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    M-Ore Logo

    Ever wanted to mine with tools better than diamond?

    Or have a furnace that is working on nuclear power?

    Epic fights with uranium creepers?

    Search no More!

    The mod adds a lot of ores, which you can use to create tools, armor, decorative blocks, chests, TNT, multitools, and some processing machines.

    I allow to use the mod in your modpacks.

    If you like the mod, you can become my patron or donate here. Your contribution will motivate me to keep going and release new versions of my mods.

    [please wait]

    There are so many, please download JEI :)

    - Uranium Creeper (drops uranium TNT, explosion is nearly as big as uranium TNT)
    - Dye Station:
    - Lets you dye wooden planks, bricks and chiseled bricks
    - removed and added several ores, tools and armor
    - retexturing
    - Added dungeons/villages chest loot
    - Lots of new decrative blocks
    - Titanium now spawns in clay
    - Full JEI support
    - Uranium ore and Uranium ingots are now radioactive! Don't touch without full armor set!
    - Sphere of Power can be found in blacksmiths or crafted. It's edible and gives speed III and regeneration III for 25 seconds!
    - All the ore generation and tools settings are now changeable through the config file

    7.0 beta 1:
    Partly updated to minecraft 1.8


    - Fixed Titanium Armor rendering bug
    - Saws are now less durable


    - Improvements in armor and tools durability, speed, damage and enchantibility
    - Improvements in ore generation
    - OreDictionary support
    - Config file (you can disable ores if you need)
    - NotEnoughItems Support
    - New Inventor's Table and Uranium machines GUI

    5.0 Christmas:
    - Present
    Craft it using lapis and gold (recipes spoiler)
    - Right click on the block with shears to get a present!
    Merry Christmas!

    - Aluminium
    - Aluminium ore, ingot, tools, armor
    - Aluminium Block

    - Saw
    Wooden, iron, gold, diamond, copper, bronze, ruby, sapphire, silver, stainless steel
    - Destroy the lowest tree log and the whole tree will fall!
    - You can craft saw with log to get 6 planks

    - Drill
    Silver drill
    - It mines stone and netherrack really fast, but can't mine ores

    - Shears
    - Gold, diamond, copper, bronze, ruby, sapphire, silver, stainless steel

    - Code
    I improved my code so it will be easier to make updates!

    - Now it works in multiplayer


    - changed tin texture
    - now tin spawns more often
    - changed platinum ore texture
    - added Uranium Compressor
    ---- you can make plates here, to make a plate you need 1 ingot
    ----you can make plates with: copper, tin, bronze, chrome, platinum, stainless steel, uranium, silver, iron
    - Uranium furnace and compressor needs flasks with water to work
    ----make a flask (recipes spoiler), and fill it with water like a bucket
    - now you can make armor and tools with silver
    - silver coins are changed to silver ingots
    - silver, platinum and stainless steel blocks
    - you can make reinforced blocks with 8 plates (recipes spoiler, inv. table)
    ---- reinforced blocks are very hard
    - now you can't craft titanium, you need to find titanium ore, it's very rare
    - added Silver Chest
    - added mcmod.info file
    - updated to minecraft 1.7.10

    - updated to minecraft forge

    - changed platinum and uranium furnace textures

    - bug fixes (uranium furnace and uranium TNT)

    - bug fixes


    - Platinum
    - Chrome
    - Stainless Steel
    - Stainless Tools
    - Inventor's table
    - Uranium Furnace

    - Granite
    - Meteorite
    - Fired tools
    - Silver
    - Silver Bowl
    - Flask

    1.10.2(8.1) forge


    1.10.2(7.6) forge

    1.9.4(7.6) forge





    1.8.9(7.6) forge

    1.8(7.6) forge



    1.7.10(7.5) forge

    1.7.10(7.4) forge

    1.7.10(7.3) forge

    1.7.10(7.1) forge

    1.7.10(7.0) forge







    1.7.2(3.2) forge






    1.5.2(v2.3 FORGE)

    1.5.2(v2.2 FORGE)

    1.5.2(v2.1 FORGE)

    1.5.2(v2.0 FORGE)

    1.5.1(v2.0 FORGE)

    1.5(v2.0 FORGE)

    1.4.7(v2.0 FORGE)

    1.4.7 (v2.0 beta)

    1.4.6 (v1.1)

    1.4.5 (v1.1)

    Resourcepacks (Outdated):

    by BlauMannLP:


    download here

    by Rinzelle:


    download here

    M-Ore 7 info

    List of ores from left to right (spawn height):
    Zinc (<40), Uranium (<40), Titanium (<60), Platinum (<30), Sapphire (<40), Ruby (<40), Bauxite (<60), Electrum(<40), Silver (<40), Cassiterite (<120), Cuprite (<60), Copper (<80).

