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    posted a message on How to change what spawns in TMI
    Quote from iReggresionZx

    Use Not Enough Items = Succeed.
    Quote from lark774
    yeh ive heard of that mod, for some reason modloader crashes my mc... so this is basiclly an alternative..
    Ahem. She (I assumed a girl because of the avatar) said ModLoader crashes her Minecraft. NEI requires ModLoader.

    Edit: Switched quotes.

    Edit II: Hopefully no one called the grammar police… )X>
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.17 UPDATED 1JULY2021
    Quote from Penguin15243
    Make compatible with mo creatures!
    Quote from Misa
    Q: Will you make some textures for (insert mod name here)?
    A: Possibly. But most likely not. I only try to support purely graphical mods. Any mod that alters entities, gameplay or adds any other thing to the game that can corrupt your saves will not be supported by me. If you find a non-intrusive, purely graphical mod, please suggest it for my review. See here for more details. I will then decide whether or not I will support it with my art. I will take alternate texture requests though. Best place to suggest those is in my Tinychat (Mon-Fri).
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    posted a message on modloader blackscreen?
    Open up MCPatcher, then click on Test Minecraft… An error log should come up.
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    posted a message on Class File Map?
    Have you looked it up?

    Edit: By have you looked it up, I mean, have you searched for it NOT IN THE CLASS FILES.
    Quote from Schnake
    I am very interested in this.
    Oh, god. Not one of these people again
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    posted a message on AUDIOMOD ->BLACKSCREEN
    Are the mods for 1.0.0 only? If so, that is your problem.
    Quote from Dedeeman
    can someone send me his moded minecraft.jar file (with AudioMod) ?
    -Person who does not deserve to get Minecraft.

    Distributing .jar files is not allowed, as Notch’s (insert technical rule name here) says.

    Also he wouldn’t have ModLoader an AudioMod on his .jar (unless he does, in that case I am not asking if he has).
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    posted a message on Monster Spawn Eggs
    *spawns pig*

    He spawned.

    Are you playing on Peaceful? Of so, change it to Easy, Normal, or Hard.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series

    I don’t know if this has been brought up before, but in Minecraft 1.0.0 (or 1.1.0) there is a slime chunk right inside the General Store’s wall on the side. I was just messing around with the map with Rei’s Minimap because I was curious where the slimes where coming from, and it showed a slime chunk just right next to the General Store.
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    posted a message on The new ladder "fix", didn't fix anything. Only made it worse!
    Quote from Bumber
    Tell me, who was it that pressured Jeb to "fix the ladders" in the first place? It was the parkour players who kept running into the sides of ladders and falling, which has less applications than standing on ladders.

    Standing on and jumping from ladders allowed the player to climb up small waist-high gaps (where pistons, trapdoors, switches, etc. could be used) at the top of ladders. In real life you would grab the ledge to pull yourself up, but the game isn't coded for that. It also allowed players to quickly deconstruct ladders from the top down. Everyone who chose to make use of these benefited, not just the parkour players (the most vocal being Nova) who have now unintentionally shot themselves in the foot.

    That doesn't work in situations where you don't want a wall there. You're also going to be hitting your head on the edge of that trapdoor, but you can fix that by changing the facing of the ladder.
    It was people who knew that Nova hated faceplanting on the side of ladders. I have seen his Cubeception series and he breaks his keyboard in it.
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    posted a message on Pig farm
    Quote from lordTWeaKslide
    Can you get a spawner block in creative mode?
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    posted a message on 1.1 jar and need help
    Quote from S0J_KAM1KAZ1
    That did nothing for since I HAVE NO INTERNET ON MY PC!
    That does not make any sense. Oh wait. So you are using a different PC to go on MinecraftForum and a different PC to play Minecraft?
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    posted a message on Pig farm
    This doesn’t make sense. What exactly are you talking about? Spawners? Breeding?
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    posted a message on Minecraft not like it used to be :(
    Big reply coming.
    Quote from itsmewallis

    To all my Minecraft veterans,

    Remember the old days of Minecraft? The randomness of all biome's where they seamed more random. What I'm trying to say is that the new minecraft SUCKS worlds feel the same and they have no different qualities its like the world are the same! I miss the old way who else does!
    Hopefully they Make it more like the old days.
    Yes, but the only thing that bothered me was the item swing and the far lands (I know they were unintentionally removed, but now it is just endless ocean and MC Episode 1039 I FELL DOWN INTO THE VOID UNEXPECTEDLY). Also the F3 mob name tag thing. I know it might be cheating (especially SMP), but it was a feature.
    Quote from Isaac_x
    There's a thread like this every so often, it just makes me want to look up at the sky all dramatically and whisper "Why!".

    I don't get Nostalgia with Minecraft, because I didn't grow up with it. I GE NOSTALGIA WITH RUNESCAPE!
    I get nostalgia with Club Penguin. (Yes, I do play that game.)
    I kind of agree with this topic but not quite.
    I LOVED the old world gen,1.8 wasn't that good, and 1.0 was ok, and 1.1 is almost as good as the pre.1.8
    Jeb is being good about listening to what lots of people want, so I have an idea.
    JEB IF YOU HEAR THIS, I think you should add a world type called "1.7" or something like that. :)
    Agreed. At least so the people don’t complain about it anymore.
    Quote from voidzm
    The randomization in elevation and terrain from 1.7 was good, but the biome sizes were horrible.

