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    posted a message on ★ Hermitpack 1.3 Powerful & LagFree - HermitCrest ★

    IGN: Mutagent

    (and Youtube name if you have it)

    Age: 19

    How far have you gotten in modded/Hermitpack? Most mods i know from previous modpacks but not to fond of any kinds of magic mods. I would rate my knowledge of modded minecraft a 8.3/10

    Why should you be accepted? Looking for a reliable community that wants to fun and just have a good time.

    Thanks for looking at my application hope you consider me.

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    posted a message on [Modded HermitPack] [NEW] Whitelisted HermitPack 1.1.0 Now Accepting 16+

    ING: Mutagent

    Age: 19

    Why you want to join: I want a stable community that wants to have fun playing a game together and enjoy a couple laughs. Also boviously because i love playing minecraft but more specifically ftb.

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    posted a message on Whitelisted Hermitpack Server!


    IGN: Mutagent


    Gender: Male

    Location: Eastern Coast of USA

    Ive been playing modded for some time, and minecraft even longer. I really appreciate building mods, and like building larege scale projects. Thanks for looking at my application

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    posted a message on DireWolf20 Small Community Server [Whitelist] [1.10.2] [Discord] [24/7] [Survival]
    • Minecraft Username: Mutagent
    • Age: 19
    • Previous modded experience(if any): any different modpacks, with the exclusion of tekkit.
    • Favorite modded experience(Tech, magic, bees, specific modpack or mod, ect.): Completing agrarian skies 2
    • Timezone: EST
    • Will you use Discord/Do you have a mic: Yes i will , and yeah
    • Do you have a desire to make friends? Always
    • Anything else you might want to include: Not really, looking forward to your response.
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    posted a message on Hermitcraft Modded Pack ~~~EliteCraft~~~Community~~24/7
    IGN: Mutagent
    AGE: 19
    LOCATION: East Coast , USA
    TELL US ABOUT YOUR MINECRAFT EXPERIANCE: Been playing since 2010, and Ive been playing modded for about 3 years.
    WHAT MODS DO YOU LIKE: I like all mods that give me new blocks to build with and make new creative structures, and i obviously like most technical mods.
    ANYTHING ELSE TO HELP US DECIDE TO ACCEPT OR NOT: not much, just hope thanks for reading hope you consider me. Cant wait!
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    posted a message on Brand New Vanilla Server, Looking for new players!

    Username: Mutagent
    Skype Name (Can be skipped for privacy reasons, but would like it in a PM): [email protected],com

    Country (or Timezone works too): USA
    Best Skill (mining, building etc,): Id definitely say building
    Favorite block(mobs are fine too): Um id say Dirt
    What you look forward into the server once accepted: Community, i love playing mine craft with people.
    How long are you planning to play: As long as the server is open.
    Talk abit about yourself here: I play lacrosse and work and love working on cars, that's about it and if you feel that my application is short you may judge me by it but my character is a better judgement and you could see how respectable i am if you played with me in game.

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    posted a message on OhanaCraft III

    Removed application, because of skype.

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    posted a message on NEW SMP SERVER RightSideDownSMP 100% Vanilla! Come Apply Now! FIRST LAUNCH!
    How Long You Have Played Minecraft: 3 years
    Good Builder? Leave pictures if you'd like: I'd like to say but i cant speak for everyone else, but i like large scale projects and having to collect alot of materials.
    Favorite color: Purple
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    posted a message on Attack Of The B - Team Server
    Skype: LACROSSEK1D24

    Age: 17

    How experienced are you with AOTBT: Ive been playing for about 3 months but have alot of modpack experience.

    Favorite mod in AOTBT: Flans Mod.

    Location: US

    Username / IGN: LACROSSEK1D24

    Favorite item in AOTBT: Amethyst
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    posted a message on Creating a new server. Need staff. Some positions Paid. The server will be massive.
    Builder Application

    Name:Nash R.
    Age: 17
    Skype: LACROSSEK1D24
    Previous Server Experience:Owned a private server for a bout a year. Been admin/Co-Owner on a server.
    Screenshot of any recent work: Look below my application.
    Plugin experience(not required):None
    What makes you a good staff member?:Im kind and Fair And i feel as i can help the community alot.
    What will you bring to the server?: Good Builds Good laugh here and there
    How long are you usually on per day?: 3 hours or more
    How long have you played minecraft?: 3 years
    Country of residence(and.or timezone): USA. East Coast
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    posted a message on CrackPack [AtLauncher] (Mindcrack Style Server)
    - 17
    Favorite mod
    -Flans Mod
    Favorite thing to do in Modpacks
    -Mob Farms.
    Favorite IRL animal (Get to know you a little)
    - Monkeys
    Why you want to join the team
    -Im looking for some cool people on a server that like to laugh and are layed back and chill. Id also just like to have fun playing one of my favorite games.
    Would you like to see pranking on the server?
    -Yeah pranking is always good and created some good laughs.
    Did you read the rules? Do you agree to follow the rules?
    -Yes, I agree wholeheartedly.
    Did you meet the requirements?
    (If you answered NO then what requirement did you not meet? Some may slide)
    How often can you play?
    -3 hours per day id say, Unless on vacation.
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    posted a message on DarkCraftSMP Vanilla Whitelisted Snapshot 14w27b Server. [New World! Opened Today!]
    IGN (In Game Name): LACROSSEK1D24

    Age: 17

    Why you want to join the server: Looking for good community thats really layed back and likes to have a laugh.

    How much experience do you have with minecraft? 2 and a half years.

    What are your skills: Building Large Scale Projects/Bases/Mob Farms

    Skype (Optional): LACROSSEK1D24

    Extras: If accepted please message me in skype :)

    Thanks for looking at my application!
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    posted a message on FTB Mindcrack Server Looking For Players
    1. How old are you? 15

    2. Do you cuss? No

    3. Are you friendly? Yes

    4. What can you bring to the server? Large Builds And some laughs

    5. Do you have a youtube channel? If so, please list. Nope.

    6. Do you have a mic? Yes

    7. Have you been banned before? If so please list. no

    8. What is your favorite FTB Mindcrack mod? Applied Energistics

    9. Do you like to do Creative? Or survival? Survival

    10. How long have you played minecraft? 2 and a half years
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    posted a message on Nerdcraft - Minecraft CrackPack Modded Server
    Seems like a good server!
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    posted a message on Destiny's Landing - FTB Monster Server * No Grief * No Stealing * Whitelisted * Friendly
    1. How long have you been into Minecraft? 2 and a Half Years
    2. Are you new to FTB? No, ive played tons of modpacks! (Monster,Unleashed,Magic Farm, Agrarian Skies, Crack Pack)
    3. How old are you? 17
    4. What country are you from? United States Of America
    5. Have you ever been banned or kicked from a server? If yes, why, and give me a good reason to accept you anyway! Yes, server was hacked everyone was banned and owner never reset the server or opened it again.
    6. What is your player name (IGN)? LACROSSEK1D24
    7. Any extra information you want to share? I love to build i like the little things, but i also like to build large scale projects.
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