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    Quote from Tails1»

    You said you disabled wizard spawning, so why are wizards still spawning?

    Its not that they are still spawning - its that they have already and they are crashing when the player loads in that area - the only config I could find to cancel the spawning was to turn them off in the mod its self as it has an option to change it from default to 0 to disable. Though I don't know why this has happened - like there must be something to cause this to happen as I have been near locations where wizards are meant to spawn before and they were fine

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    Quote from Tails1»

      Entity Type: ebwizardry:evil_wizard (electroblob.wizardry.entity.living.EntityEvilWizard)

      Entity ID: 19414

      Entity Name: Wizard

      Entity's Exact location: -615.64, 66.00, 445.67

      Entity's Block location: World: (-616,66,445)

    Delete that mob and try again.

    Yeah I have tried this - I did try to explain in my initial question - sorry not trying to be rude I know your helping thanks tho

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    Hi, I have had some players crash on my server - it seems to be electroblobs wizard mod - however, I attempted to delete entities on the server and disabled the wizards from spawning on the server. However no matter it kept crashing - only fix I found was delete the player data. Please if anyone could help.

    Below is the link to the crash report;

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    posted a message on 🌌Novanoid🌌 - 🔔 Active Community 🔔 with Dedicated Europe Server 🏳️‍🌈 | 18+


    Is a modpack designed with Technology at its heart.
    We felt that mods like; ProjectE, Buildcraft, Applied Energistics were a good starting point.
    Furthermore, we built onto this adding a range of mods of 150+.
    We feel this gives you the player options, even if you don't like technology.
    There are a few surprises but we won't spoil them.
    Modpack is hosted on the Twitch app - Click Here!



    Currently looking for players that would be interested in joining our community and our dedicated whitelisted server.
    Along with this, you will have help in using your voice in the decisions we make for the future of the modpack and server experience.
    As we like to listen to feedback and work on making tweaks to improve gameplay and experience all round.

    All the info you will need to join is provided in our discord server and the modpack itself.

    Those who are also content creators - would have dedicated status in the discord server and would be provided additional plug for their stream/video content of server and modpack.

    Ultimately would like to see our group of friends grow and build a nice community, there will not be a cost to the server; for those would like to chip-in as thanks are welcome to do so.
    We will always do our best to keep it free.

    The modpack development team;
    Metrosis0 - Owner
    nxdreadnought - Sub-owner
    Joshxo - Admin
    ausodevon - Admin
    🏳️‍🌈JOIN OUR DISCORD🏳️‍🌈;
    Click the below image for the invite.
    Discord Invite
    Currently, there is a whitelisted modpack OFFICIAL server running forge-only meaning modded-vanilla gameplay.
    If there are any issues running the modpack please also use our discord server as we will be able to provide support.

    Please Note;
    Current modpack recommendations are as follows;
    6-8 GB Ram to play
    Try to set settings to low/off on most options if getting a lot of lag then try upping them once fully loaded and if occur issues we are here to help.
    Also, optifine has worked with the modpack however may not. - This needs further testing before we will officially support the addition.
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