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    Quote from norzqq»

    Hello everyone! I search for mod, which will allows me to see with tooltip on the screen(in real time) what items , ore and other I just picked up. Is there any mod like this?

    Better HUD:
    "Item Pickup: Shows text and item icons of items you've just picked up on the screen. It counts how many items you've picked up, but if you don't pick up any for a while, it'll fade away and reset the counter."

    It does a lot of other things, too. Version 1.3.6 is for Minecraft 1.8.9

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    I'll probably put this in any modpack where block-stepping isn't a capability of some important item (eg. like in Modular Powersuits.)

    Seeing this as a tiny, standalone mod makes me really happy. :) Definitely a quality-of-life sort of fundamental change for nonhardcore players like me.

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    Quote from StoneRhino»


    ^^^^ This is what I think of when I use Rotarycraft.


    ^^^^ How to properly harness rotarycraft power

    That's WAY too many tile entities and block updates. Can't you just let me craft them all together into one block with 50 input/output slots? :P
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    Quote from Reika»

    You say that a few days before V3 is released...

    But to be fair, what started as a bug-patch release got pushed back into a major update, leaving those bugs out there for quite a while...
    And I really, intensely wanted to facepalm when you had to ask when V2 was released because you couldn't sort out your own changelog. :P

    "Is the mod dead" is definitely worth another facepalm or two, though.

    I'm excited for V3's release, but I'll have to temper my anticipation until I can sort out my laptop's failing GPU.
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    Quote from Keridos»
    Updated Beta to 0.3.0, added in cone based floodlights, any floodlight can be used as those, just right click them with a stick.

    Very cool. This exactly tackles what I'd always found lacking with Minecraft "floodlights" (eg. Greg's, earlier versions of this)...where's the flood? One dimension isn't a flood. :D Galacticraft 3 has a true floodlight, but it also has bonus mob-destroying properties.

    Bug reports from a test in SSP:
    - I can't seem to get the carbon lamp to take a stick-rightclick. Electric lamp works.
    - The range for narrow cone mode seems like the average of the line and wide cone ranges, and this isn't explained in the config file.
    - The shortcut it seems you used instead of filling the whole cone with invisible lights (center+each corner+midpoints) can result in a flood light leaving mob-spawn-eligible areas within the alleged flood cone (narrow cone mode has plenty of range for this with the default config)...indeed, at a long enough distance, it's more like 9 pools of light than like a flood. Perhaps additional "rays" should be used if any of the first 9 extend longer than some value (probably proportional to 8 blocks vs. the cone angle) or maybe the default ranges should be reduced.
    - Narrow cone mode has some occlusion-test strangeness. It'll shine through blocks touching the front of the lamp (line mode and wide cone work fine). It will fail to illuminate blocks spaced 1 away from the lamp. With a gap of 2 or more blocks, it works as expected.

    Feature requests:
    - Conditionally implement a common wrench API so a player uses a wrench (if one exists in the modpack), instead of a stick, to change modes. Pokey pokey stick... :P
    - Have some way to invert the redstone signal response or to make the lamps always-on, whether a way to control it in-game or simply a config file option.

    I've reported only the objectively-buggy ones to GitHub.
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    I'd been using the auto-pickup capability of Eydamos' Backpacks for this purpose. They were filling up, too.

    Thank you.

    What would you think about implementing a toggle-mode on the Excludifier for auto-delete instead of no-pickup? Scrub away those laggy piles of items as you walk by. (Config for permissions, all users/OP only/disabled, of course.)
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    Reika, do you anticipate that v3 will or will not break saves started to be built in v2, with regards to Rotary+Reactor+ElectriCraft? (If it's already been answered, I missed/couldn't find it.)
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    Quote from SirChamomile»

    I'm not saying this has to happen, it just would broaden the range of the audience. I know a number of packs that use a similar brick or stacked stone look for cobble. It was just an idea that might come as a helpful solution to an aspect of the project not yet considered.

    I was this close to agreeing with you - thinking about how cobblestone typically in reality refers to an unnatural construction, a fitted arrangement of smaller stones larger than gravel - but then I remembered that in Minecraftia, water + flowing lava = cobblestone. It therefore is a natural, chaotic material, and so it's not really Ted's responsibility to account for texture pack makers that think it's more important to improve how villages look than to avoid lava strangely going *poof* into a set of bricks.

    Besides, wouldn't introducing a new, nonvanilla texture make the terrain less compatible with texture packs in general?

    In the end, we have mods such as Custom Ore Gen to let us tweak worldgen the way we individually like it.
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    Quote from Kilyle»
    Also, in hopes of better self-sufficiency in the future, I'd like to know how to track down this kind of problem in my own, short of semi-randomly tossing mods in and out of the build to see which combinations have the least lag.
    I could just make five builds, each one lacking one of the suspects, and see if only one of them lags. But I thought I'd ask if there's a better way to do this, especially if it turns out that more than one of the builds lags, perhaps because of interaction, or if I find a set that works fine in this tinier set but causes lag once I reintroduce them to the bigger set.

    So please help me learn a more efficient method, if one exists. Then I can weave the rest of them back into my major build and start figuring out what other problems might need solving before I unveil this monstrosity for the kids this coming weekend.

    It's going to be mostly trial and error, I'm afraid. At least the process can be sped up with a binary search approach - take away half the mods, see if problem occurs. If so, divide in half. If not, swap in the other half. Repeat.

    This is not foolproof, though, as mod interactions sometimes depend on more than two at a time. I had a 3-way incompatibility, once... It's also not foolproof because the lag may even be something as frustrating as Minecraft running out of free memory and frequently needing to run Java's "garbage collection" process, in which case it might go away if you remove a few of any of the major mods, with no specific ones to blame. If your hardware has enough RAM, and if your OS and your Java version are 64-bit, and if you haven't already done so, allocating more memory to Minecraft is one theoretical solution. Using Optifine and reducing the view distance also help me with stuttery performance problems on my aging laptop. So does simply rebooting my computer, at times.

    Otherwise, if you're lucky, you can make some educated guessing, depending what the problem is. A crash when you look in a specific chest probably wouldn't be caused by Better Rain, for example. Unfortunately a lag problem is very unspecific unless there ends up being some common situation, eg. always in a particular biome or always when a particular animal is present or always when traveling, etc.
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