    Tools are made of copper, bronze, silver, malachite, ruby, sapphire, aluminum, stainless steel and platinum. Platinum is the most rare ore in the mod, and tools and armor made of it are the best.
    Armor can be made using bronze, silver, aluminum, titanium and platinum.

    The first ores you need to mine are copper(or cuprite, they both smelt into copper) and cassiterite. Smelt them into copper and tin, and you can make bronze by crafting 3 copper ingots with 1 tin ingot:

    You can make tools and armor using bronze, they are little better than iron.

    It is possible to craft 9 ingots into 1 block, to store it for later.

    One of the most fun features is uranium TNT. It is crafted in Inventor's table. It's explosion is very big:

    After you to to nether, you can find meteorite, chrome and red granite there. Craft meteorite with iron tool, to upgrade it. Fired tools are better than iron. If you craft iron sword with meteorite, the sword will have fire aspect I enchantment right after craft:

    Another sword which gets enchantment is silver. It has Bane of Arthropods enchantment.

    Granite can be found in hills biome, and red granite in the nether. Granite blocks are very hard. Use granite to make decorative blocks:

    Malachite is used for tools, but you can also make decorative blocks:

    You can craft bowls using silver, and then make a mushroom stew. The advantage of silver bowl is that it stacks.

    To make processing machines you have to craft inventor's table first.
    To make Inventor's table, you will need an aluminum block, 3 zinc ingots and 5 lapis lazuli:

    Uranium TNT recipe:

    Crafting recipes of uranium furnace and uranium compressor.

    The machines require uranium ingots as fuel, and water to stop heating. Make flasks in inventor's table, fill them with water, and put them in special slot.

    Flask recipe:

    Uranium furnace smelts everything usual furnace does, but it gives 2 times more ingots when you smelt ores. Titanium ore can only be smelt in uranium furnace.

    Uranium compressor is needed to make plates (copper, chrome, platinum, silver, tin, uranium, bronze, gold, iron and stainless steel).

    Also you make stainless steel there. First, you need to craft iron and chrome ingots together in inventor's table:

    You will get chrome-iron alloy. Next put in in uranium compressor to get stainless steel ingots:

    You can make reinforced blocks using 8 plates (copper, chrome, platinum, silver, tin, uranium, bronze, iron or stainless steel), they are very hard:

    Saws, shears and multitools can be made in inventor's table
    Saw does everything an axe can, but when you chop the first tree log, the tree will fall.
    Saw can be made of bronze, silver, platinum, iron, gold, diamond, ruby, sapphire and stainless steel.
    If the material has no plate form (ruby, sapphire, diamond), then change the plate with wooden planks:

    Shears are made of bronze, silver, ruby, sapphire, stainless steel, gold and diamond (Change plates with the actual gem, when there is no plate for it)

    Multitools can be made using silver, platinum and stainless steel. They combine shovel and pickaxe:

    You can make silver and platinum chests in Inventor's table. Just put 8 ingots like you do when you craft wooden one. They are more resistant than wooden chest.

    If you need full recipe list, you can find it in recipes spoiler.

    That's all! Suggest anything you'd like me to add in comments. Have fun!

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    So, another major update is here! M-Ore 8 for 1.10.2 is released, M-Ore 8 for 1.12.2 is in development.

    Some big features:

    1) Uranium Creepers

    2) Uranium ore and ingots are now radioactive! You get poisoned and dizzy if you touch these when not wearing a full armor set!

    3) More decorative granite blocks

    4) Dye Station. You can dye wooden planks, bricks and chiseled bricks here!

    5) Sphere of Power. It can be found in chests in villages or crafted. It is consumable and gives you speed III and regeneration III for 25 seconds.

    6) Full JEI support (By the way, it's getting hard to keep all the recipes on this forum page, so please install JEI)

    7) Titanium is now spawned in clay. You get titanium dust after mining it, which should then be smelted in furnace to get titanium ingots.

    8) Many things got new textures

    9) Ore spawn settings and tools settings are now configurable

    10) Dungeons/Temples/Villages chests loot

    11) Removed some ores

    12) Added some ores. Ores in M-Ore 8: copper, cassiterite (tin), uranium, bauxite (aluminum), granite, red granite, chromium and meteorite (both spawn in the Nether), silver, titanium, ruby, sapphire, aquamarine, olivine, opal

    13) The rarest ore is opal. Tools made of it are much better than diamonds!

    14) I feel like I forgot something.. :D

    That's it! Hope you like it, please tell me if you notice a bug, or if you have some suggestions!

