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    posted a message on 1.19.4+ | «Shadefall» | Whitelist | GriefPrevention | MCMMO | Survival | Advanced Enchantments | Player Run Economy | Never P2W



    «Age:» 33

    «Country:» USA (Timezone EST)

    «Tell us a few things about yourself:» I love fishing , Meeting interesting people. Always willing to learn new things

    «What kind of Minecraft player are you?:» Pretty much well rounded, but not really up to date on whats in minecraft, so im a bit behind :P 1.8 was the last time I played vanilla minecraft.

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    posted a message on ZephCraft // JAVA & BEDROCK CROSSPLAY // 1.16 // EPIC TERRAIN // BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES

    Pretty fun to play :D Just need some more players :P if anyone new wants to join, we have plenty to offer.

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    posted a message on [1.18.1] 🤞Arkacia Survival🤞 1.18 WORLD - One Big Family - Classic progression style Survival - Completely unique enchantments


    Age: 30

    Favorite part:Interesting play styles

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    posted a message on ZephCraft // JAVA & BEDROCK CROSSPLAY // 1.16 // EPIC TERRAIN // BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES

    Love to have you playing illustrall8766 just hit me up ingame if you need help with anything :) i will try my best to help as I am kinda new to 1.15 but love to learn. Also for anyone looking to join this is a wonderful server I have been playing for almost 2 weeks now and really do love the community, and friendliness of the staff\owner :)

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    posted a message on ZephCraft // JAVA & BEDROCK CROSSPLAY // 1.16 // EPIC TERRAIN // BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES

    Been playing for quite a while now, maybe a week or so and I have to say it is pretty fun and challenging with the new terrain generation and such. Very interesting take on minecraft from the standard vanilla landscape.So far all in all id have to give it a 4\5 stars because noone has a perfect server, if you'd like please come try it out with us and the small community we have playing right now. Currently everyone lives in different timezones and plays on different times, but if you'd like to come try out the server I'd recommend it.

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    posted a message on [1.15.2] Gamer's SMP - Vanilla Whitelist Survival Server

    Username: LEET_OWNAGE

    Age: 30

    Do you play on SMPs a lot? Off and on due to work.

    Have you ever been banned from a server? If so, what for? Nope :)

    How interested are you with playing and building together with others in a survival world? Thats the point of playing smp, getting to know other players and building things you can show off and learn new things from other people.

    How well are you able to handle conflict (scale of 1-6, 6 being the best)? 6

    How much time do you think you'll spend on the server? 1-2 hours a day, maybe more on my days off.

    What do you enjoy most about Minecraft? Building, Redstone, or something else? I used to love making redstone but I need to relearn it as it has been a good minute since I played around with it and the core minecraft changing how some redstone is used.Also love making Sky builds if possible, depends on how dedicated I get at the project at hand.

    Any fun things I should know about you?I love fishing, gaming, and generally hanging people who I can get to know :D

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    posted a message on The Crystal Valley - Whitelisted Vanilla-ish survival 1.15.2 server - Just cooked up, nice and fresh

    -Your screen name LEET_OWNAGE

    -Your age (prefer to keep this mostly +18, but like I said my 9 year old will be popping on the odd time) 29

    -Your experience level with minecraft: Been playing since 2011 but just recently got back into minecraft so my knowledge is good up until about 1.7ish

    -Why you're interested in this server:Looking for a server to play on my downtime, something I can just pop up on and relax and have a good time on.

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    posted a message on Free Your Mine: | 1.15.2 | Survival | Vanilla(w/ tweaks) | 21+ | DynMap | Discord | Whitelist |

    1. Age (21+ please as we like similar aged players on the server) 29

    2. How long have you been playing Minecraft? since 2011

    3. How would you describe yourself as a player? What motivates you to play? What is your favorite thing to do in game? Outgoing, Helpful, resourceful. Meeting new friends and learning new builds. Farms and builds with redstone even though I am a novice when it comes to redstone :P

    4. Do you have any Youtube/Twitch accounts you publish Minecraft content to? (Not required, just curious) N\A

    5. Discord ID? Leet Ownage#4848

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    posted a message on [Bentcraft IV] 1.15.2 Survival Only. Mature reasonably active players needed!! Current world started March 2, 2020


    Age: [/b]29

    Location: [/b]Florida

    Discord:Leet Ownage#4848[/b]

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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] 🔥 The Sanctuary SMP 🔥 1.14.4 Vanilla // Whitelist // Pure Survival // 18+ // Discord // Group Events

    In Game Name:LEET_OWNAGE



    Are you familiar with Discord? What is your Discord ID?:Yes, Leet Ownage#4848

    How did you hear about The Sanctuary SMP community?:On here XD

    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?Redstone farms,Something about using redstone that helps with the automation of farms that keep going while you are working around them just intrigues me.

    What is your favorite/preferred base/building style?Asian Inspired

    What is your favorite memory you have made in Minecraft?Playing with noobcrew the person who made the original skyblocks.

    What aspect of vanilla gameplay draws you towards SMP?Friendly Gameplay with fellow players, Making friendships, having people to talk to.

    Outside of Minecraft, what kinds of activities/hobbies do you enjoy?Hanging out with friends at the movies,mall, on xbox. I love to go fishing every now and then.

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    posted a message on HermitCraft Type SMP (1.14.3) Whitelist

    1. Name:Tim


    3. Age:29

    4. Discord:Leet Ownage#4848

    5. Timezone:Est

    6. Why would you like to be apart of the server?:I am just getting back into minecraft and was looking for a server to start off with so I can learn a lot of the newer updates from fellow players.I was hoping to find a chilled out community since I work most of the time, I have some days and wasn't looking for anything like a massive server, just something I can play on my downtime and have fun in a non-stressful environment.I hope you will consider my application.
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    posted a message on [1.13] Whitelisted Close-Knit Community [Vanilla-esque SMP]

    1) In game name:LEET_OWNAGE

    2) Discord username (not mandatory, but recommended):Ill give it to you in a pm if accepted :) Rather not disclose it publicly.

    3) Age:28

    4) What you want in a Minecraft server:Something more relaxed.Easy going friendly server with helpful people.

    5) Why you want to join:Haven't played in a while so I would like to try a fresh start on a new server or relatively new, something to enjoy and have fun on, people to talk to, work with and help out or be helped.

    Hope to get whitelisted and see you guys on the server :)

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    posted a message on ֍ Action 1 MC ֍ SMP Recruiting Members ֍ Whitelisted Vanilla Experience ֍ Discord ֍

    IGN (in game name): LEET_OWNAGE

    Age: 27

    Gender (optional): M

    Discord (including the four digit code after your name: <username>#xxxx):Leet Ownage#4848

    Timezone/Country: Est

    Why you want to join us: I am looking for a server to actually call my home, every other server I seem to join has all theses rules that prevent a true vanilla survival experience(afking is part of the experience but not to the point where its all you do).I am also looking for a tight knit community to play with as I have before.

    A bit about yourself (optional):

    How good are you at building:mediocre I am not the best builder but I am not the worst :)

    How well do you understand the game:I am fairly knowledgeable on the game.I have taken some breaks, still a bit new on 1.12.2

    Your favorite part of the game:Redstone, Automation. I love building some automated farms, just to make life easier on yourself and others.

    Anything else:Nothing that I can think of , we can discuss more on discord ^.^

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