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My old about me page was cringeworthy and didn't really fit me how I am today, so I've decided to replace it.

My political compass (as of spring 2014):

Though I'm not entirely sure how accurate that is, since the test doesn't really take into account Marxist stages and crap that's kind of important to the left side of things. So, essentially, don't just assume that I'm an anarchist. Which I might actually be, I don't really know.

I'm a frequent user of Official Chat, which if you didn't know is a spin-off of the infamous chat threads right here in MCF Off-Topic (though I was never actually involved with the original chat threads). Check it out by clicking on this banner that I totally did not just steal from Phrossbite's signature:

You can usually find me here posting in the Off-Topic section of forums, mostly PPNS as of lately.
Interests Lots of random things that have nothing to do with each other.

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Minecraft Kyte314 Xbox Nope.

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