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    (picture gallery at the bottom of the post)

    SUHC(Super Ultra Hardcore) is a datapack designed to provide a harder survival experience for the player. The goal is to survive the harsher minecraft world, which progressively scales in difficulty as time passes.

    There are many, many tweaks to the difficulty, along with custom mobs, items, loot tables, and many custom structures. SUHC is based around Ultra Hardcore, but there is a lower difficulty for players for whom this is their first experience with anything UHC-related.

    SUHC has been in development for quite a long while, and we've done tons of playtesting! Give it a try and give us some feedback!


      • Tons of difficulty tweaks(potion rework, mob drop/loot table reworks, mob upgrades, etc).
      • Mob Progression(mobs become stronger over time).
      • Several custom structures that spawn as you explore the world(such as the graveyard/tree cove/floating island in the picture gallery at the bottom of the post).
      • Mobs with custom abilities/effects(Zombies that group up gain the ability to break blocks, creepers can chain explode nearby creepers, etc).
      • Multiple custom loot tables, both for mobs and for structures(including vanilla minecraft structures!).
      • Mini luck rework(luck actually effects loot from some mobs and all chests, and there are new items that grant luck).
      • Random events(mobs may randomly gain temporarily upgrades, major/minor natural disasters may occur, etc).
      • A more challenging survival experience.
      • Nether corruption(coming out of the nether may spread nether around the portal area).


    INSTALLATION/DOWNLOAD(open spoiler):

    *Note: Do this on a newly created world. This datapack is meant to be played on a fresh survival world.

    Download the .zip here(at the top, "download data pack"): https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/kyu-and-q-s-suhc-harder-survival-structures-1-15/download/file/12592932/

    Move the .zip into the datapacks folder that is located in your world file. Then, right click and do 'extract here'. Join the world, type "/reload", and there you go! There's a little important readme that will popup in-game after you type it, it's very important that you read it!
    Alternatively, there is also a pre-made ready to play world available to download: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/kyu-and-q-s-suhc-harder-survival-structures-1-15/download/mirror/563486/

    Download the zip, put it in your saves file, and do 'extract here'. Then hop into the world, and press the button directly in front of you to begin! Note that the pre-made world is only for 1.15.

    NOTE: In order to type '/reload' your world/server must have cheats enabled/done by a server op. If you forgot to enable cheats when you created the world, you can open the server in LAN with cheats enabled by going into the world, pressing Esc, and then clicking 'open to LAN' and having cheats enabled in there.



    This is currently the initial release so there is nothing here yet!


    This datapack works with 1.14.4 and 1.15+. When you do '/reload' you will be given a few notes and a disclaimer - It is VERY important that you read this!!!

    If you have any comments, questions, or bugs to report, please comment below or message us! Any feedback/criticisms are 'super ultra' appreciated!


    PICTURE GALLERY(open spoiler):

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