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    posted a message on Customizable Songs

    I think we need to upload and choose our own songs on Minecraft Jukebox, Some people don't know how to build a song, Or we want to add a song of our own choosing.

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    posted a message on City Texture Pack 2

    I love the first one, But i think Version 2 deserves more taste in the Texture Pack, Make Wool not look like Bricks, Sun and Moon more realistic, Hardened Clay as nice as in Little Big Planet Texture Pack or the Original Texture Pack, Water look more realistc like in the Little Big Planet Texture Pack, New Torch and Levers, Darker Lava, And Rain that looks realistic, New Iron Doors, And much better graphics.

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    posted a message on Lagger Block And Colorful Stairs

    There should be a Lagger Block on Minecraft, to tell us if we're lagging or if the other person is lagging, it gets really annoying when going into a certain area and it just suddenly lags, And there should be colorful stairs too, a Minecraft Modern House would look perfect with a Blue Staircase.

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