista only or compatible.

    Minecraft worked before, why doesn't it work now?
    Common Problem: ATI Users having issues
    • It's possible you may of added an additional program, or change, or piece of hardware to your computer and may be updating something or changing something to where mincraft can't use it approparitely. Please check all drivers are up to date before seeking help.
    •• It is known that with Windows 7 users usually have issues with minecraft and Pixel Format issue, or other issues. Windows 7 is still in development, along with any drivers out there for it and may not work properly.
    •• ATI Users have had issues lately, and need to roll back to a previous driver. See here: viewtopic.php?p=90407#p90407 Thanks Quatro

    Failed: Premium account required when trying to save my level.
    Common Problem: Unable to save due to Premium account.
    •This is because notch has decieded to make it Premium only so that hosting may be paid better, the hard drive was taking up too much space and we now have to pay for saving. You don't want MC to go down do you? Premium accounts only are allowed, sorry.

    I get 'Illegal Name' Problem!
    As of .30 Notch has added a measure to where illegal name doesn't occur anymore or is halfly fixed.
    Common Problem: Kicked for illegal name
    • This problem occurs rarely sometimes due to a problem within your own name, (Bad name? Not sure.) bad server file software, or just something went wrong. Sometimes the MPPASS doesn't work. viewtopic.php?id=2085
    ••Half of the time this become the solution, going to this link with verify names True, or False (Afaik it doesn't work with false? ) http://www.minecraft.net/play.jsp?ip=12 ... port=25565 If that does not work, try replacing with your real ip. (Find a site that displays your IP. Having verify names false off will work, but is a major security flaw so be careful!

    I'm not too sure what the controls are
    • The controls are listed below the window of minecraft, you can even change em if you like!

    Website Issues

    Hey i bought premium, how long do i keep it for and what do i get? Whats the whole catch?
    • First, congratulations on buying the game, you're one step closer to supporting Minecraft, secondly you will always keep the premium, you buy it now you keep it forever. If something goes wrong, it must be a glitch and just contact Notch. Check elsewhere if you feel as if something isn't right though, it may be global!
    •• When you buy the game, you also gain access to future game modes, and special premium features like /Indev/ and /infdev/ and the upcoming titles like Dungeons and Zombie Siege, or whatever Notch has in store for minecraft! You bought the game, you get THE game.

    • How Much is minecraft?

    Quote from Pfhort »

    Google prices €15 at $20.18 (or 19¢ if they decide to round up). As far as I know, the price of the game is at a static €15, so the USD price wouldn't "range".

    Once the price doubles, that will be €30, or $40.37.

    What the Notch? Is there really that number of registered/players/purchased/blah?
    Common Problem: Weird number of stats
    • This is usually not true if it's a very high number, we're in alpha for god sakes. It's just a glitch with the stats and immediately email notch about it with what the stats wrote.

    I need something fixed or changed with my account!
    Common Problem: I need my password changed/reset.
    • As of recent event, notch has added the ability to change/reset your password in the preferences page!
    •• We cannot help you here (Unless it's forum wise), your only solution (for now) is to contact notch at: [email protected]

    Where can i change my skin/Why can't i change my skin?
    Common Problem: Unknown skin location
    • On the website there is a preferences link, which takes you to a skin previewer/changer in which if you have premium you may edit the original and upload it to your liking.
    •• Alternatively if you need to view your own image/someone elses image then you may want to edit this: http://minecraft.net/skin/Notch.png Change the Notch to whatever your name is.

    Map issues

    My map got corrupted/something is corrupted!
    Common Problem: Map generates new level.
    •This can be caused by faulty files, and your files got corrupt due to an old file not compatible with the server, or from software defecting your files. Be sure to redownload the server files if something goes wrong! If a map gets corrupt, be sure to keep daily/often backups!

    My map is not showing blocks correctly and has empty space which are blocks/My physics aren't working!
    Common Problem: Map is broken
    • The dimensions of your map are not by the power of ^2 Meaning count up from 2x2, normal dimension maps are usually 32x32 64x64 128x128 256x256 and 512x512.

    I can't get my Map working, or to run!
    Common Problem: Renamed .dat files
    • Please make sure that the .dat file is names server_level.dat and is not changed in any way, nor capitalized.
    •• On some occassions, the map dimensions may be too big or the server can't handle the level. Try a different one to see if that is the problem.

    I'm back to where i started! What happened?!
    • You hit R. If you press Enter, you can save your location and press R to Respawn there. If you leave, the spawnpoint disappears.

    Woah cool beans, how did they make that map!
    • Some people have gone ahead and created Map Editors, or Generators. Look in the forums and find out for yourself!


    Where can i find the music for Minecraft?
    Common Problem: Unknown location of files
    • You may find them here:http://minecraft.net/resources/

    How does water Work?
    • Water usually requires another space to go down a level for it to run down. It cannot go up, physics may fail but it's accurate here!

    Whats a Griefer? How can i stop Him?
    • At most, a 'grifer' is a person who only causes trouble or losses. Mainly, they like to destroy your buildings. People find some ways to prevent griefers, mainly spawn prisons. Some spawn prisons are able to be hacked our or glitched. It's better to find your own method, or keep an eye on some players before you go and call em safe to play.

    Holy Be-jesus how many blocks are there?
    • Check it here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Blocks

    How do i change my Email and/or Password?
    • To change your password go to this link: http://minecraft.net/changepass.jsp Or if you need to change your Email Address linked to the Minecraft account, consider this link: http://minecraft.net/changeemail.jsp
    • - If you have forgotten your password and need to locate it back, please visit this link: http://minecraft.net/forgotpass.jsp

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    Simple game
    Poster A: *Puts in a object*
    Poster B: Poster b says what comes out, and then puts in another object. (Action can be implanted, meaning the object can come to life or something!)

    Game Start!
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    Quote from StanleyStank »
    I already updated and it still won't work. I mean what kinda of computer do you need to play this.... The game is just all a bunch of blocks. I played this at my friends house and it's a blast. If I can play CoD4 I should be able to play it on this.

    Bleh it works on the other computer problem solved I guess but wierd thing is... it works on the slow computer. I mean wtf. Also the room the other computer is in it don't have a T.V so it won't be as fun.

    Not sure, some graphic cards don't fit with minecraft for some reason. It could be it's settings.
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