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    posted a message on ancient debris is more common in the basalt delta biome.

    you heard it here folks, I have suspicion of basalt delta containing much more netherite than in other biomes. Proof you ask?

    mining in regular netherrack: 30 minutes = >10 ancient debris

    mining in basalt delta: 30 minutes = ~30 ancient debris

    (please know that I was mining at y=15 the entire time.

    if anyone can prove me wrong, please attempt to do so.

    my theory is that since basalt is harder to mine than netherrack, it makes up for it by increasing netherite spawn.

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    posted a message on Java version is absurdly expensive (Comparison inside)

    Great just another guy complaining how he can't buy minecraft lol

    just get money its not that hard

    ( This is a joke btw dont report pls )

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    posted a message on 1.14.3 Private Server! Keep Inventory, No MobGriefing, and Basic Essentials!

    I am looking for multiple players to join my 1.14.4 Survival Server. You must follow all guidelines, rules, etc.


    The Server hosts fun and unique plugins such as Custom mobs and bosses, crates, landclaiming, economy, jobs, and much more!

    The playmode is currently set to Hard and is only for veteran players but you still have the option to join if you're a noob.


    1. Do NOT grief as this is a friendly community server, meaning you work together to survive.

    2. Do NOT use xRay or use hacks/cheats at all because I want this to be a fair gameplay

    3. Use Common Sense

    4. Don't ask for special abilities such as items or useless prefixes/ranks

    5. You MUST be on Java Edition of minecraft. ( You cannot join on phone/xbox/playstation/tablet )

    6. Working together does not mean taking or using other peoples resources without permission

    7. Don't be annoying

    8. You must be mature and be 13+ to join.

    9. Once you are accepted into the server, type /rules and you will be presented with more rules.


    The server automatically creates a backup every 10 minutes or so, so you will NEVER lose anything if the server gets griefed!

    The server is running on 5vCores and 12gb.

    The server will ALWAYS be online.

    You do NOT need to use hamachi.

    The server will remain on survival for now.

    Server Operating System: Paper 1.14.4 ( Once there is a new build, we update it very quickly. )

    Jobs and What They Do:

    You can select a job by typing /jobs join in game. Each job gives you money for everything you do specifically if you are a lumberjack, you earn money for cutting wood.

    Custom Bosses

    Custom bosses are the latest feature and implementation on the server. Some bosses are spawned randomly around the world in specific biomes and conditions. Others can only be spawned by a staff member due to their difficulty.

    Personal Information:

    My Discord: Human#0527

    My E-Mail: [email protected]

    You can only acquire the Server IP and become whitelisted through the Server's Discord

    My IGN: Kxtten


    The server has a discord! You can be invited by clicking HERE!

    Once joined, go to the #whitelist tab and post your Minecraft Username. If you are given a checkmark, you have been accepted and are able to join. Otherwise, you have been denied to join and you cannot enter.

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    posted a message on New Player

    Yes. I could help you. Just give me your minecraft username and I will invite you to my world and show you all about minecraft!

    Once you are invited to my world just watch this 1 minute video on how to join it!

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    posted a message on MFM Twitch ModPack

    Add me on discord I will help you

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    posted a message on Should using Silk Touch on a pickaxe be able to break a mob spawner?

    I have recently been played more survival and tried to mine a Mob Spawner with silk touch pickaxe and it didn't work, so i looked up if it was suppose to work and it said no so i am now suggesting they should add that feature in. Does anyone agree?

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