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    if you want a piston door to be open and close on both side,with a same switch,and simple without anything else,it's possible,but it wont be that simple.You will at least need a gate or latch to do it.
    If you dont want latch or anything else because of they are hard to make,then install redpower 2 mod.Its now support minecraft 1.4.6,and have alot of gates.
    Here's a very simple and easy to make piston door with redpower 2 mod installed and it only use 2 sticky piston.The middle one is toggle switch which is a must,and on both side is a pulse former,which convert a long redstone signal into a short redstone pulse,not necessary but if you want to turn on the door at one side,and quickly turn off at another side,then it's neccesary!

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