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    Hi I am Kylethebat and I bring you my first posted mod...

    PC Mushrooms Mod!!

    This mod gives you the ability to
    1.Place Red Mushrooms
    2.Place Brown Mushrooms
    3.Grow Red Mushrooms
    4.Grow Brown Mushooms
    Basically you find red or brown mushrooms and place them on grass. Now to grow them, unfortunately you can't use normal Bonemeal due to its item id. So I have Basically made another Bonemeal. To get it is the same as normal Bonemeal, you need 1 Bone and a crafting table. Go into the crafting table and in the last tab you should see Bonemeal and Mushroom Bonemeal. *The Mushroom bonemeal does not make grass or flowers, but does grow the mushrooms.* After clicking the Mushroom Bonemeal, you will now be able to grow mushrooms!

    When you place any mushroom the mushroom stays in your inventoy(still places the mushroom though)
    When you use the Mushroom bonemeal, the bonemeal doesn't leave your inventory (like the mushrooms)

    This mod seems to have conflicts with TooManyItems Mod (Although the SinglePlayerCommands Mod seems to work fine.)

    the Mushroom Bonemeal:the Red Mushroom:the Brown Mushroom:the Crafting Table set up:Just the stem:) :A few together:

    Please tell me what you think in the comments!!!!
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