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    Get ready for M-Ore 8! Currently I'm doing last fixes and polishing, the release is coming really soon!

    Important warning: M-Ore 8 is not compatible with older versions, because I've been remaking whole structure and many other things were changed. It's strongly recommended to create a new world.

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    Hey there! Thank you for your patience. I'm currently finishing my Android game, and I will do my best to update the mods in September-October.

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    Magic Wand Mod

    The mod has been renamed to Crafting Assistant and Moved here.
    You are in the desert, it is night now, there're a lot of monsters, you haven't got food but you have some cobblestone and rotten flesh.
    With this mod, you can make a bed with your magic wand and cobblestone. Also you can make some porkchop with wand and rotten flesh!
    The mod adds two types of wand: magic wand, super wand.
    Super wand is very expensive, but more useful, than magic wand.ex. Magic Wand + Wheat + Wheat = Bread. Super Wand + Wheat = bread.
    All crafting recipes are in the recipes spoiler.


    how to craft wands:
    First, you need to craft Magic Crystal:

    Then, craft Magic Wand: Magic Crystal at the top right corner, sticks in the middle and at the left bottom corner.
    Super wand is crafting the same way, but you need a nether star instead of magic crystal!

    What You can craft with magic wand:
    Bread - wheat, wheat
    Pumpkin Pie - pumpkin, sugar
    Sugar x2 - sugar cane
    Raw Porkchop - rotten flesh
    Map - paper
    Bucket - iron ingot, iron ingot
    Glowstone dust x4 - glowstone
    Chest - planks, planks, planks
    Bed - wool
    Mushroom Stew - red mushroom, brown mushroom

    What You can craft with super wand:
    Cooked Porkchop - rotten flesh
    Bread - wheat
    Sugar x4 - sugar cane
    Lava Bucket - bucket
    Gravel x64 - nothing
    Dirt x2 - gravel, gravel
    Gravel - flint
    Fence - stick
    Diamond Pickaxe - diamond
    Bed - cobblestone
    Planks - netherrack
    Mushroom Stew - bowl
    Pumpkin Pie - pumpkin
    Map x2 - paper
    Bucket - iron ingot
    Glowstone dust x6 - glowstone
    Chest - planks


    1.Download Forge
    2.Download Magic Wand mod
    3.Install Forge
    4.Put the mod in mods folder
    5.Run minecraft, enjoy!


    by VestureMC:


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    The mod was previously named 'Magic Wand mod'

    Imagine you are in the desert, it is night now, there're a lot of monsters, you haven't got food but you have some cobblestone and rotten flesh.

    With this mod, you can make a bed with your magic wand and cobblestone. Also you can make some porkchop with wand and rotten flesh!

    The mod adds two types of wand: crafting wand, super wand.

    Super wand is very expensive, but way more useful, than crafting wand.

    If you like the mod, you can become my patron or donate here. Your contribution will motivate me to keep going and release new versions of my mods.


    How to make wands:

    Crafting Wand recipes:

    Super Wand recipes:


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    posted a message on NetherStar Tools (Armor and tools made of Nether Stars!)

    With NetherStar Tools, Nether Stars are way more useful. You are able to craft tools and armor of insane power using it!

    To make them you have to put nether star in furnace, you'll get 4 NetherStar Gems.

    Use them to craft tools and armor.

    There're 3 difficulties: easy, normal and hard.

    On easy mode, you can make nether star gems to make armor and tools.

    On normal mode you have to use blaze rods instead of sticks.

    On hard mode to craft tools and armor use nether stars instead of nether star gems and blaze rods instead of sticks!

    All the tools and armor get the best possible enchantments when crafted!

    To change difficulty go to .minecraft/config, open NetherStarTools.cfg



    By 3040wilson2 in Spanish:



    1.Download Forge Modloader installer
    2.Download Nether Star Tools mod
    3.Install Forge
    4.Run minecraft, Close minecraft
    5.Put the mod archive in mods folder
    6.Run minecraft, enjoy!
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    Quote from xeurio»

    Hello !

    I make a french translation for this mod !

    You can download it on my website : http://modfr.e-monsite.com/

    Or, you can download here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/av3uk86yt7xuepf/M-Ore_Translation.zip?dl=0

    For install : Download th file -> Open the mod with WinRar -> Go to : assets\more\lang -> Drag and drop the downloaded file in this location !

    Enjoy ! And, Kuuu, thank you for this awesome mod !

    That's cool, thank you.
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    1.8.9 is ready!

    Download here.

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    Can you please update this to 1.8.9 ?? That would really help some people a lot :D pleeaaaaaaase

    No problem, will do today
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