    The randomizations in elevation and terrain in 1.8-1.0 weren't very interesting, but we had much better biome sizes.

    And now we have the best of both worlds in 1.1. I don't see anything to complain about.
    Me too.
    Quote from Cromlathe
    I'm guessing that those are people who went right to 1.8, then 1.8.1, then 1.8.2, 1.9.0 and finally the official release. Their memory of terrain in 1.7.3 is obviously vague if they think that terrains now are even remotely similar.

    I've been mostly using 1.7.3 - BECAUSE the terrain generator in 1.1 is so messed up.

    Let me just point out a few of the more obvious differences.

    1) Beaches in 1.7.3 are much more realistic. They don't go UP above the waterline more than two or three blocks, except in desert biomes. BEACHES of sand end before they go any higher than that in 1.7.3. But in 1.1 beaches climb as high as 7, 8 or even 9 blocks. I've seen whole mountain slopes turned into "beach" because it is apparently the SLOPE that determines if it is a beach. Beaches are also very broad - like fifteen blocks wide. Making them look like mini deserts more than beaches.

    2) NO water is shallow except swamps. All water bodies dive off to as deep as they can go based on the width of the body. I've had rivers that are 12 to 14 or more blocks deep. These bodies cannot be filled in unless you are running in creative mode. I play survival, so I can't come up with enough material to fill these giant bodies of water in. That makes them just simply "in the way" for my purposes. In 1.7.3 it was common - actually VERY common - for bodies of water to be pretty shallow. I've had lakes and large bays that never went more than two blocks deep. These are pretty, but they can also be worked with if you want to eliminate the bay or lake. Working with water in 1.7.3 was a LOT easier. In 1.1 you can't really work with water because it is too deep to fill in.

    3) The biggest complaint about terrain in 1.7.3 was the tinier biomes that were out of place, and the total illogic of having a desert next to an arctic region. Most everything else was fine. In 1.1 there are too many ravines, ravines on top of ravines, mineshafts interwoven with ravines and caverns, caverns on top of caverns on top of caverns on top of ravines on top of ravines!! The world is HOLLOW!! The biomes are still a mess. Beaches are ridiculous. Oceans are so big they are just a major pain in the ass. And all of the water is deep. Nothing is ever shallow so that it can be filled in when I need more land. There's also way too much water. Rivers, lakes, oceans, water pools every few feet, and all that is left are narrow ribons of land I can't do anything with.

    4) Swamps. Apparently the Minecraft world is a swamp world. I find that there are two or three swamps to every other biome in the game. Every time I try a new seed, it is still mostly swamp. And water. Water water everywhere.

    5) Caves are too big. And there is no test in the code to see if there is already a cave in that area. So you tend to get a lot of caves on top of caves, and you end up with massive wormhole systems that go from the surface of the world all the way to the bedrock. Caves and ravines are both too common in the world. And they need some built in checks to make sure a Ravine doesn't crash into another ravine, or a cave on top of another existing cave system. Or a mineshaft on top of another mineshaft.

    6) In general, biomes are too large, making the world rather bland and boring. The complaint in 1.7.3 about small biomes referred to those biomes that were too small to logically exist. But Notch got carried away and made them 50 times bigger when they really only needed to be two or three times bigger. With a few of them six or eight times bigger. But biomes that stretch for thousands of blocks are too common, and boring. Especially oceans. Large oceans should be an option made available to those few players who would like to make use of their ocean environments. Or if that isn't acceptable, then there should be an added option for SMALLER oceans. Smaller oceans and shallower water. For me personally, neither of these issues were complaints in 1.7.3.

    7) In 1.7.3 mountains SLOPED upward. There were a few oddities that rose almost straight up to their peaks, but those were unusual mountains, and not all that common. Mountains mostly had nice slopes. In 1.1 I constantly find that mountains are just sheer, with cliffs most of the way around them. They are even looking like a chunk error in 1.1. I keep generating fresh new worlds that have totally square mountains rising sheer above the surrounding areas so that they appear to be a chunk issue that occurs when reusing a 1.7.3 world with 1.1. LOL.

    Compared to 1.7.3, biome generation in 1.1 is a freak show. I find very little natural about biomes in 1.1. Especially the way water ALWAYS dives immediately to great depths. Only very large rivers are more than three or four feet deep. These rivers in Minecraft are small enough that they should never be more than two or three blocks deep.

    It is just an opinion, but I feel that ravines should NEVER open up in water. Before a ravine gets put in, it should run a check on the area it is being placed. If there is water, no ravine. If there is a ravine already in the area, no ravine. A single ravine crossing a single cavern system is fine. A ravine crossing a mineshaft is fine. But ravines crossing ravines is a bit redundant and ridiculous. And ravines opening up underwater is illogical. Ravines are splits in the crust or erosion channels. They have a river at the bottom (sometimes) or they are dry. If there was water - like a lake or swamp - a ravine doesn't open up in those places. And there is little to no erosion in such places. Instead, material is DEPOSITED in such wet areas, so that a ravine would have been filled in with deposit material. Ravines underwater are just totally illogical.

