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    Quote from Reika»
    How am I supposed to review,

    correct, or maintain a translation file for a language I do not
    understand? I will be honest in saying that that is one of the most
    ridiculous and unattainable expectations I have ever seen.

    No understanding of another language is necessary to test and evaluate whether the game crashes on load. It is a question of software operation, not linguistic correctness.

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    On CurseForge, I see version 12e of RotaryCraft and DragonAPI, 12d of ReactorCraft, 12c of ElectriCraft, and 12a of Expanded Redstone and Void Monster. Are these correctly the most current releases and all meant to work together, or is Curse just being slow to update?

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    Quote from norzqq»

    Hello everyone! I search for mod, which will allows me to see with tooltip on the screen(in real time) what items , ore and other I just picked up. Is there any mod like this?

    Better HUD:
    "Item Pickup: Shows text and item icons of items you've just picked up on the screen. It counts how many items you've picked up, but if you don't pick up any for a while, it'll fade away and reset the counter."

    It does a lot of other things, too. Version 1.3.6 is for Minecraft 1.8.9

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    posted a message on [Req] Trigger all block updates upon chunk generation

    Hopefully I'd be allowed one polite bump.

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    posted a message on I need The lightest mod for transportation

    I am also curious to know this.

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    posted a message on Noise help needed (OpenSimplex, or Simplex, or Perlin)
    Quote from Keybounce»
    The goal is to get a hue color...with non-obvious repetition....vertical change was effectively nothing.

    So a second attempt was made...This looked good, until someone tested way out in the 6 digit range (note that the co-ordinates become divisors in the second line), and got [stretchy]
    What we don't want is an "island" type of thing that makes lumps, like islands in the ocean.
    ...not "Mostly this angle, but it will vary away and then back" -- that would make the colors significantly uneven.

    I'm having some trouble understanding quite what the ideal result would be like. After all, even with the things stated as undesirable, there are still an infinite number of potential qualifying designs...

    So, you don't really want it to be stripey, because that would necessarily have a predominant axis over which the "pattern" would be unchanging. (For the ovals, that so-to-speak axis is not linear, but perpendicular to the radius, more or less.)

    You don't really want it to be islandy. Is that truly because you don't want concentric-ish designs, even if the overall quanitity of all colors is pretty equal? Because that is possible; islandy doesn't necessitate unevenness.

    I'm happy to offer some conceptual help, even pseudo-code, but be aware that I'm not familiar with code for noise, code for Minecraft, and may use the wrong terms when talking about statistical properties; I think I understand the principles, but not the jargon.


    (The following example pictures WERE NOT made using OpenSimplex or Perlin. They were made in an image editor with value noise for rough illustrative purposes.)

    It seems that you would like a fairly uniform quantity of all colors, over a sufficiently large region. You want some kind of observable structure with significant scale, not merely a per-block (or per-pixel) random chance for whatever color, like a typical image editor's noise filter. There are still a lot of possibilities for what that structure might be like. Here are a few that I can describe:

    A mottled, camoflageish pattern could be achieved by using three scalar noise fields as the R, G, and B channels of a color, then calculating the hue. In pseudocode, this would be like:
    noise_R = new OpenSimplexNoise(a random seed here);
    noise_G = new OpenSimplexNoise(a different random seed here);
    noise_B = new OpenSimplexNoise(a third random seed here);
    R = noise_R.eval(x / X_FEATURE_SIZE, y / Y_FEATURE_SIZE, z / Z_FEATURE_SIZE);
    G = noise_G.eval(x / X_FEATURE_SIZE, y / Y_FEATURE_SIZE, z / Z_FEATURE_SIZE);
    B = noise_B.eval(x / X_FEATURE_SIZE, y / Y_FEATURE_SIZE, z / Z_FEATURE_SIZE);
    max = maximum(noise_R, noise_G, noise_B);
    min = minimum(noise_R, noise_G, noise_B);
    if(max == noise_R) { hue = (G - B)/(max - min); }
    elseif(max == noise_G) { hue = 2.0 + (B - R)/(max-min); }
    else { hue = 4.0 + (R - G)/(max-min); }
    hue *= 60; hue % 360; // Hue is now in degrees from 0 to 360

    This would span the entire color range with roughly even presence of the primary and secondary colors; but it would not guarantee an even presence of tertiary and further intermediate colors. It'll probably be pretty close, but the actual statistical properties of OpenSimplex noise - how much of each value you're likely to get - isn't accounted for. If it matters that much, you could generate a large set of sample data and come up with a probability integral transform to make a very nearly equal chance of getting any particular hue.

    A variation on your linearish, stripey pattern could be achieved by using the noise values, instead of some mathematical transformation of the position, to warp it. This would be something like:
    noise = new OpenSimplexNoise(a random seed here);
    hue = (y*6 + 120*noise.eval(x / X_FEATURE_SIZE, y / Y_FEATURE_SIZE, z / Z_FEATURE_SIZE)) % 360; // Hue is now in degrees from 0 to 360


    You asked what octaves are. The basic idea is to generate more than one noise field at different scales, then average them together, usually giving each smaller noise field a lesser weight. Often it's half the size and half the weight, hence, octaves. Sometimes it's called "turbulence".

