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    Mk, I'll break this down.

    You made a keep that was supposed to look like this:

    It ended up looking like this:

    You asked for what we thought and asked us to rate it.
    People told you what they thought, rated it, and even gave you advice.

    You got angry because it wasn't all that you thought it would be and said stuff like this:

    1. if your criticising my work, then your doing similar to witcher 3 a game with working designers.
    2. Im trying to stick to the original design, that means it will have a block shape, deal with it.
    3. read above reply and all other's, then come back and try to comment yourself. kthnxBAI

    1. Yes, they are criticizing* your work, you asked them to. And no, they are not doing similar to that game, because frankly, it barely looks like the game it was based upon.
    2. Yes, the building is square, as it is in the game, you nailed that, believe us. But I don't see the dark lighting, epic walls, or if that's what it is; water on the ground. No windows either D: So when people tell you how to make it look better, don't reply to them telling them that your being accurate, because that it is not.
    3. Yes, he obviously read the replies, his comment was well planned and executed. And I don't think you want people reading the comments, because they'll see how afraid of criticism, and how much of a doosh you've been.
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    We have decided to use the old thread, here is the link to it:

    Please do NOT post here.
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    Love the style, makes me think of windwaker abit and its pigs.
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    Heh, greatest rampage weapons, Shovels, Eggs, and Doors.
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    posted a message on Private Tekkit server, looking for people
    I have a private tekkit server, were trying to get a small community going on, it has a whitelist, if you wish to join you need to make an app.

    I want BIG beefy apps, there is no guideline to it, 3 sentence apps will NOT get you in.

    We are looking for players who put a little thought into their application. Players that just write one or two lines and tend to say the same thing won't get invited on the server. We're looking for creative people. Players with energy, humor, intelligence, and teamwork. If your application doesn't reflect that; if we don't get a sense that you're the type of player we're looking to add to our community then we're not going to mail you the server details and say 'Welcome aboard!'.

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    Quote from Heartly

    EDIT: Just read the last few posts, so I have to ask, is the server abck online yet..?

    In-Game Name:


    Have you been banned, if so, why?
    I've never been banned, though I have been Silenced for a few minutes before. I started spamming chat with elephant jokes... It was only one time, though, I promise not to do it on this server ^_^

    Why do you wish to join?
    Well, I'm looking for a server that has enough people so that I'm not always the only person online, and has a small enough number of people that there's still land to build on and caves left unexplored. Your thread doesn't have 100+ pages, so it won't be packajacked full of players :) I enjoy playing online because I both like the company, and I enjoy seeing what others build and showing off my own creations

    Do you agree with the rules? If not, please explain why.
    I agree to them, but I have to ask... If I say "I'm not having fun" in chat, will I get banned for breaking rule 8..? >.> That'd be kinda sucky... Anyways, here's hoping you'll accept me ^_^

    I'm sorry this server will be reopened at the beginning of summer. If however your looking for a small server, try out my private tekkit server, its small, and something I get on when I have the time, were looking for a couple active players, no one ever seems to stick, except me and US_ST6 xD http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1485517-private-tekkit-server-looking-for-people/
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    This Isn't farmville kid, I'm not waiting two hours for my tomato
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    posted a message on (1.2.5) Hemitite: [PVE] [24/7] [Fair and Friendly!] [25 slots!] [2.5 Gigs of ram!]
    Lag has been fixed, to anyone wondering it was Luke_man and his 400 chicken farm, rules have been adjusted, so blame him XD.
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    posted a message on (1.2.5) Hemitite: [PVE] [24/7] [Fair and Friendly!] [25 slots!] [2.5 Gigs of ram!]
    Quote from Bosell

    IGN: Bosel

    Why do you want to join this server?: Been searching for a decent server for the past few weeks, and yours seems pretty worthwhile to try out. I like working towards goals without having to worry as much about other players trying to harm me/my base.

    Age: 17

    Did you read this ENTIRE post?: Yes.

    *** My good friend would also like to play, but unfortunately his Minecraft forums account isn't working for some reason. His IGN is "Russellness" if you could whitelist him as well. I can vouch for him being a good player that won't cause any trouble. Thanks in advance. :)

    np, both being whitelisted
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