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    posted a message on HD Avatar // Photoshop Action
    Quote from RedstonedMovies


    How did you manage to get it to work? I seriously can't. :(
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    posted a message on [REQ] Youtube Intro And Outro
    A link to your Youtube channel, or atleast the name would be a nice addition, please.
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    posted a message on ColorfulPack by dsiXLent
    Quote from phyzik

    I surely don't see a lot of colorful, compared to the other 10,000 texture packs I've seen with the same generic name.
    Also, there's enough time (at least an hour a day) to work on your textures. If you cannot make a texture pack while managing your server(s), you need to slow down and past it with ease each day.

    Phyzik, out.

    Well said my friend, well said.
    Pretty much exactly what this guy said, and if you don't have the time to make a texture pack, you don't need to.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] Awesome Mountains Landscape! (Good for a Let's Play, building spots)
    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to share the seed I found for my Youtube channel, which is going to be providing daily, with you guys! It's the first real nice looking seed I've found myself, and has the most epic name for a seed ever ;)

    Anyways, I only provided a few screenshots because, I want you to try and find some stuff yourself too!

    Location: When you go on the seed, just keep walking/flying forwards.
    Seed: meowsaysthekitty

    Screenshots (In the video..) [Only 2, be sure to explore!]

    Location of Screenshots

    x: -79
    z: 391

    x: -11
    z: 509

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    posted a message on Nice Survival Island Seed For 1.2.4!
    Love this one, nice find dude.
    Definitely going to be playing it on SMP with some of my mates. ;3
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    posted a message on [Surv] 2 Block With Ores
    Not hating or anything, but it seems a lot like Sky block survival, just putting it out there.
    Nethertheless, I might have a go.
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    posted a message on did they impliment torchs burning out?
    Nope, torches haven't been coded to burn out, I don't think they're going to add that anymore. Although, as the person above said, it could have been water/lava from somewhere, that you accidently let in. Other than that, I have no idea.
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    posted a message on A flat world seed, but 6 diamonds?
    That's pretty cool, If I was doing a flatworld survival, this would be very helpful. :P
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    posted a message on Village between 2 Rivers and all biomes
    I love the crescent shaped ravine too, that looks so fun, I'm so exploring that!
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    posted a message on Village between 2 Rivers and all biomes
    Woah, this is actually a really really nice seed!
    I was expecting something boring, but you surprised me, nice job.
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    posted a message on 1,000 Minecraft Singleplayer Goals!
    68) Build a tower to the Max Height Limit (256) and jump off, with a water pit below.
    69) Build 69 Workbenches/Crafting Tables and place them in your house.
    70) Go to the nether and collect a stack of 64 glowstone dust.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD D1 (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    Without Optifine, I probably wouldn't be playing Minecraft SMP as much as I do.
    Thanks a bunch, keep up the great work! <3
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] [SMP] Ideal seeds for new SMP servers.
    Quote from Darksaber268

    I think you put way too much effort into this. This is a great idea, and it's really helpful, but also sort of makes you look like you have no life.

    Bad troll, go back to your bridge.
    Great seeds dude, I love how you supplied the %'s, that really helps. I actually needed one of these, because I'm starting up a server very shortly, I'll be sure to check back on this thread. :)
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    posted a message on New Amazing Seed !
    Looks great, I would definitely use it as a Server World.
    Keep looking for better ones though, we all know they are just waiting to be found!
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    posted a message on I was bored, so I made a wallpaper!
    I would assume you used Photoshop to create this image, I really like it!
    May I ask what 'Blending Options' you used in the text layer? Thanks!

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