    This gives a further cloud- or stone-esque detailing to the noise pattern. If you reduce the weight of the smaller noise fields more, it stays soft and blobby. If you reduce the weight of the smaller noise fields less, the overall effect is grainier and rough-edged. Here is a variation of the stripey-distorted concept, not truly with an octave but with a single 1/4 scale, 1/4 intensity noise field added to the initial one:


    Of course, why limit yourself to adding/averaging? Subtraction, multiplication, absolute value, modulo, min, max, whatever other operations, and the resulting pattern can resemble lightning, vines, spots, leather... Just be aware of the statistical implications. Hopefully this gets you started.
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    posted a message on Xaero's Minimap 1.20 Forge (+ Fabric | 1.19.4 | 1.18.2 | 1.17.1 | 1.16.5 | 1.15.2 | 1.14.4 | 1.12.2 and more)

    I think I've finally given up on Rei's and Xan's/Voxel minimaps, because yours is quite nice. :) It's simple, doesn't depend on weird libraries, and has a good cave-mode.

    Mostly because I'm used to Rei's, there are a few features I wonder if you'd consider:

    - Shift+zoom hotkey to zoom out.

    - Option to not automatically zoom in when going beneath other blocks. I'm sorry to whoever likes this feature...I really don't! Arg! :tnt:

    - A slider for how strong the lightening/darkening effect is on blocks due to slope. Your hardcoded value is pretty subtle IMO.

    - An extra change in shading lighter/darker due to relative elevation to the player, darker the further below and lighter the further above (and ofc a slider for how strong the effect appears.)

    - Display of chunk borders via overlaid grid lines at the edges, not a per-chunk checkerboard tint like it is now. Somehow I just don't feel like I can see it clearly with the checkerboard style.

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    Quote from Zsashas»

    Known issue, I believe it's fixed for v11. It may also be working it's way towards setting a record for the most-reported single issue on a single github issue tracker.

    That just makes it even more amazing to have not been hotfixed for a month and a half.
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    posted a message on My Minecraft is Crashing!

    Try updating Galacticraft (and MicdoodleCore) to build 424 or newer. They fixed a problem that was making Galacticraft sometimes cause problems with other mods that use an old way of registering entities.

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    posted a message on Hurt World style respawn. Keep your gear, drop your loot.

    I like this idea.

    The trickiest part would be figuring out what is loot and what is gear. Besides having to list every item in a config, maybe it could automatically generate a config where:

    - If it has a tool type (sword, shovel, etc.) it's gear.

    - If it can go into an armor slot, it's gear.

    - If it works with Baubles (the mod), it's gear.

    - If it has durability, it's gear.

    - If it has an ore dictionary definition and fails the other tests, it's loot.

    - If none of these apply, group them together at the top of the config in a "needs attention" section, so it's easy to see what the mod doesn't understand.

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    posted a message on Mod that unifies same ores from multiple mods?

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    posted a message on BSL Shaders - 1.13.1 Compatible - 800K+ Downloads!

    I like the aesthetic of your shaders. Maybe more to the point, they look natural and don't put weird Instagrammish color tints on everything. :D Also they perform pretty well especially with EAO and SSAO and blur turned off.

    I think I like 4.2 best just because you can have v2 and v3 clouds turned on at the same time, which gives 2 cloud layers for a nice look. The only visual downside is that the bloom applied to bright water reflections can be waaaay too bright.

    Here's a nice view from a custom world gen I was trying.




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    posted a message on [Req] Trigger all block updates upon chunk generation

    I'm requesting a conceptually simple mod, that would trigger a block update (and, if it's a separate function, lighting update) for every block in a chunk right after that chunk finishes generating and populating. Maybe 1 tick after, just in case. Maybe it could be every other block, since a block update also seems to make the neighboring blocks update themselves.

    The idea is to not have to walk around punching airborne sand, or flying up close to a glowstone formation that erroneously isn't casting any light or a bizarre pitch-black shadow on a cliffside, and instead to force the world to settle into its proper state all on its own without player intervention. I'd also hope it might fix the lighting problem where if I use a mod (Custom Ore Gen) to replace lava with stone, the nearby blocks are still lit up as if the lava was there.

    Sure, I'm guessing it will be severely laggy, but I'm curious to see if it even works. If so, it could be used to pre-generate a world, after all.

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    Quote from Mr_Moopicorn»

    Yeah, I just want some new models. Trying to do modern builds with limited room for glowstone or other full block lighting options and there seems to be no one out there who has made a mod entirely dedicated to adding new types of lights!

    There was a mod called Fiat Lux and in the comments the author posted an experimental 1.7.2 version, which still works in 1.7.10 for me.
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    posted a message on Most powerful Minecraft mods?

    Draconic Evolution. I've read that the mod's ultimate armor is coded to even prevent damage that other mods intend to be able to bypass armor.

    Witchery. You can (eventually) use a charm to become a werewolf, allowing you to unequip and drop the enemy player's armor when you punch them. You can also make voodoo poppets that prevent you from dying.

    There are a bunch of small mods with intentionally OP items, that I've seen show up on Curse or in other youtube reviews, but it's kind of like...why would you even use them?

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