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Heya! Kutaren the Craterboy here! I am a skilled adventurer and rookie redstoner! Give me a torch and a pickaxe and ill make a castle! I am the lone apprentice of Herobrine himself. My companion, Azriah helps me through my accomplishments and mistakes.

Heya, my name is Cameron Cluelow. I love minecraft with a passion. Im not an expert redstoner, builder, or miner. I have a fair knowledge of computers and software. But im still a newbie. I also love fantasy (As you can see above. ;D). My girlfriend and i create interesting things. We have two worlds on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta. Ive played Minecraft PC, Minecraft PE, Minecraft Win10, Minecraft PS3, and Minecraft Xbox 360. Mostly the first three XD. But Minecraft isnt my only interest. I play other games. Minecraft is just my PRIMARY game. I still thank Mojang for such a great and significant game. Thanks for reading my Bio. ;D


Interests. Minecraft? Redstone and computer sciences. I like fantasy. Undertale is nice. Terraria. Little Big Planet. Worms (the game). Superstardust HD. Music. Making music, (i call myself "Kraters" go check out my Youtube @Cameron Cluelow!) and listening to the crap i make XD. Space makes me smile. But the ocean doesn't.

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