    So, no, terrain generation in 1.1 isn't even similar to terrain generation in 1.7.3. I have both versions and I play both versions. Mostly 1.7.3 because the water in 1.1 just plain totally SUCKS!!
    1) A mini-desert? There is no cactus. (Unless there is a seed for one.)

    2) I have a seed that has a lake which is 1-block shallow. (I don’t that would make a difference.)

    3) Agreed. I watched PBat’s Minecraft Survival pre-1.8 series Season 2 (or something like that), but he was mining down to find obsidian… to build… you-know-what. But anyway, he didn’t hit up any caves, until he started strip-mining straight. Now when I go into noclip, everything’s a MESS.

    4) Isn’t there swamps in real life?

    5) Response is the response to #3.

    6) Which probably unintentionally removed the far lands. I liked the far lands. There is lag, but who cares.

    7) I agree. LOL FTW.
    Quote from jsg0291

    A. I play an SMP hardcore PVP/factions/raiding server. Oceans are AMAZING. People like YOU are the reason that making bases far out under the ground in the middle of an ocean gives a sense of safety. I have indeed spent a good 20 minutes sometimes straight sailing. I do not mind, because in my mind the further I go, the less I gotta worry about people like you who want the game to be a train ride.

    Listen, honestly go outside, craft together a boat out of sticks and planks and start working your way across an ocean. So yeah, stop complaining.

    1.7 Sucks ass now. I've used Mcnostalgia to see where all you complainers are coming from but I still don't get it. The game has gotten better. If you WANT old terrain gen you HAVE Mcnostalgia. Us people who actually like to move on and not do the same exact damn thing year after year don't need to be sent back in time to play boring ass 1.7.

    Here's 1.7. Spawn, Kill animals, animals respawn, kill animals, look at that food heals hearts instantly i have the best cooked stuff time to get diamonds - hey look diamonds, game over.

    If you play creative then good for you, I don't, and I won't deal with the game trying so hard to make every gametype satisfy every whiner. You kids are just seriously annoying anymore.
    Oceans are realistic, but then when episode 1039 hits, you just die unexpectedly.

    Then what’s 1.8? Same thing, right? 1.8 sucks.
    Quote from darthmaulerX
    I'd say there are pros and cons to the two different terrain generation methods and the current generator should be changed to accommodate the best parts from both.

    The best parts of the terrain generator we have right now is the larger size of biomes and the distinctiveness or each individual biome (In 1.7 it was very hard to tell between several of the similar foresty biome types.)

    The older terrain generator used to have terrain and elevations that were nearly completely independent of biome types. This is one thing that should be added into the newer terrain generator.

    The other advantage of the older generator was that transitions between biomes were often handled much better and more subtlely, where currently it is painfully obvious where one biome begins and one ends. (This may have to do with the lack of biome distinctiveness in 1.7 however.)

    I think in the next major update there should also be additional biomes added to minecraft. You know double the current amount of common continental biomes. (That would mean adding 6 new ones) or just add variants of common biomes. (Regular forest, birch forest, hilly forest, alpha forest etc.)

    Alpha Biome - For people who really, really want it to be the way it used to be. :rolleyes:
    Which version of Alpha? I was about to say that wasn’t a no-biome texture pack.
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    posted a message on THE ICE IS STILL TAKING OVER
    - Minecraft Let’s Play 12
    “Hey guys, I’m playing Minecraft and in the last episode we just got some sweet diamonds! Whooh!!!”

    - Minecraft Let’s Play Rebirth 69
    “Hey guys, this is LPR 69 AND WE ARE STILL ON STONE TOOLS---HURRRR---DURRRARRR!!!!!!!!!”

    Are. You. Kidding. Me. No more diamonds? What will happen to BebopVox then?

    Anyway, my world made in 1.8.1 does not have ice or anything… There is no “ice age” or anything.
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    posted a message on Nether Spazzing-Out Glitch
    So, since 1.1 was out and some mods were updated…

    I decided to play AntVenom’s Peaceful Map.

    However, when I go in the Nether, it spazzes out and sometimes pushes me back.

    I don’t know if it is the map itself or if it is a bug in 1.1. I haven’t tested it in vanilla, I may, I may not, but when I tried to go in the map’s Nether in 1.0.0, it was fine.

    Then, when I save and quit to title then come back in, it spawns me at the map’s spawn (WTF now Minecraft is Terraria?) and I lost all my stuff (like when you die and respawn).

    It was the same in the Nether, when I went into the Nether, it reverted to an old state of my inventory (and I was holding a diamond axe at that state), a golden sword was supposed to be in the first slot instead of a diamond sword, my armor was taken off, and it wasn’t organized.

    *video coming soon if I remember to edit this topic*

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    posted a message on Enable Hunger Degeneration in Peaceful?
    Um… What you are basically saying is what has been already built into the vanilla. Hunger degeneration has been disabled (or at least I think so), unless I am a herp-derp and I am blind…
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