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    I don't get it...why does everyone assume that just because a giant wall of text comes up that they're supposed to just stop playing the game? Its not like the wall of text destroys your game file nor does it force anything on you. If you really dont like it then dont do it and if you feel forced to do it then you can do it then forget about it forever. Personally i think more little story "Easter eggs" would be kinda cool and the ending was pretty interesting but alittle lacking in carry through and meaning.
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    Quote from sumboodee12

    giga have you read cupcakes? i suggest you do. :iapprove: i can't link you though search for it.

    He should read it how i read it. In a dark room after watching videos on slenderman and paranoid out of my mind.
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    Quote from Steks

    You are weird.

    I cant think of a single reason why someone wouldnt want to go there.

    The playboy mansion is basically the worlds best whorehouse, and who doesnt like ho's?

    Mrs.Clause? After all her husband talks about them all the time
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    Star Wars Knights of the old Republic. Both of them. They are the first rpg-ish game i played and are in my opinion the greatest games ever.
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    Not sure if its really a troll but i have quite a bit of fun in portal 2 co-op. Lag is a very good thing to blame by the way
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    Just remember a dead man cant commit crimes...unless hes a zombie
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    Quote from PhantomGamers

    I agree with this.
    Ghosts aren't possible.

    If you are going to make Ghosts possible, you need to make the raping of Ghosts possible too.

    thats the most persuasive argument for the existence of ghosts ive ever heard
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