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    So... Many people have the (Launch4J: Nonexistent javaruntime environment or the run time is corrupted. The system could not find the path specified.)

    This is... Frustrating, to say the least. I could not play for about 3 weeks. Then, I messed around and saw what was wrong. I tried the Launcher.jar in the game files and.. it worked! Minecraft Launcher loaded, could play FINE. Joined servers, chatted, nothing wrong now. So here's how.

    Go into "My Computer" files or "This PC". Look for Local Disk (C:) or OS (C:) in win10. Navigate to the "Users" folder. Choose the one that minecraft is installed on. You should see a file titled ".minecraft". Open up! Inside, search for a launcher.jar file. Run it. It should load perfectly.

    TADA! No more frustrations. Have fun! AND THE BEST PART: NO RE-INSTALLATION OF ANYTHING!


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    posted a message on I was hacked, any ideas?

    Or,press CRTL+alt+dlt and select open task manager. A window should appear. On the top, you will see a button that says proccesses. Click it. End anything wierd, except for THESE:



    <any program that says what it is>.exe

    And so on. If you dont feel safe about ending a proccess you dont know about, look it up. Good luck buddy :regen: by MissNyanolina

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    posted a message on [Open For Requests!] Pixel Art! Request your very own piece of pixel art

    Hello everyone! I am tottally lost where to put this, but If you want pixel art, this is the thread to request on!

    I may take some time to do it, but...

    You will get it some time!

    Im not THAT good really.

    Please post a reference if avaible.

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    posted a message on Creating my own server

    If you want to make a LAN server, your friends will have to be connected to YOUR internet.

    If you want a fully customizable server where ALL of your friends will play, watch this:

    Btw, the video isnt mine.

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    posted a message on NEED ideas for a map

    Thank you! If i do upload the map, special thanks to you! :bouncyspider: by MineWarCrafter

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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?

    Banned for drinking potion admin said was hacked in, but you could buy them from the Player market

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    posted a message on /testfor players that say stufff in chat

    Maybe someone should add a testfor feature that is like this:

    /testfor @a[Chat:<words>]

    Not only for custom commands, but for swear filters:

    /testfor @a[Chat:bleep] <comparator> /tellraw @a[Chat:bleep] NO SWEARING! Chance: 1/3

    at Would be neat if someone could impliment that in the game or with a mod ;)

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    posted a message on Clear Lag 1.8

    Or just /kill @a[type=!Player]

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    posted a message on NEED ideas for a map

    Hello everyone! I was going to make a map but I have no clue what to make for it. Any ideas? :RedShroom:

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    posted a message on Server game ideas

    I have an idea for a game called Ender Wars. Where you have some teams and they each get a few minutes to make their base and when the game starts, they gotta go break the other teams ender beacon. You gotta defend your teams beacon while destroying other teams beacon. When all but 1 beacon is destroyed, the game ends and whoever's team beacon is left wins.

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    posted a message on SuperEnchants

    Have you went onto an OP server and saw the enchants that are like this:

    enchantment. level.50

    And you may be thinking, how do you do it!? :blink:

    Well, you can either use mods or commands.

    Today, as my first post, will tell you how to use commands to use this!

    The command is, /give @p <item name> <#> 0 {ench:[{id:X,lvl:X}]}

    (OR FOR extended tags, /give @p item # 0 {ench:[{id:x,lvl:x},{id:x,lvl:x}]} (repeat as long as you like)

    It may seem like you are coding, but you are using something called Data Tags. You will learn to manipulate these in the future.

    Hope this helped you begginers!

    Good Luck B)

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