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    IGN: KyleTheLegend

    Tell me something your good at in game: I'm good at mid size builds with depth and color. I'm also pretty good at red stone and farms.

    How long have you been playing minecraft: 2 years

    age: 20

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    Play Style- I like to build large builds, farms, and sorters. Fairly competitive, but also a team player. Love group builds

    Why you want to join- I want to be apart of a community that is chill and likes to work together. I was apart of my first SMP last year with dovahkiin, but it died out because we got busy and the admin couldn't keep it running. I really miss the community we had with the various play styles, personalities and tastes in architecture.

    What you would bring to the community- I'm a people person. I believe in helping others and being cooperative in a community. I have mediocre experience, but I would love to learn more about minecraft. I would also love to get to know everyone on the server.

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