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    posted a message on Attack on Titan mod
    Just some little trivial stuff

    Ken = Sword
    Kae ba = Replacement Edge/Teeth (Kae = Replace/ment ba = The blade)
    Nennryou = Fuel/Gas

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    posted a message on Minecraft Exclusive to XBOX; Wins VideoGameGeek Award
    Quote from GenuineGT

    the whole top half of this message is great, but are you kidding me with the last bit? not trying to be rude but people do have the same ideas, i dont even remember hearing anything about minecraft until after xbox had released the avatars. im sure they didn't mimic minecraft over that one

    Well that's why I tried using a word like 'mimic' and not 'clone' considering Minecraft was not the first of its kind (same with WoW, pretty sure Ultima online was way before that). But you have to agree that the sudden boom that Minecraft became, it did spawn a lot of similar games (like with GTA and sandbox/free roams).

    I'm not implying that the Xbox arcade game is in anyway something that was created to be like Minecraft. Just saying that it did help with sales.

    Anywho I'm not really here saying "Oh no why not every other console!" but more trying to stand beside Mojang and what would be best. Limiting it to Xbox console only (and do a company that LOVES exclusivity) does limit how much money you could potentially make. Also taking into the fact that it has no portable device to date (on top of that its out for, and was showcased with, the Xperia so assuming it would come out for PS3 is understandable).

    Quote from RockX

    Wait who knows this? i believe that would be Playstation Ragers... since half the time when people tell someone why PS3 > Xbox360, i hear them say "Playstation has better exclusives" and actually, Playstation also has MORE exclusives.... UNLESS you want to be all technical and directly say MICROSOFT does, in which case its ridiculous, seeing as 99% of them exclusives are on PC.

    Also @ElementalChaos, youre too late.

    Sorry I didn't specify on exactly what I meant but yes, I was saying it directly about Microsoft. Sure PS3 has a decent amount of exclusives (Most of which are from companies that have been Sony exclusive from PS1; Naughty Dog) but no where near the amount that Xbox does but, that's besides the point.

    Microsoft as a company loves exclusives whether it be for Xbox or PC, they're both still Microsoft.

    I guess the best example would be is with Call of Duty. Yes the GAME isn't Micro/Box exclusive but they do have an unbelievable amount of CoD special edition accessories (ala CoD edition Xbox). Not only that but often release content for Xbox first (Yes PSN updates every thurs [?] but I'm talking weeks in advance).
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    posted a message on Minecraft Exclusive to XBOX; Wins VideoGameGeek Award
    Quote from goanimals123

    In before PS3 fanboys rage.

    Well not really a rage but I think partnering with Microsoft was a fairly bad idea. Why you may ask? Because of the word "Exclusive". Microsoft just LOVES having them, we all know this. But this now means less people would in turn have access to playing Minecraft (not everyones computer can run it to the point of it being bearable).

    If Sony had partnered first I can see Minecraft then being released for the Xbox (as I honestly don't see Sony being as uptight about having a game, that is as open-ware as you can get IMO, release for another console).

    Not only that but Microsoft already tried to mimic Minecraft using the Xbox Avatars. I can only see Microsoft eventually making Minecraft on the Xbox less of Mojang and more Microsoft by adding in Avatar/Xbox features.

    I can see Minecraft integrating well with PS Home. Just saying.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] AETHER - V1.04_01 Launch Bug Fixed - BUG FIXES - Crystal Trees, Enchanted Grass, White Apples!
    This isn't a "PLEASE UPDATE" post but somewhat similar.

    Just wondering if you guys plan on updating it for 1.1 or if you're waiting for some other major update. I loved Aether and followed it all through development. Feel like picking up MC again but feel that The End is not going to be my only goal. But to do it with Aether items! Figured itll make fighting the End dragon a bit easier.

    I plan on playing this regardless of ver, just wanted to know if I should wait a bit or not.
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    posted a message on MineCraft 1.0.0 Changes
    So far NOTHING new has been added as of 1.9.6

    1.0.0 = 1.9.6 with lots of bug fixes.

    The ONLY thing I could think of is a "Potion-table" recipe? Haven't seen confirmation of this yet. I'm guessing they may have added new ones as well.

    Also they may have made those new discs available from dungeons.
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    posted a message on [1.9pre5] [Vanilla] SMP server

    AGE: 20

    Played since: not exactly sure. back before wolves.

    Hope to get in. Can't stand non-vanilla servers.
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    posted a message on Recruiting adult players
    Ahh looks to be a server I'm looking for. Sadly I am only 20. Guess there's next year :3
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    posted a message on 1.9 Pre-Release is Out for Testing!
    Something Notch said:

    It's not 1.1, it's 1.10!
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Salvania - the Vanilla Server
    (In game name) IGN: Roflwafflelawl

    Why do you wanna join?: Because there aren't very much Vanilla servers

    Will you be dedicated?: If I don't lag too bad, as I live in Hawaii.

    Tell me about yourself: Chilled. Like to mess around (jokingly, not throw lava in your house)

    (optional)Give me pictures of what you have built before: Hm I would but honestly they're pretty bad (At least to me).

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    posted a message on 1.8 = Vanilla: The way Minecraft was meant to be played!
    Playing since: About 1.3-1.4
    Type of player: Mainly like to just go with the wind. Explore, then build, then maybe dig, then explore!

    How active is the teamspeak may I ask? And whats the age of the majority that plays here?
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    posted a message on Looking for a 1.8.1 Vanilla server
    Don't much care if it's active with a bunch of people. Honestly smaller the better (as long as we talk via skype, vent, ect). When I say Vanilla I don't mean like 0 plugins. I do realize some are required to manage things better. I DO though want no change in mobs. Meaning none of this creepers can't blow things up cuz that's how it's meant to be!

    Whitelist would be great.

    Thank you for your time.
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    posted a message on BETA Survival server ~~ 24/7 | 35 slots | No lag
    Cool concept that I might want to do. But having no mobs is a big meh :/
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    posted a message on Starting a Server, looking for 1 (maybe 2) partner(s)
    Quote from OHGODWHAT

    Jeez, people will accept anybody. I've been playing since alpha.. somethin'.. Damn, there were so many alpha updates. Well, since beginning of november 2010..

    Well you didn't really....ask to get in did you? Considering this is your first post in the thread?
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    posted a message on Starting a Server, looking for 1 (maybe 2) partner(s)
    IGN: Roflwafflelawl
    Age: 20
    Experience: Playing since beta 1.3-4

    Have Skype and Mic.
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    posted a message on 1.8 is Now Out!
    I can honestly say that 1.8 is the greatest update, period

    First off the Biomes/Terrain. Now Minecraft we all knew to have all these different biomes that was really kinda scattered around and mixed together, which wasn't exactly a bad thing. BUT the new vast biomes really has shows a sense of scale. When walking off to find a new found land I, before, would always walk through maybe a taiga, than a desert, than another taiga and not have gone off too far. Now it really feels like Im trecking through a desert or forest and really gives the atmosphere of this huge, HUGE, world.

    Not only that but the new mine-shafts, strongholds, and ravines give a WHOLE new dynamic underground. Walking through a typical cave system only to find a HUGE underground ravine that splits into another ravine that's connected to a mineshaft that has a zombie dungeon, all happening under a huge mountain in the new mountain biome , you just can't find that anywhere else.

    Now the Player changes are also to look at. First off *catches breath* SPRINTIIIIIIIIING!!! FINALLY! For months I've been playing Minecraft (1.3 or so) and wished for a sprint/faster way to travel. And now we have it! And being able to clear jumps I previously couldn't is just, just, awesome.

    Food. Ahh yess food. Lot's of people have been skeptical about this system. I've heard one person saying that is "ruins the flow of combat". Now I don't know about you but if you have 3 zombies on you in a corner, it's not going to matter if you can scroll to your porkchop fast enough to gain a few health, you're still going down. I want players to understand that BECAUSE we have the food system we now have the new meats and have stackable foods.

    There's a reason foods didn't stack before. So that you don't have a stack of cooked food to withstand a total cluster f**k. Now they allow stack so that you can keep you hunger stable without sacrificing inv space that you'll need with hunger. And healing over time (and at a very balanced rate) allows to go out of a zombie fight and start digging away without having to stop for a second to get that porkchop outta your inv, in which a creeper ambush can ruin.

    Now the mobs are just mind blowing. Sure an Enderman isn't very threatening out in the open. As long as you don't go out "looking" for a fight they're pretty harmless. Now if theyre near your house/town/structure they could be a problem by moving blocks (chests included) that was maybe holding lava next to your wooden house (though you were pretty much asking for it). Which you would then have to deal with it to make sure nothing else will be stolen.

    Where they really shine is when underground, especially the mineshafts. If you go blindly in turning around every corner without a little bit of a peek, you may get more than you bargained for. Once you look at it you have 2 options. Either slowly back away while keeping your focus on it (they don't do anything until you look away) allowing you to hopefully block it off or well, kill it.

    Now I've got to say fighting has become a lot more fun with the Enderman. I do know of the parry but so far have not understood when to really use it, so I'm not including that in my example of "fun combat".

    Back to Enderman. Teleporting. Nuff said. Now because AI doesn't always do the same exact thing WHERE it teleports and how frequent can really change based off of terrain and player movement. From my experience they are very very worthy for their rarity. You try run away, every time you look back it's closer. Like straight out of a horror film. You try tackle it face-on? It'll teleport maybe backward and further away, or maybe behind you, or maybe next to a tree next to you, or maybe to around the other corner in a mineshaft.

    Their unpredictable movement really make's it feel like an accomplishment when you kill them. Mixed with creepers, zombies, and skellys, the night just became a lot scarier.

    2 other mobs that were added: The Silverfish and The Cave Spiders. Cave Spider are the same as normal spiders except spawn blocks are located in mainly in mineshafts, are smaller (and are only 1 block wide now), and can poison. Not too much of a threat since they nerfed poison compared to that of the pre-release. But you can easily be overwhelmed now that they only need 1 open block to get to you.

    The Silverfish was something I thought was just amazing. More than that of the Enderman. The reason? Their swarming zombie like capability. Now for those who don't know Silverfish ARE REAL. They're those little tiny silver looking bugs that you often find in books, boxes, basically any place you store lot's of things. Though I've only ever seen them in cardboard boxes and books. Back in elementary (about 14 years ago) I used to get a kick with my friends finding them.

    Enough of my nostalgia and back to Silverfish. Now they are only located underground from what I gathered. They don't just "exist" either. They spawn from blocks that look exactly, exactly, like stone so you won't ever know when you stumble across them. Now I don't know if they'll just start spawning if you're close by but what I've seen is when you pick at the block it'll break and these guys will come out. Now it's only one Silverfish per one block. And that block will also disappear so you'll see where they came out of.

    Apparently after one comes out and aggros the other ones around you start popping out. So once on comes out another comes out and another then another. Next thing you know you're dead with 10 of these things squirming above your dead corpse.

    Last thing I would like to add is the lighting. It helped reduce the lag I got when changing day-night (at least for me) and it just looks SOOOOOOO good. The torch lighting *drool*.

    I think I covered everything that is in 1.8 (besides exp orbs that don't do anything, different meats, vines, and ocean biomes which are all self explanatory ).

    Hope this helps anyone still on the fence about it. Mutliplayer seems to be more stable than Singleplayer. Though I could be wrong.
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